Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Nature Republic Morning Fruits Blueberry Body Lotion [review]

Hello lovelies~ How are you? Hope everything's okay ^^
Hehe, due to my obsession with blueberry-related products *w* I bought this body lotion on my last vacation ^-^
see my haul here (^∀^)

I love everything with blueberry~
Including blueberry yogurt :3 
so tasty and has yummy goodness for our health too!

Today, I'd like to share my thoughts about this body lotion XD
I bought this at Lotte Department Store in Busan

Why I was tempted to buy this one? Because Nature Republic's counter was selling some products with interesting discount! (☆▽☆)

I grabbed this opportunity and bought 2 products from Nature Republic =D
Buy 1 get 1 free, only 3,300 원 or around $3,3 ㅋㅋㅋ
what a nice deal :3
it's Morning Fruits Green Grape Body Wash

Now, have you heard about Morning Fruits range from Nature Republic? (^ε^)

This product contains 150ml, has a doff surface packaging.

the ingredients:

This body lotion really has nice fragrance *___* <3
I love its scent!
Really like blueberry yogurt (≧∇≦) lol

 Though the packaging is not travel friendly, i love to apply this body lotion whenever my skin feels dry ^^ or after take a bath.

The texture is little bit runny, easy to absorb into my skin and didn't leave any residue. 'Lil bit sticky but still tolerable :)

What I love <3
+ Affordable
+ Easy to absorb
+ Nice fragrance
+ Moisture my skin well
+ Relaxing & sweet scent

What I hate </3
- not travel-friendly

Rating: 4.5/5

Repurchase? Still consider it ^-^ I'll repurchase if I find any nice discount price :P lol

Thanks for reading fellas (^▽^)


  1. Oh I love blueberry products too! : D : D This seems like a good get!

  2. aku punya yg the Face Shop, haul Juli kemarin tapi blom dibuka hahaaa apple lime juga, sekilas sih penampakannya mirip banget :)

    kl baca postingan kamu sama stella tentang korea jadi pingin ke sana huks :(

    1. oiya? hehe jd penasaran yg mana ^^
      ayooo ke korea bareng(☆▽☆)! lol.. pgn kesana lagi ^^ hihi

    2. yg ini say

      sekilas sih mirip2 tp blom aku pake jadi blom bisa di review hehehe

  3. Wah aq belum pernah nyobain body lotion aroma buah2an sebelumnya, sepertinya patut dicoba :)

  4. beli 2 gratis 1 ?? ya ampun beruntung banget kalau dapat begituan ^^


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