Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Etude House Sunprise Cotton Touch Powder Cream SPF50+/PA+++ [review]

Heyaaaa... How's your summer holiday?
Summer means HOT SUNNY DAY in my perspective -_-
Especially in Indonesia, noon really resembles with terrestrial hell.
Say yeahhhhh (i wish) for two season in Indonesia.. 
Just would like to inform my international readers who live outside Indonesia
Indonesia just have "dry" and "rainy" season.. ._.
rainy season is from November to April, while dry season is from May to October..
Rarely see rain fall during dry season, but HOT season..
and it's getting hotter year by year (T▽T)

That's why application of high-SPF sunscreen on our skin is really necessary!
Including high-SPF primer ◕‿◕ 
Have you heard this primer from Etude House?
It's called Sunprise Cotton Touch Powder Cream SPF50+/PA+++
wow, what a high SPF and high PA!

as you know, SPF (Sun Protection Factor) protects us from UVB harmful rays, and PA protects us from UVA rays. We are required to use high SPF with maximum PA if we would to do outdoor activities.
So? SPF 50+ and PA+++ are able to categorized as very high protection, isn't it? :D

Product Details:
UV defense moisturizer maintains whipped cream texture with a powdery finish to conceal imperfections and absorb oil. Formulated with grapefruit extract for antioxidant and revitalizing care. Can be used daily as a makeup primer for all-day sun defense.

 Ingredients List:

I have no comment about these ingredients.. I'm unable to recognize almost of the ingredients ._. I should do further research (if i have sufficient time and motivation, lol)
As long as i know, this product is Paraben-free, mineral-oil free and alcohol-free.

 For whose sensitive skin, you should pay attention with this product since it contain fragrance. But for me personally, i have no allergy with fragrance :)
Personally i don't have any comment about its fragrance, it doesn't bothering me at all.

comes with pinky secure cap

as it said before on description, the texture resembles with soft whipped cream with powdery finish :) The texture is quite unique since I have no experience with this kind of texture before.
Just blend it well, and there's no whitecast (^▽^) 
I feel lil' bit itchy at first time, but it didn't bother me.

So far, i like this primer :)
I often use this primer before use BB cream, and my BB cream can glides smoothly afterwards ^^ no break out so far.. LOVE! 

What I love <3
+ works well as primer
+ soft and unique texture
+ could blends easily
+ high SPF and maximum PA
+ inexpensive for content 40g (I bought it for around IDR 90,000-100,000 in Busan, while regular online shops in Indonesia sell it with price range IDR 135,000-150,000)
+ doesn't cause any pimple
+ paraben-free, alcohol-free, mineral oil-free

What I hate </3
- nothing so far ^^,

Rating: 4.5/5

Repurchase? Still consider it :D 

Thanks for reading all


  1. Setujuuu. Kayanya akhir2 ini jakarta makin panas ya T.T
    Biar aku ga punya halaman rumah tapi aku suka tanem tumbuhan di pot di teras aku xD

    1. iya panas bgt >_< di sby jg panas bgt
      bagusss2 hehe ^^

  2. aww so cute :D the packaging reminds me of l'occitane hand cream. I'm a little bit confused with the consistency is that like a powder and cream ? LOL x)

    BlushOff [Beauty Blog]

    1. yeahh i think so ^^
      the consistency is like a powdery hard to explain XD

  3. Shel... =( ngracuunnn >.< nda trima share in jar yah? ;) hehe... Beneran jadi tergodaaaa >.<
    It is soooo nice ya... SPF dan PAnya mantap poll(/^_^)/
    oh ya, about global warming, OMG. Seriously. Bumi ini tambah lama tambah panas. :__( skrg aku juga belajar dari diri sendiri. Nda banyak buang energi untuk listrik, pakai seperlunya. Hemat air juga. Lakukan hal kecil untuk bumi yang lebih baik ^_^

    1. huahaha isinya cuma 40g sab, cpt abis kalo di share >.< hihi
      iya mantap pol ^^b
      iyaaaaa sab, let's do something to our earth :) for better world

  4. such a really really nice post ce! <3
    it seems like this is a great primer plus sunblock isn't it?? i really want to buy makeup base with a high SPF and it looks like a great reference...
    hehehe.. thanks for the helpfull review...

    global warming is coming, but still a lot of people don't care about it.. T__T

    heal the world, make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race..~

    1. thank you git :)
      yeah, something like that ^^ you should try it <3
      you're welcome =)

      sadly yes ><
      hope people will be more aware about this issue :(

  5. gyaaa ~ been looking for this kind of product!!! Thanks for the review. Segera dibeli ^^ hehehe

  6. i was curious to this line but haven't tried it yet....

  7. aku lebih suka musim hujan daripada harus di musim panas T_T


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