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Etude House Every Month Cleansing Foam (Month 4: Purifying Lemon & Garlic) REVIEW

Hello everyoneee.. it's been a while since my last cleansing foam review, isn't it? ^__^ The previous cleansing foam that I used was Verile Acne Wash, and when it was about to run out, I panicked and bought another cleansing foam randomly. And yeah, I bought this one without deep consideration :p Just because it was currently ready stock in Bunny Beaute's warehouse (it literally looked so interesting and quite cheap!) and I simply ordered it. Lol

Sooo.. Now I present to you.. Etude House Every Month Cleansing Foam
[에브리 먼스 클렌징 폼] in Month 4: Purifying Lemon & Garlic :)

I have used some cleansing foams from Etude House, and their packaging (almost) never fail to impress me. As stated as its title [Every Month], Etude House released 12 different variants of this cleansing foam ^_^ different variant, different design with different benefits. I chose mine in Lemon & Garlic, it comes in a squeeze-tube packaging which is dominated with white color and completed with illustration of yellow lemons-gray garlics. Simple and so cute! The big-sized font number makes us can identify each variant easily in store's rack ^_^

Commercial poster from Etude House:

You also can collect them based on your born month or your skin concerns :D
Each variant provides different function, really a brilliant idea!

The illustrations of these cleansing foams are so cute, aren't they? XD

CLICK to enlarge | credit: 

Descriptions in Korean and English on the back of the tube

This is a cleansing foam that brightens up dull skin with its lemon and garlic extract, providing a solution for unclean, spring skin. Cleanse skin with fresh lemon and garlic that will brighte up face.

Wet face and dispense small amount of Cleansing Foam onto hands, lather and apply foam to face, gently massaging entire area, rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Content: 100ml
Price: 3,500 원


Ingredients List
The good thing is, this one doesn't contains Alcohol, and mineral oil. Contains fragrance which is doesn't bother me, because I like citrus scent ^.^v

Open the seal first and this cleansing foam is ready to use!

It has mild citrus scent. Love it! 
It produces abudant foam and mild for the skin. It cleansing my skin well without leaving extreme squaeky-clean feeling. I don't see any particular brightening effect on my skin though. Unfortunately it makes my skin become quite drying after few months of usage.

Pros (+)
+ Cleanse my face well
+ Affordable price (I bought it for around IDR 50.000-70.000, I forgot its exact price)
+ Available in many variants
+ No break outs
+ Abundant foam

Cons (-)
- Quite drying (I guess this variant isn't good for dry skin type)
- There's no impressive result (it might be because I bought wrong variant ._. I should've bought the Deep Moisturizing one)


It's a quite good cleansing foam actually, but I don't think I will repurchase this variant.. Maybe I will try another variant or repurchase my previous cleansing foam from Etude House, Happy Essential Foam Hyaluronic Acid (warning: sorry for bad photo quality, it was quite old review XD)

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  1. lucu cee.. XD lemon lagi.. jd pgn coba deh.. busanya banyak pulaa.. mungkin cocok buat kulit oily.. hehhehe

  2. jadi pengen coba yg kamu punya sama yg bulan 5 deh hihihi

    1. coba ajaa XD yg bulan 5 kyknya cocok utk oily skin ya ^^

  3. Hi. I also have this tea tree every month cleansing foam which I always use it at night. I heard it absorbs almost all of the popular and sometimes too much. I am very confuse on whether am I supposed to use it in the Morning too? How about you, how many times a day do you use

  4. hi I have oily skin. I'm currently using this after my #5. is it okay for my skin?


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