Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Maybelline Lip Smooth Color & Care Lip Balm [review]

Hello pretties~ another review to close this month ^^
Lip balm from Maybelline.. Lip Smooth Color & Care Lip Balm! :D
Ugh, i just realized that i have quite many lip balms in my stack -.-"
Since when i have been a lip balm sucker? lol..
i should not buy any lip balm again for this year.. after i bought new lip balm Baby Lips from Maybelline today >_< (will review it later)
I still have enough supplies, and i'm not sure can finish them all for this year (ノTДT)

Okay.. back to this lip balm.. (^∇^)
Simple cute packaging, with large circles pattern ^^

I got mine in Mandarin :D I didn't have tinted lip balm with orange-ish color before, so i'm so excited to try this out ^^

see? what a lovely color ^^ suitable for all skin type!

I love this color.. so natural and pretty ^^

Sorry for different lighting >w<

I love this lip balm.. ^^ It's quite cheap, i bought it few weeks ago for around IDR 20,000-23,000 or less than $2,5

What I love <3
+ Really moisturizing
+ Has SPF 16
+ Available in various colors
+ Gives nice healthy tinted lips effect
+ Quite cheap
+ Easy to get in drugstore
+ Easy to carry
+ Hygienic

What I hate </3
- They should put description "SPF 16" on their packaging, I even didn't know that this lip balm has SPF 16 before I read the description on their website -.-

Rating: 4.5/5

Repurchase? Yeah!! ^,^

Have you tried this lip balm? ^-^
Thanks for reading!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Bare Naked Face Tag! :D

Okay.. lately i want to post this kind of tag.. xD
Why? Because i want to suggest every ladies in this world, to do not depend on makeup ^^ Just be yourself, try to feel confident with your face, even without any makeup (and contact lens!)

Let's tell to people how real beauty is not about nice eyeshadow & cover-up, but what's inside :)

The rules are simple...
Capture yourself without any makeup & contact lenses.. Make a simple selca (self-camera) photo and just be yourself ^^ easy, isn't it?

okay.. this is me.. without any makeup.. :P

after this, i'll show you my face without contact lenses.. you may do not recognize me.. xD
I'm look quite different without contact lenses..

Hahaha.. xD so, it's me..
hate my dark circle TT__TT
Any comment? *_* lol

I will tag:
Everyone ^-^
feel free to express your bare face ;)
just for fun! <3

Thanks for reading :D

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wardah Luminous Face Powder [review]

Okay, this is loose powder from Wardah. A local product that produced in Indonesia :D
Anyone already tried this one?
I was looking for substitution for my current loose powder.
And this loose powder caught my attention :P
it's affordable. I bought this for around IDR 30,000-40,000 ^-^
I forgot the exact price.. lol

I got mine in 03 ivory

it contains 30 gr

quite bulky, and the packaging is little bit fragile.
I suggest you to do not drop one this powder :p lol

include soft sponge

the shifter, not too big yet not too small. Nice.

the texture of this powder is soft, not rough.

compare with my last loose powder, palgantong theatrical powder
Dari segi harga, wardah menang. Dari segi banyaknya isi powdernya, wardah jg masih menang.

when i used Wardah Luminous Face Powder.
Aku baru sadar kalau shade 03 ivory sedikit lebih gelap daripada warna kulitku >_<
Tapi aku bisa agak lega karena ada refill nya.. Kapan2 aku harus beli yang setingkat lebih terang daripada 03 ivory.. T,T

What I love <3
+ Easy to get
+ Quite cheap
+ Contains 30g (lumayan banyak :O)
+ Soft texture
+ Soft sponge
+ no break out

What I hate </3
- the packaging is kinda bulky
- i chosen wrong shade x_x (my fault, LOL)

Rating: 4/5

Repurchase? Maybe yes.. Kalau yang ini udah abis >_<
hahaha.. bakalan lama nih abisnya.. ._.

Thanks for reading :)
Have a nice sleep!

Diary of my braces (part 3): current progress

Hello all~ late night post :p haha.. this is not a review or tutorial..
just want to share to all of you.. about my braces.. >.<

Read my diary:
PART 1: Finally.. Got my Braces
PART 2: Teeth Extraction
PART 3: Current Progress
PART 4: Year 2013
PART 5: Farewell Braces!

In this part 3.. i will write report in English.. please bear with me.. >.< sorry if my English is weird.. T_T

I have got my braces for almost 6 months since February.. I feel really grateful and satisfied with the progress ^____^ for your information, i got my braces because my teeth are so uneven and i really barely took pictures with my teeth.. :x no confidence..

and.. these are my old smile..
accidentally i opened my mouth and showed my teeth :x

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tony Moly Mini Tint [review]

Hello lovelies~ sorry for the delayed review..
I bought this last February :P check it out on my February Haul
This is Mini Tint or Cherry Mini Tint from Tony Moly :)
I'm pretty sure that some of you already knew about this product..
because this lip tint quite popular last months ^^
Contains jojoba seed oil. Absorbs quickly while moisturizing and regenerating the lip.
contains: 1ml

I forgot the exact price.. around IDR 15,000-22,000 or about $1-2
mine is in #01 Cherry Pink

this mini lip tint is a mini size of the tony moly lip tint

how to use it?
make some dots on your inward lips, then spread the tint with your lips or fingers.
For optional, you can use lip concealer first on lips and apply the lip tint on inward lips, to achieve a gradation effect ^^

i only used lip balm -> tony moly mini tint

Don't spread the tint all over your lips, or you'll get a very red lips @_@
just give some dots on inward lips :)

Like it or not? Like it! ^^ 좋아해요!

What I love <3
+ cheap
+ looks so natural in my lips
+ easy to carry
+ cute simple packaging
+ contains jojoba seed oil
+ didn't dries my lips

What I hate </3
- the staying power is around 2-3 then i need to reapply it.
- I'm afraid that someday I'll lose this lip tint because it's so miniiii ._. lol

Rating: 4.5/5

Repurchase? Yes ^^ If this product is not discontinue ._.

Have you tried this lip tint? ^^
Thanks for reading and hope you find this review is useful :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wardah Exclusive Lipstick [review]

Another review again~ ^^
This product is a local product from Indonesia :)
few weeks ago I bought this lipstick because i was looking for wearable-color-and-affordable-lipstick. I tried this one :D
Wardah Exclusive Lipstick
I picked number 37 in Pink Lovers.
I bought this for IDR 32,000 at nearest cosmetic store :)

the color shows nudish coral beige color, instead of pink :P

as I said before, it shows hint of coral color ^^ and the result it matte! love it!

on my lips. Matte finish, pink nude color :) 
compare with my Lioele Dollish Lipstick in nudy pink, this lipstick is more beige-ish :)

So far I quite like this lipstick, it also has good staying power :D
up to 12 hours! (daya tahan sampai 12 jam tanpa makan dan minum)
jadi bagi para ladies yang lagi berpuasa cocok bgt ni lipstik ^^ tahan lama.

What I love <3
+ Available in 20 colors
+ Ngga glossy :P
+ Good staying power (tahan lama)
+ Affordable (termasuk murah ^^)
+ Easy to get (bisa dibeli di toko2 kosmetik terdekat)
+ Udah terdaftar BPOM dan lolos uji Halal MUI

What I hate </3
- Agak bikin bibir kering (jadi harus pake lip balm dulu sebelumnya :D)
- Packaging nya kurang cute :P (lol, i'm cute stuff addict)

Rating: 4.3/5

Repurchase / Beli lagi? Mungkin.. kapan2.. setelah lipstick2 ku habis.. hahaha.. XD masih banyak soalnya..

Thanks for reading :-*

Friday, July 20, 2012

Wardah Makeup Remover [review]

Hello.. I'm back with another review ^^,
Because this is a local product from Indonesia, I will use Bahasa Indonesia instead :)

Nah berhubung aku lumayan suka nyoba-nyoba produk baru, jadilah kemarin belanja beberapa produk (yang aman untuk kantong :3) 
salah satunya Wardah Makeup Remover ini :)
Aku beli cuma seharga 25rb di toko kosmetik terdekat.
Isinya 100ml, udah terdaftar di BPOM dan terbukti halal oleh MUI.

Berhubung lip & eye remover ku yang sebelumnya pakai punya maybelline, udah hampir habis, dan removernya Pixy aku kurang suka baunya.. jadilah aku coba beli Makeup remover wardah ini :P

wadahnya bening, sampai2 tulisannya susah untuk difoto, lol
Cara pakainya, dikocok dahulu sampai cairan hijau dan bening bercampur, terus baru dituang di kapas dan digunakan untuk membersihkan makeup ^^

Setelah dikocok. Tapi yang bikin aku agak gemes, cairan hijau dan bening nya itu cepet banget "memisahkan diri" x_x baru 5 detik udah misah lagi (kayak minyak dan air aja, tidak bs bersatu, hahaha). Makanya harus cepet2 dipakai setelah dikocok.

Buih2nya. Aku juga lumayan suka sama pattern unik remover ini ^^, seperti gelembung2 gitu di sekitarnya. Difoto ngga keliatan sih, tapi kalo liat produk aslinya, bakal keliatan pola gelembung2 di sekeliling packagingnya :D

Seperti biasa, yuk dites! :)
aku udah mengapply macam2 di tanganku..
mulai dari primer, lipstick, mascara, lip tint, bb cream, eyeshadow
yang tersisa.. mascara waterproof dan lip tint.. ._.

Rupanya makeup remover ini ngga terlalu ampuh untuk yang waterproof dan untuk lip tint. Tapi untuk yang lainnya, sangat ampuh lho. Baunya pun ngga menyengat dan remover ini juga mengandung jojoba oil :) Jojoba oil bermanfaat untuk menjaga keelastisitasan kulit dan membuat kulit jadi lembut.

Sayangnya produk mengandung Mineral oil, yang bisa menyumbat pori-pori dan comedogenic :S tapi menurutku mestinya sih ngga gitu masalah ya.. karena setelah menghapus makeup menggunakan remover ini, disarankan membersihkan wajah sekali lagi (dengan cleansing foam atau yang lain), jadi Mineral oil nya ngga akan nyumbat pori-pori :) IMHO

What I love <3
+ Bisa membersihkan makeup dengan baik
+ Harganya relatif murah
+ Isinya banyak (100ml)
+ Mengandung jojoba oil
+ Wangi/fragrance/bau nya ngga menyengat
+ Paraben-free
+ Terdaftar BPOM

What I hate </3
- Ngga bs bersihin makeup waterproof sampai tuntas
- Mengandung mineral oil

Rating: 3.9/5

Re-purchase / Beli lagi? Mungkin ^^

Ada yang udah pernah coba remover ini? :D
Thanks for reading ^^

Monday, July 16, 2012

Skinfood Green Coffee Lip Scrub [review]

Hello~ have you heard about this lip scrub before?
i was looking for lip product to brighten my dark lips :S
I asked a recommendation from my friend and she suggested this Green coffee lip scrub from Skinfood..
Hmm.. could this lip scrub brighten my dark lips?

I'm learning Korean right now.. What a little joy when I could read these hangeul XD
It's written: Seu-kin-peu-deu.
Geu-rin-Keo-Pi Lip Seu-keu-reob (Romanization)
or, Skinfood Green Coffee Lip Scrub ^^ ㅋㅋㅋ

This lip scrub stick thoroughly exfoliates dry, flaky skin with orange peel and black sugar grains while deeply moisturizing lips with antioxidant-enriched green coffee oil. 

* To Use 
Using this lip scrub, massage lips from one corner of the mouth to the other corner in slow circular motions. Gently wipe off with tissue or rinse with lukewarm water.

contains 4.2 gr
*zoom in*

My Verdict: Yes, this lip product could exfoliate my dry lips quite well, and could moisturize my lips after that. I noticed that my bottom lip getting brightens after several months, but not gives significant result for my upper lip.. :( I think i HAVE TO wait patiently till few months later.. till my lips be completely brighter than before..
FYI, I'm using this lip scrub since November 2011..

What I love <3
+ could exfoliate my dry lips
+ moisturizing effect
+ quite hygienic

What I hate </3
- can't completely brighten my dark lips after several months ._. (need more patience! T_T)

Rating: 3/5

Re-purchase? I think will look for other lip scrub..

Have you tried this lip scrub?
Please give me any suggestion of great lip scrub >_<
I really want to get rid of this dark lips :(

Thanks for reading :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Event: Lioele Makeup Class at Surabaya

Last Sunday (July 08, 2012) I and other Surabaya Beauty Bloggers attended Lioele Event in Shangri-lla Hotel, Surabaya. That was a Makeup Class that held by Lioele Indonesia :)
The Makeup Class is divided into 2 session. Me and my fellow Surabaya Beauty Blogger joined 2nd session :D

PS: this post may contains heavy pictures.. Get ready! :P lol

Before the makeup class started, I captured photos of many products that sold at that event =D i must say that I'm really tempted to buy ALL OF THEM! lol.. >.< very tempting~ <3

Our class: Ruang Pelangi 1 / Rainbow Room 1

Before we started, we still have enough time to try the testers out XD
waaa~ i almost died by Lioele cosmetics' cute packagings *slapped*
Especially the trio eyeshadows and powder pact.. So pretty *w*

 Okay.. Let's begin the class! :p
First, the Lioele's spokesperson explained about Lioele.. its history and other information about Lioele and its company, which is based in Busan, South Korea.

Lioele concepts are divided by three main ideas.. Pinkilicious, Dollish Look and Beauty Remedy.

About Lioele~

Lioele's vision

Lioele skincare are made from many various plants and flowers.

 Then, Lioele's Makeup Artist asked one participant to be their Model..

She's Daisy. One of Lioele Makeup Class' participants.

Beauty Assistant of Lioele showed to us how to cleanse our face well, peeling dead-skin cells, and other beauty remedies. We also got opportunities to try 5 various of Lioele's skincare. Sorry I didn't take many pictures >_<

We tried "Aroma Soft Peeling Gel". This peeling gel really caught our attention because of its great exfoliation power :O

 Brochure of Lioele's complete products..

After beauty remedies, Lioele's Makeup Artist did a makeover to the model, Daisy.
And this is Daisy's final look ^,^

The class was over, but we were still allowed to try testers of Lioele's cosmetics ^^
That time, Hana asked Shelley to teach her how to groom and shape her eyebrows nicely :)

Their makeup class.. xD

Last but not least, the picture of us ^,^
From left to the right:
ci Shelley, ci Shasha, Me, ci Yennyca, Hana, and Lala.

After that.. 
Me with ci Shelley and ci Yennyca went to Ciputra World :P

In this class, all participants got IDR 50,000 voucher and I bought Aroma Soft Peeling Gel from Lioele.. Please wait for my review patiently xD 

Sadly, other Surabaya Beauty Blogger couldn't join the class with us >.<
Hopefully next time we can attend an event together, or arrange a gathering ^^

Thanks Lioele Indonesia for the nice event :)

Thanks for reading all^^