Tuesday, September 30, 2014

MOST Popular Posts in April - September 2014!

Most Popular Posts? I know I haven't doing it for an ages XDD
I'm so sorry for my inconsistent.. It's a spirit of procrastinating actually *slapped myself*
Anyway, we are reaching the end of September! And here I collected some popular posts of my blog (in last 6 months), just in case you want to read them :D

Hopefully you won't get bored with this post ^^ anyway, the pictures below are also clickable!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sweet Pea Homemade Dry Shampoo [review]

Heyhoooo everyone! I know it seems I can't get enough of homemade products XDD
This time review is presented by me featuring new product from a new homemade product brand named @SweetPeaDryShampoo_ID. Currently they only sell Dry Shampoo in powder form.. and there's possibility for them to invent another useful homemade product in the future ;) 

So, for now let's talk about this dry shampoo!
(PS: I think I will write the rest of review in Bahasa Indonesia, because I'm in mood for it ^^)
Deskripsi Produk
Ada yang masih bingung APA ITU Dry Shampoo? Biasanya kan dry shampoo itu bentuknya dalam botol aerosol, tapi kali ini Sweet Pea memutuskan untuk merilis Dry Shampoo mereka dalam kemasan kaleng dan bedak tabur, agar penggunaannya bisa lebih terkontrol :) Sebetulnya ada 5 macam varian Dry Shampoo ini, warna dan desain sticker di packagingnya juga berbeda-beda tiap masing-masingnya ^_^

Monday, September 22, 2014

B.Liv by Cellnique - Off With Those Heads Blackheads Sebum Gel [review]

Hello everyone! Glad to see you again, still willing to spare your time to read my blog 
Finally after a half year, I had another chance to try another product from B.Liv ^__^
You may read my previous post about B.Liv products HERE.

I know, most of you probably still unfamiliar with B.Liv brand, aren't you?
So, what is this? This time I'm back with a best seller product from B.Liv, it's OFF WITH THOSE HEADS BLACKHEADS SEBUM GEL. Hmmmm, it's not a regular moisturizer, maybe you can categorize this product as special treatment product. This product is specialized for solving blackheads and whiteheads problem :)
Just like another B.Liv products, they always designed their products as clean and simple as possible. I dunno but I think their products' design always look so medical and feels like they could treat our skin professionally. Oh, another thing that I like from B.liv products are, they always use attractive names and play with typography arrangement ^_^ And for this "Off With Those Heads Blackheads Sebum Gel", it comes in plastic-pump transparent bottle which is dominated with white color and yellow color.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Handmade Soap Bar by Moporie [review]

Hello everyone ^_^ 
Mungkin dari antara kalian masih inget sebelumnya aku pernah mereview tentang Brush Best Friend Soap dari Moporie. Sebetulnya selain BBFs, aku juga menerima handmade soap bar lho :D Owner dari Moporie, Erie; berbaik hati membiarkanku memilih sabun yang boleh kucoba ^__^ Thank you Moporie

Fiuh, ternyata mencoba dan mereview sabun-sabunnya ini memerlukan waktu yang lebih lama daripada yang kuduga >_< Soalnya aku harus ngabisin satu sabun dulu, baru beralih ke sabun berikutnya. Jadinya aku mulai nyicil nulis review nya harus step by step dan memakan waktu yang cukup lama. Semoga masih belum bosen dengan review homemade products ku yaaa.. Soalnya setelah ini masih ada lagi yang lain XD hahaha

Okelah kalau begitu, yuk mari kita review bersama-sama ;)
handmade soap Indonesia
You can read the Brush Best Friend Soap review HERE
Click more to read the further information about these adorable handmade soap bar :D

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Etude House Every Month Cleansing Foam (Month 4: Purifying Lemon & Garlic) REVIEW

Hello everyoneee.. it's been a while since my last cleansing foam review, isn't it? ^__^ The previous cleansing foam that I used was Verile Acne Wash, and when it was about to run out, I panicked and bought another cleansing foam randomly. And yeah, I bought this one without deep consideration :p Just because it was currently ready stock in Bunny Beaute's warehouse (it literally looked so interesting and quite cheap!) and I simply ordered it. Lol

Sooo.. Now I present to you.. Etude House Every Month Cleansing Foam
[에브리 먼스 클렌징 폼] in Month 4: Purifying Lemon & Garlic :)

I have used some cleansing foams from Etude House, and their packaging (almost) never fail to impress me. As stated as its title [Every Month], Etude House released 12 different variants of this cleansing foam ^_^ different variant, different design with different benefits. I chose mine in Lemon & Garlic, it comes in a squeeze-tube packaging which is dominated with white color and completed with illustration of yellow lemons-gray garlics. Simple and so cute! The big-sized font number makes us can identify each variant easily in store's rack ^_^

Monday, September 15, 2014


Hello hello everyone! It's such a beautiful day to start with good lip crayon! ;)
Huh? Lip Crayon? What's it? Now Let me introduce you~ These babies are IASO Natural & Vivid Lip Crayon, or just call it IASO Lip Crayon :D
[이아소 틴트 립 크레용]

So, few days ago a representative from IASO Indonesia contacted me and offered me to review their famous Lip Crayon products ^^ How can I say no? *grin*. Thank you IASO Indonesia! 

Without further ado, let's get started :D
Basically, these products are jumbo-sized lipstick in pencil form. These lip crayons come in black packaging and transparent cap. Look so professional and attractive with their typography arrangement :) IASO is a Korean High-End Cosmetic Brand, that's why their packaging look so mature and somehow luxurious.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Kemmy's Homemade Sugar Scrub [review]

Haloooo semuaaaa~
Mungkin dari antara kalian udah familiar sama produk homemade di post ini? Setelah sekian lama mengamat-ngamati yang namanya Sugar Scrub di Instagram (dan cukup penasaran), akhirnya kesampaian juga untuk nyobain ^^ Yay! Thank you Vinaa 

Pada dasarnya, gula punya banyak sekali manfaat dan sangat-sangat sering digunakan untuk berbagai produk kecantikan, dari yang homemade sampai pabrikan :D Kali ini yuk mari kita liat, apa sih Sugar Scrub yang diproduksi oleh Kemmy's Kitchen ini?


Packagingnya simpel tapi cute ;) Botolnya terbuat dari plastik yang cukup tipis, tutupnya dibungkus oleh kain warna-warni dan dihias dengan sticker yang telah menjadi signature dari Sugar Scrub. Botol yang dari plastik ini sangat membantu untuk menekan cost dan menjadikan harga Sugar Scrub juga sangat terjangkau.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Etude House Ice Tint Balm [review]

Hello hello everyone! :)
Recently Etude House just released new tinted lip balm named Ice Tint Balm
에뛰드 하우스 아이스 틴트 밤 
As a lip balm and lip tint lover, of course I don't want to miss this product ^___^

Now let's go to my review~
Etude Ice tint balm PK002
This Ice Tint Balm packaging is pretty simple yet attractive. Each variant got different color packaging to ease people when pick the color they want to use ;)
The packaging is made in plastic material, with cute design on its box!

Friday, September 5, 2014

MORE Mio Contact Lens [review]

Hello everyone! Finally another contact lens review is up ^_^; I know It's been a while haha..
I present to you.. MORE MIO Contact Lens in Gray review 
It comes in blister packaging and a free clear lens case ^.^
I think nowadays blister packaging is more popular than bottle packaging, huh?
The box itself is dominated with white and purple colors :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Suroboyo Carnival Night Market [review]

Hello everyone! Finally I got a chance to share about the latest nice place to visit in Surabaya :D
Finally Surabaya owns a place like Dufan (Jakarta) or Batu Night Spectacular (Batu - Malang) *throw confetti ^___^

Anyway, I'll write this post in Bahasa Indonesia because I can express my thoughts freely in my mother language :) If you're one of my international readers and interested to read more about this place, please kindly use Google translate button on the sidebar ^_^

Jadi, apa sih Suroboyo Carnival Night Market itu? Pada dasarnya tempat ini tuh semacam pasar malam yang dikemas dalam konsep theme park. Jadi di dalamnya itu ada bermacam-macam wahana permainan yang bisa dimainkan, ada toko-toko dan juga tempat makan :p
Senangnya kalo SCNM ini bisa jadi icon wisata malam baru buat masyarakat Surabaya dan sekitarnya :D

Penasaran? Yuk mariii kita masuk ke dalamnya~~

Monday, September 1, 2014

Tony Moly Luminous Baby Aura CC Balm [review]

Hello everyone! It's September already! >___< Sorry for lack of updates last month..
Today I'd share my thoughts on Tony Moly Luminous Baby Aura CC Balm 
루미너스 동안광채 CC밤 (씨씨밤)

This is my first time trying a CC cream in pact version :)
I'm quite excited to try it since it's in balm form. For some reasons I prefer this kind of balm pact, rather than cushion pact. Why? Read more to find out why ^^

Tony Moly Luminous Baby Aura
Thanks to Rini, for this giveaway prize :*
Its packaging color is dominated with purplish-pink with very very simple design. Personally its design isn't my favorite :p It comes with mirror and puff. This packaging is quite handy and travel-friendly. It's also not as bulky as Etude House Magic Any Cushion. :)