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[Trip to Korea] Day 3: Haeundae Beach & Go To Jeju

Hello everybodyyyyyy~ 
sorry for delayed post XD this is 2nd part of My Trip To Korea report ^^
Just in case you haven't read the 1st part, you can read it HERE :)
Sorry I was so lazy to watermark-ed the rest of photos *slapped*
Finally I present the next report for all of you (´⌣`ʃƪ)♡
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Day 3: Haeundae Beach & Go to Jeju Island
Date: June 18th, 2012

You might know recent K-drama named Haeundae Lovers? I've been there! (^▽^)
Haeundae Beach 해운대 is such a nice beach ^^ 
As I mentioned before, I like to being at Busan :3
Unfortunately the weather was not good,  it was raining and we should used umbrella everywhere ._. I suggest you to bring an umbrella if you'd like to visit Korea in Summer.

enjoying Haeundae Beach's wind and scenery ◕‿◕

After strolled around, we took a time to enjoy a cup of coffee at Angel-in-us Coffee
ouch, my eyes were swollen +_+ I guess it's because lack of sleep

Kim Soo Hyun is the endorser of Angel-in-us Coffee (    )
I like his bright smile! :3
Oh yea, I heard Angel-in-us Coffee is famous enough in Korea and you are able to see this coffee shop in Seoul and Jeju as well :D

Our lunch:
If i'm not mistaken, the name of this dish is 낙지전골 or Octopus Casserole.
I was not really like this food because I couldn't bite the octopus well (with my braces -.-")
because it too chewy, lol

I captured the menu, 1 won = (around) IDR 9


And, we ate Sannakji as well :P actually I have recorded the video of sannakji (with my camera), but I deleted it accidentally T_T my bad, huhu.
What's sannakji 산낙지
Sannakji or sannakji hoe is a variety of hoe, or raw dish, in Korean cuisine. It consists of live nakji (hangul: 낙지, a small octopus) that has been cut into small pieces and served immediately, usually lightly seasoned with sesame and sesame oil. The nakji pieces are usually still squirming on the plate. It can also be served whole.
(source: wiki)

For simple explanation, Sannakji is living octopus! :P
Here is it:

feel tickled after watch it? XD wait till you eat it by yourself :P ㅋㅋㅋ
For me, that's a nice experience to eat something different and unique, anyway.. 
I couldn't ate them up because of the baby octopus were so chewy and my braces couldn't resist it T_T 오모~~ just tried it lil' bit.
Actually the taste of Sannakji was not bad (do not forget to eat it with sauce).

NEXT... Move to JEJU!
I don't have enough time to do proper makeup, I just do my simple daily makeup.
 Me at Gimhae International Airport's waiting room. Sorry for my awkward smile x_X

Took a pose with T-ara's commercial board, lol.


Sorry for random photo.. XD I took photos of this closet in Jeju International Airport..
I figured out that this closet's so unique (yes, call me countrified OTL)
Because I never meet the kind of closet before.

I was like asdffsashhadhakjl when saw these buttons.. 
Why there's no English translation on this machine? =_=
Yeah, of course I could read Hangeul, but please.. I didn't understand any single word on this machine, lol. Then I just pushed random buttons till the closet got flushed. ㅎㅎㅎ

We stayed at Yeha Guesthouse for 2 nights.
I only paid 20,000 원 per night and the price was cheap enough.
It's around IDR 180,000 or $10.
Yeha Guesthouse has strategic location and decent facilities, 
they're also provide 1-day tour service, free drink, free wi-fi, free international call, and so on ( ̄∀ ̄)

Our dinner :3
That's grilled black pork. I love it (    )
So tasty and delicious!
I recommend you to try this one if you visit Korea someday ^^
(in case you're not a Moslem)

other side dishes :3
Hmm I like kimchi~~
My tongue is used to taste kimchi there ^^ lol
Yes, kimchi has acid and sour flavor, but it's very healthy and you can eat kimchi as many as possible~ Because Kimchi is the most common Korean side dish (^▽^)

That's all, I will continue the next day tomorrow ;)
Stay tune~!
Until next time :)

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  1. hyun oppa ada di cup! Kalo aku sih engga akan pernah aku buang itu cup. Angel-in-us yang di jakarta cupnya ada muka si oppa ganteng juga engga yah..

    1. huahaha.. kalo beli angel-in-us coffee pasti ada mukanya hyun oppa XD
      oiya di jkt jg ada y? ^^ *baru tau*

  2. cee video Sannakji nyaa~~ yaampun geleuuh >,<~~ huahahahaha serem banget liatnya .__. kayak ulet gitu :P hehehehe

    1. wkwkwk geli ya, sha? >.< aku jg geli sih hihi
      tp pas dimakan ga gerak2 di mulut kok ^^ nice experience hahaha

  3. pantainya bagus bgt, jadi mupeng ke korea :)

  4. Remote Control .....di dalam toilet (O__O)..

    Wew Nice trip cc, enaknya bisa jalan2 ke korea.. (>.<) Pengeeeen~~~

    1. hahaha iya, unik ya ^^
      wanna go there again someday~~ >.< bener2 pengalaman yg menyenangkan ^^

  5. jadi pengen ke Korea juga jadinya :p hahaha
    makanannya keliatan enak-enak banget :9

    1. iyaaa harus ke korea deh suatu hari nanti :3
      makanannya memang enak2 hihi

  6. aaaaah, makanannya menggoda :) sluurrrpp, bisa kalap makan kl aku kesana hahahaaa....

    btw itu toiletnya gak user friendly ya, masa gak pake inggris sama sekali ckckkk...

    1. iya di sana makanannya enak2 banget XD wkwk
      iya itu toiletnya cuma satu2nya yg kutemui kok ^^ (di jeju), yg lainnya mostly pake toilet jongkok

  7. mau ke koreaaaaa~~~
    btw vee mau tanya 1 won bukannya = 8-9 rupiah yah? hehe cmmiw deh gak yakin juga soalnya..

    1. ya ampun aku salah tulis =___=" ckckck
      untung diingetin.. thanks ya ^^
      iyaa nabung aja dari sekarang hehe ^^

  8. wahhhhh asiknyaaa XD XD XD pergi rame2 sama temen2 memang paling the best ya shel :D

  9. wahhh.. pergi rame2 sama temen memang paling asik yaaa :D i see you have a great holiday there <3

  10. waww sannakjinya kayanya enak tuh hahaha,tapi kalo gak bergerak >.<

    1. justru asiknya pas mereka bergerak :3 aku jg geli sih liatnya wkwk

  11. $10 per night? really!! Hell I will visit Korea maybe earlier than I thought. That is awesome! so cheap and the food looks super delicious aside from eating live baby octopus. Haha I don't eat raw food. I, however, loveeeee spicy food. The spicier the better which is why I love eating Korean food here in US. Maybe I will have Korean dish for lunch tomorrow. yummmm

    1. yes ^^ makin bnyk org makin murah hehe, $10 itu biaya satu orang, aku nginepnya rame2 jadi lebih murah. You should stay in guesthouse instead of book hotel :) it's cheaper, comfy, cozy and have decent facilities.
      lol XD i rarely eat raw food as well ;) if you love spicy food, you MUST visit korea :3

  12. Itu beneran ada tombol buat flush nya jeng?soale spengalaman saya,tombol flushnya ttp ada dibagian tmpat senderannya tuh.ato dibawah senderan.ada juga yg ditembok...pertama sy dtng ke seoul disuguhin wc model gtu jg,cm krn mumet ya tinggal kabur(jorok,merugikan org lain,jgn ditiru ya).sekarang mah,,,dirumah jg pke yg model gtu.hahaha( yaaaa...saya aja blum prnah ke jeju-do.mupengggg.^_^♥♥

    1. huahahaha aku coba2 sih bisa >< tp abis gt aku tinggal lari jg :P soalnya udh ditungguin ma tmn2 wkwk
      seingetku di tembok ga ada apa2 jg kok :D
      wah dibuat dengerin musik jg ya katanya?
      hehe kpn2 kesana aja ^^

  13. OMG !!! sannakji nyaaaa!
    kayaknya enak yah tapi ngeliatnya kok jd gak tega makan, bulu roma merindingggggg >.<

    dari busan ke jeju bener gak sih tiket pesawatnya mahal vee?

    1. wkwk iya emg bikin bulu roma merinding :P
      dari busan ke jeju flight nya aku sekitar 28,000 won ato sekitar 300rb :D tp itu one way hehe

    2. waw!
      gak semahal yang aku bayangin lho, aku pikir harganya sebanding kayak dari jakarta ke bali. wkwk

      tapi enak gak sih sannakji nya vee?
      pas digigit gimana? masih menggeliat2 gitu gak? hiiyyy >.<

    3. hehe pesennya hrs jauh2 hari :3
      umm lumayan sih, cuma aku kurang bs makannya soalnya kenyal banget ^^ (gigiku yg berbehel ga kuat gigitnya), iya masih menggeliat2 :P tp pas digigit ya lgs diem

  14. Hi, I'm Sehyun from Korea.
    I would like to tell you about the meanings of the toilet machine.(Left to Right)
    Stop / Clean,Dry / Bidet, Auto(Auto or For Kids) / Move, Massage / Water Temperature, Seat temperature, Save energy and Power OnOff /
    < and > buttons are for nozzle adjustment. + and - buttons are for pressure of water or wind.

    Have a good day :)

    1. 안녕하세요 심세현씨 ^^
      Thank you for your explanation! :D :D


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