Thursday, August 23, 2012

Just Miss Eyeshadow - Blusher [review]

Hello my lovely friends~ this is another good product from local brand ^^
I bought this last july, for "IDR 100k make up challenge tag" purpose, but I still don't have chance to make that post till now (T▽T) i'm sorry..

Back to the topic.. This is Just Miss Eyeshadow - Blusher, only produced in Indonesia.
I bought this at Stroberi Fancy & Accessories Store, you may familiar with this store ^^ yeah, could be found easily in Indonesia :) even in small city.

There are some variants of this Eyeshadow - Blusher, but I can't differentiate them because Just Miss didn't put any specific name for every variant =_=

Here is it, consists of 6 shimmery eyeshadows and two colors of blush on :)
the colors of the blush on have similar tone, peachy and orange-ish.

Oh, i just realized that there's number on every variant.. lol.. pardon me.. XD
mine is number 03 ^^
I bought this for IDR 23,000 or around $2-3
Don't worry, I have checked the POM code and it's authentic :)

*shimmery pink *shimmery purple *shimmery dark green / army(?)

*shimmery white *shimmery sky blue *shimmery turquoise

complete swatch
(without eye primer)

My verdict =
I like the pigmentation of shimmery white, sky blue, turquoise, pink. The purple and army colors are not pigmented enough. This product is attached with one eyeshadow brush and one applicator. The brush quality is not good -.- harsh and stiff, I know I shouldn't complained because of its price. Yeah, the quality of this "eyeshadow - blusher" is pretty decent.
About the blusher, the colors can't blended easily with finger. I suggest you to use your own buffer brush or blush brush :)

What I love <3
+ Good pigmentation
+ Cheap
+ Consists of 6 eyeshadows & 2 blusher
+ Easy to get :)
+ Officially registered on BPOM

What I hate </3
- Harsh and stiff brush
- Fragile packaging

Rating: 3.5/5

Repurchase? I'm not sure ^-^ But I believe this kit is suitable for beginner :) 
if you are newbie in makeup, you better buy Just Miss product instead of FAKE cosmetics! Trust me -_- These Just Miss products are worth than Fake cosmetics, at least their company is reliable because they have registered their products at BPOM and the quality is not bad.

So, Have you tried any Just Miss product?
Don't forget to share with me ^-^
Thanks for reading ;)


  1. whoa, baru tau kalo di bawahnya ada blushnya :O tadi juga ke stroberi dan cuma lihat2 produk ini doang :3

  2. I have one as well! Beli pas lagi di Pontianak, cuman punyaku yang eyeshadow ama lipstick kalo ga salah. >3<

    1. wuah ada ya yang eyeshadow ma lipstick cie? ^^ *baru tau*

  3. woah biasanya kalo ke stroberi aku sering megang2 produk ini tapi gak pernah tak beli ce, sampe pernah diliatin mbak2nya pula, mungkin keliatan mencurigakan kali yaa haha XD btw, thanks for sharing this review ce :)

    1. hahahaha iya aku akhirnya beli demi menuntaskan misi yg 100k itu XD (tp smpe skrg blm smpt dandan) *_*
      you're welcome la ^^

  4. Kalo masuk di stroberi pasti harganya jadi selangit...pdhl kalo d tko kosmetik hrganya cm 19 rb..q suka produknya just miss yang lipgloss, soalnya awet d q..hehehe..pengen gt pake eyeshadow warna2 pink tapi sayang nggak masuk di q cz kelopak mataku warnanya coklat tua..jd klo dipakein yang pinky2 pasti jd pucet ..

    nice blog cc, keep posting eaa (^_^)

    1. hahaha masih okelah selisih 4rb ^_^ lbh gampang nemunya di stroberi sih :D
      blm prnh coba lip gloss nya sih, boleh deh kpn2 :)
      ooo.. iya sih mungkin cocoknya sama yg smokey eyes ya ^_^

  5. This is the cheap brand and it is $10? Indonesia is getting expensive huh? I love the pink, turquoise n light blue just as you said. Good review! Love that it is real product and not fake ;) have you checked my $20 makeup challenge on Youtube? It seems like indo stuffs seriously are more expensive than us. I know this after reading all fellow bloggers that I know haha anyway love ur review as always!

    1. he? o.O it's $2-3 hehe
      i bought it for IDR 23.000 ^^
      thankyouu :) will check your vide soon

  6. Ini terjamin yah mutunya? Kadang-kadang aku ke Stroberi liat makeup, tapi karena ga pernah denger mereknya jadi kupikir makeup tembakan :(
    Anyway thanks for the review, aku mau coba beli ah :)

    1. yup, awalnya aku jg ragu tp udh kucek di BPOM dan asli kok ^^
      made in Indonesia ;)
      siip2 ^^ hehe

  7. makasih reviewnya.
    tadi sempat kepingin, tapi..aih, ada mineral oilnya. gak jadi minat lagi, hihihi..


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