Friday, September 5, 2014

MORE Mio Contact Lens [review]

Hello everyone! Finally another contact lens review is up ^_^; I know It's been a while haha..
I present to you.. MORE MIO Contact Lens in Gray review 
It comes in blister packaging and a free clear lens case ^.^
I think nowadays blister packaging is more popular than bottle packaging, huh?
The box itself is dominated with white and purple colors :)


Brand: MORE
Series: Mio
Diameter: 19.8mm
Material: Silicone Hydrogel
B.C. 8.60
Water content: 48%
Life span: 6-12 months
Made in Korea

Price: IDR 125.000/pair

Available colors:
More Mio Brown
More Mio Gray
More Mio Pink

Annnnddd.... I got mine in Gray color ^_^
Actually I was quite tempted to try Pink color, but at the end I chosen Gray color, because I'm afraid the pink color won't be suitable for daily basis >_<

This contact lens really has unique pattern and beautiful three-tone colors combination 

I have tried many Korean contact lenses and I have no problem with their quality ^^

Pattern (rating: 4/5)
I'm quite loving More Mio's pattern ^___^ 
the swirl pattern kinda reminds me with Sasuke's Sharingan :p LOL.
It also has black outer ring that makes my eyes look dolly~

Color (rating: 5/5)
These three-tone colors blend beautifully on my eyes :D
As you can see.. it consist of black, gray and red color. Personally I love it!

How it looks on my eyes
See? This lens doesn't look fake even with minimum makeup!
and makeup complement this contact lens for better appearance  ^_^

Comfort (rating: 3/5)
It's quite comfy on my eyes, and I can wear this lens for around 4 hours without eyedrops.
But I still can feel wear "something" on my eyes though this lens isn't too thick.

Overall Thoughts
MORE Mio really has unique pattern and color. Its gray color could blends with my natural iris nicely :D Not forget to mention that it's quite comfortable, and nice for photoshoot ^_^
Afterall, this contact lens is worth to try!

Pros (+)
+ Unique pattern
+ Nice colors combination
+ Give dolly look effect
+ Come in blister packaging
+ Affordable

Cons (-)
- Not so comfortable after 4 hours on my eyes


Where to buy?

Bisa beli di 

Do.Love.Yield (D.L.Y) 
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HP: 0838.7056.0706 <Yessy>
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Thanks for reading everyone! ^^
What's your current favorite contact lens?

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