Sunday, August 5, 2012

Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream [review]

Hello, it's me again~ lol xD
three posts in row.. Hope you will not bored with me x_x hahaha
I'm pretty sure that this BB cream is quite famous and many people knew this BB cream :)

Of course i'm interested with this BB cream, but i heard this BB cream is suitable for combi-oily skin.. so, I tried the sample size instead of buy the fullsize.
I'm worry that this BB cream won't suitable for me.

with triple function: whitening, UV protecting SPF25 PA++, wrinkle free
able to control sebum and moisturizing skin at the same time.

I used this sample size for 3 times usage

swatch on my hand

ouch, i squeezed it a lot x_x
this BB cream has greyish tone, and spreads easily on my face

the result is semi dewy finish

Surprisingly, this BB cream is able to blend on my skin very well and 
match with my skin tone perfectly!

The coverage is medium and buildable. The texture is creamy and not thick.
Couldn't covers my acne scars well, but gives me a natural finish. Love it!

Unfortunately after used this BB cream, a new pimple appeared on my nose.. ._.
But i'm not really sure that the pimple was caused by Skin79 Hot pink.. Maybe because other reason.. I dunno..
hmm no break out so far, but i guess this BB cream not really suits for my skin because my skin type is dry-combi..

What I love <3
+ Match with my skin tone perfectly
+ Easy to spread
+ Has triple function
+ Has SPF25/PA++
+ No weird scent

What I hate </3
- Got new pimple *_* (but still not sure if the hot pink is the culprit or not)

Rating: 4/5

Repurchase? Maybe yes maybe no, i'd love to try the upgrade version of hot pink, Skin79 Vital Orange maybe i'll try it out :)


  1. you should also try the Snail Nutrition BB Cream, it works well, though if pinkish tone is not your style, might not suit you but still a great product :D

  2. keliatannya flawless y say....
    Tapi kog bisa muncul jerawat di hidung y..

    1. hahahaha iya >,< padahl aku suka hasilnya..
      ga tau jg ya.. ni masih investigasi.. lol (kayak apaan aje ._.) wkwk

  3. pengen beli ah yg seri mininya ><

  4. wah aku udah coba ini, tapi g cocok say :(
    mukaku jadi kayak pake topeng gitu..
    untung baru beli yg sachetnya..
    but it looks good on you,loh! ^^

    1. wah, skin tone nya ngga cocok mungkin ya >,<
      thank you yaa kak :)

  5. Wahhh, ini aku bisa pake sampe 6 kali, temenku malah ada yg sampe 10 kali loh ^_^

    staying powernya emang dahsyat

    eh eh temenku nasibnya sama kayak kamu, dia suka banget pake si hot pink ini, tapi abis pake dia langsung keluar jerawat gede gitu katanya T_T

    1. wiiiiihhh *___* hemat banget bisa sampe 6 kali.. brarti aku pakenya kebanyakan dong? tp tetap keliatan natural sih di aku ^^
      huahhh iya lgs muncul jerawat T-T

  6. ce... tumben gak cantumin harganya T_T


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