Thursday, July 5, 2012

Talika Instant Manicure [review]

Yuhuuuuu~ This is my review about Instant Manicure from Talika :D
What is Instant Manicure? Hmm.. for me, this is my first time to try this kind of product ^^, I'm so excited to try it out! =)
Talika kindly sent me these samples :) Thank you!

Two samples Instant Manicure from Talika.. it contains 10g for 1x treatment..
Made in France :D

Lemon & ivy extract - Gentle cleansing 
Horsetail extract -  Providing essential minerals 
Vitamin C - Lightening & cleansing 

Instant whitening & coating..
Oxygen treatment..
Hmm.. interesting, isn't it? ^^

Manicure and express treatment
This effervescent powder made from fruit and plant  extract whitens and cleans your nails in three minutes.
- Whitens the nail tip
- Softens cuticles
- Lays a protective film
- Gets rid of the smell of tobacco

Directions for use:
1. Pour the powder into a bowl of warm water, 
The water should be enough to cover nails completely
2. Place your fingertips in the solution
3. Gently "wiggling" them for three minutes
4. Dry with a soft towel or cloth

the effervescent powder

So... let's try it out! =D
1. Prepare the water and talika instant manicure
2. Pour the powder into the container / bowl
3. let the effervescent powder dissolve
4. Place your fingertips in the solution (and gently "wiggling" them in 3 minutes)

And.. the result is.. 

I didn't feel any significant difference after used this Talika Instant Manicure.. Maybe it because my nails not too yellowish.. I feel my fingertips becomes slightly clearer and whiter.. But I'm really sure that my fingertips becomes so soft and delicate (≧∇≦)

Although this product is a instant manicure, I just didn't want to dispose the rest..
So I also use it for my toenails XD lol... *slapped*
My toenails become so whiter and clearer after that *w* wow

What I love <3
+ Could whitens the nails
+ Could softens cuticles
+ Effective
+ Natural ingredients
+ Makes my fingertips become so soft

What I hate </3
- Quite pricey

Rating: 4/5

If you interested to try this Talika Instant Manicure, you could contact Talika Indonesia
for the authentic products from France (^∇^) the exact price is IDR 350,000
you will get 8 sachets and you could use 1 sachet for you and your friends or your family ;p
so it would be more effective and efficient.. lol..
But I don't know how many persons maximum for 1 sachet usage :P
You can try it by yourself ^^

Especially for everyone who have yellowish nails, you can try this instant manicure :) just in 3 minutes! ^^

Talika Indonesia:

Thanks for reading ^^
Have a nice day!


  1. huuua cc vee koq lg byk yg review talika?? emg ada apa?? >.<

    1. bbrp waktu yg lalu talika sempet bagi2 sample gratis buat blogger yang mendaftar XD makanya banyak yg dpt sample nya..hihihi

  2. yaoloh mei, mahal banget ya >.<
    padahal pengen coba buat kuku kaki T-T

    1. iya mahal >.< huhu.. dapetnya 8 sachets sih.. jd per sachet kurang lbh sekitar 40rb an.. tapi menurutku ini bisa dipake untuk 2-3 orang kok ^^ yah sesekali gpp lah memanjakan kuku tgn dan kaki =) hehe

  3. duhh duhh gak bisa beli sachet an apa yah ?? -_-


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