Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Korea Haul ♥♥ Fresh Goodies from South Korea

Hi pretties  (^▽^)  안녕~
today, i would like to share about my Korea Haul ^^,
Are you ready??? XDD

These are fresh goodies that I bought from South Korea last month :3
1. Nature Republic - Shea Butter Mask Sheet (5 pcs) & 
Advanced Cell Boosting EX essence mask sheet (5 pcs)
2. VOV - Pure Cleansing Tissue (water type)
7. Nature Republic - FRUITS morning fruits green grape shower gel
9. Innisfree - Special Set 9,000 won
10. Etude House - Eye Lashes (3 pcs)
14. Tony Moly - Egg Pore Shiny Skin Soap 
16. The Faceshop - New Zealand Volcanic Clay Black Head Heating Gel Mask
17. Etude House - Happy Essential Foam Hyaluronic Acid
18. Holika Holika - Eye Lashes (2 pcs)

take a closer ^^,

I was looking for Konjac Sponge in Korea, but I haven't found it :S.. And I found this Natural Jelly Cleansing Puff in Etude House.. It attracted me, and I bought one :P lol

Continued.. Other purchase from South Korea
1. I love Korea t-shirt [10,000 won]
2. Cooking Nanta t-shirt from Jeju [15,000 won]
3. Some cellphone strap for my friends ^^,
4. Korean fan [4,000 won]
5. Souvenir from Women's Diver Museum Jeju [4,000 won]

this is a multi-function stuff. Can be used as book mark, hair stick or letter opener ^^
very interesting, isn't it?

As you can see.. I didn't buy TOO MANY stuffs from Korea, did I? XD
I had to save money for urgent matters (because I'm a backpacker)..
I also didn't buy any fashion clothes >__<;; sadly I do not have time to visit Nandeumun or Dongdaemun because I must back to Indonesia very soon TT_TT

But, I promise from my bottom of my heart I'll visit South Korea again.. <3
안녕히개세요 한국 ^^
(read: good bye korea :))

these are postcards that I got from a Kind Cashier at 7 eleven (around myeongdong area)
cute IU 아이유 (≧∇≦) she's my bias 
and I was hoping to meet her at South Korea T__T 
wish I could meet her personally, someday..*pray*
Thank you for a kind 오빠 who gave me these postcards for free :3 kekeke~

Next.. Just in case you want to see my receipts, my boarding passes, etc from there :P
I didn't want to dispose them, just want to keep them.. while hoping i could visit South Korea again ^____^

 Sorry for my rumble, and pic spam XD
as usual.. reviews are coming up ^^
Which product that you want me to review first? =)
Hope you enjoy this post..
Thanks for reading :>

고마워요 친고 (^▽^)
(read: thank you friends :))


  1. would love to see a review on tony moly's eye primer :D

  2. how about the price ? lebih pricey apa lebih murah di korea ?? hehe

    BlushOff [Beauty Blog]

    1. of course lbh murah dong drpd beli di indo atau lewat online ^^, makanya aku agak kalap tu bli 19 macem produk >___<

    2. iya tapi ongkosnya ke korea itu loh. haha :D ayo bikin trip post nya :D

      BlushOff [Beauty Blog]

    3. hahaha.. iya sambil jln2 dan wisata kuliner :P hihihi

  3. Ngiler dulu.. >.<*
    Ditunggu reviewnyaa.. :)

  4. wow banyaknyaaa XD ditunggu reviewnya shelvi ^^

  5. Replies
    1. mask nya mauuu T_T kirim satu ce kesini :P wkwkwkkw

    2. udh ikutan giveawayku blm sha? ^^
      siapa tau bs dpt mask nya..hehehe

  6. ditunggu reviewnya :) 8duduk manis menunggu hahhaaa


  7. woahh great haul ce xD
    kutunggu review2nya yaa ^o^

  8. wuaaah naksir innisfree set nya >_<
    ditunggu postingan pengalaman jadi backpacker di korea nya yaa..*buat referensi klo nyampe ke sana juga..hehe

    1. i'll post it very soon ^^ please wait patiently ya :D hehe

  9. wogh.. kalap nih? XD
    ditunggu reviewnya dan crita jlan"nya :3

  10. woaaaa... i envy you!!!! the mojito mist looks interesting... realllly curious about that..

    1. it's my favorite right now.. XD review is coming up~

  11. aku iriiii >.<

    woah, pengen banget ke Korea

    anyway, itu Shini star BB clear lotion udah 4 bulan ini aku pake dan oke banget loh ^_^

    itu IU dia bias aku jugaaaa >.<

    1. hehehe.. ^^ kpn2 pasti bs kesana jg kok :D iyaa oke jg di aku ^^ ga bikin break out ;)

      wahhh *toss ^___^

  12. yah, jadi tambah pengen pergi ke korea >.< masker nature republicnya jadi pengen nyobain :D


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