Sunday, January 7, 2018

I'm Finally Getting Married!

Hi everyone! How are you? In a blink of an eye, we have passed 2017 and it's 2018 now :D I miss you guys! In this opportunity I'd like to say hello to all my readers (whether you're my Indonesian readers or International) and deeply thankful for all your supports until now :D HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Come to think of it, I started this blog on February 2012 and this blog will turns into 6 years old next month, wow!
I think I should host blogiversary giveaway, but let me collect the prizes first ^_^ What kind of giveaway that you'd like to join, guys? Do you prefer the winner(s) get picked randomly or by their effort (for examples: telling some stories or creating makeup look). Please let me know :D

Anyway, if you check my blog timestamp, you'd probably notice that in 2017; I wasn't really active in blogging, because I was in preparation for my wedding day ♥ Sorry if I was kinda neglected this blog >.< Hopefully you can understand guys!

Ahem, well... *clear my throat*

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Calmia Oatmeal Therapy Cleansing Tissue [review]

Hello everyone! Sorry for being a MIA for almost 2 weeks, actually I just got married few days ago and kinda neglected this blog during the preparation >_<" Gladly everything's over now and I hope I can back to my usual blogging track really soon ^_^
Anyway, I'd like to introduce you my all the time favorite cleansing tissue :D I have repurchased this product few times and I will tell you later why I love this cleansing tissue so much!

This product is called Calmia Oatmeal Therapy Cleansing Tissue ;) I have tried other cleansing tissues before this one and I must say this cleansing tissue is THE BEST for me so far!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Mustika Puteri Liplicious Lip Cream Matte [review]

Hai hai semuaaaa kembali lagi bersamaku dalam review lip cream matte ^_^
Semoga belum bosan yaaa, soalnya aku mau review 1 seri lip cream matte lagi bulan depan (rencananya) :D. Nah kali ini aku mencoba Lip Cream Matte lagi dari brand lokal Mustika Puteri, dan namanya adalah Liplicious Lip Cream Matte ♥♥

Kalau kalian baca reviewku tentang produk skin care & makeup Mustika Puteri yang aku coba beberapa bulan lalu, kalian pasti tau kalau aku jadi jatuh cinta sama Mustika Puteri dan excited banget pas mau cobain lip cream ini :D