Friday, December 27, 2013

Ageha Caramel Brown Softlens [review]

こんばんわみんあさん!Hello everyone~ :D
I'm coming again with another softlens review ^^
Seperti yang sudah pernah kalian ketahui, di reviewku yang sebelumnya mengenai Ageha Super Big Gray softlens, I love it so much! Will I love this softlens as much as I love the Super Big Gray one?

Seperti biasa, Japan Softlens memberikan bonus pulpen lipstik setiap pembelian Ageha Softlens :D
Along with clear softlens case & instruction leaflet.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Warm Christmas Makeup Look ♥

Hello everyoneee ^^
First of all, I'd like to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you who celebrate it :) :)
Maybe it's little bit late, but I want to share a simple makeup tutorial named Warm Christmas Makeup Tutorial :D Hope you enjoy it!

click to enlarge the image

Saturday, December 21, 2013

My Christmas Wishlist featuring WhileYouOnEarth

Halooo semuanyaaaa ^^
Baru-baru ini aku ikutan giveaway yang super duper AWESOME dari Ci Carnellin dari

Kenapa bisa aku bilang giveawaynya Awesome??
Ada lebih dari 12 brands yang terlibat dalam giveaway ini *___* sebut saja:

Yang paling heboh lagi, kita bisa menangin hadiahnya sebanyak-banyaknya tanpa batas lhooo XD XD
DEADLINE cuma sampai 23 Desember 2013


Sooooo... what's my Christmas wishlist? Here we go!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Mizzu Brown Eyeliner & Mascara [review]

Hola~ I'm back with another eyeliner & mascara review :)
Kalo kemarin-kemarin aku pernah review Mizzu Eyeliner yang warna hitam, review bisa dilihat di SINI,
Kali ini aku juga dapat kesempatan untuk mencoba eyeliner Mizzu yang warna coklat dan mascaranya ^_^

Mizzu Eyeliner Pen - Brown & Mizzu Power Volume Mascara
Mizzu Eyeliner - Desain sama persis dengan yang warna hitam. Nampak sangat simpel, and not cute at all XD *slapped
Mizzu Mascara - Bentuknya menggendut seperti mascara pada umumnya, masih dengan desain yang simpel dan kurang eye-catching IMHO

Eyeliner: Mizzu mempersembahkan trend terbaru berupa eyeliner pen dengan kuas tipis dan mudah digunakan. Merata dengan sempurna saat diaplikasikan, memberikan bentuk yang tegas pada daerah mata. Mudah untuk dibawa kemana saja.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Face Shop Smart Cushion Sun Cover SPF50+/PA+++ [review]

Hello~ :D Anyone love Cushion Pact here?
Few months ago I bought this Natural Sun Smart Cushion SPF 50+/PA+++ by Face Shop :)
Well, I think it's foundation in pact, since it wasn't mentioned as BB cream or CC cream...

Let's see~
It designed with sunflower pattern, summer feeling and catchy color :)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Lola Box November: Brighten Up Your Day

Hello ladies~~ I know it's December already, and sorry for this delayed post >.<
I'd like to share my Lola Box November to all of you :)
Few days ago, this box was delivered in front of my doorstep nicely, I would say their service is pretty amazing and consistent! I always get my Lola Box around Day 17 every months :)

Without further ado, let's unboxing this package!
November's theme is: Brighten Up Your Day ^_^

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Ageha Super Big Softlens [review]

Hello my lovely readers! ^__^/ It's December already! I'm so excited with Christmas :D
Okay, It's been a while since my last review about softlens :D I believe you're familiar enough with well-known contact lens named AGEHA from Japan Softlens, it's become popular and such a big hit lately.

Well, several days ago I bought this softlens because Japan Softlens offered nice promotion, IDR 160k (include shipping fee) for this Super Big series XD I definitely didn't miss this chance to try this famous softlens ;) I heard Ageha Softlens from Japan Softlens got so much compliments due to its comfort.. Will it works for me as well? Let's see..

Every purchase of Ageha Softlens is including this cute pink lipstick (as long as they're still in stock) ;D

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Miss Flower Korea Trip Day 5: Mokpo Yacht, 10 Corso Como & Dongdaemun

안녕하세요~ Sorry for the postponed last part of my recent Korea Trip +__+
I almost forgot to blog about this, 미안~
If you haven't read my previous posts.. hereby I linked my previous posts for this trip :)
♥ Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 (1st) | Day 3 (2nd) | Day 4 
(If you're interested to read)

Thursday, 9th May, 2013

8 AM (GMT+9)
Breakfast at El Dorado Resort Sinan
Location: Sinan Jeungdo 신안 증도, Sinan County 신안군
Weather: Still chilly

Hello new day! I was afraid to face this day.. Because that night would be my last night in Korea T____T
However, I slept well last night but still feel unhealthy.. We went to Golden Bay to have our breakfast.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Etude House Happy Essential Foam Hyaluronic Acid Cleansing Foam [review]

Hello everyone~ ^^ Sorry for lack of updates this month '___' 
Ga ngerti kenapa, bulan ini aku hampir ga ada hasrat untuk colek-colek makeup dan ngelenong loh.. LOL
Kalo ada hari libur pun, aku memilih muka polosan tanpa makeup, karena muka juga butuh istirahat di hari libur XD

Back to the topic...
Short review today comes from Etude House brand ;)
I'd like to introduce my current favorite cleansing foam, named Happy Essential Foam in Hyaluronic Acid 40%

I bought this one last year in Etude House store on Myeong Dong Seoul.. Sorry I forgot its exact price LOL
There are 5 variants of this Happy Essential Foam ^^ Mine is Hyaluronic Acid.. which is suitable for people with dry skin!

1. Collagen 40%
2. Hyaluronic Acid 40%
3. Vitamin C 40%
4. Witch Hazel 30%
5. White CLay 30%

Made in plastic material, it has doff surface. I do really like its cute packaging ^^
Content: 150ml

Happy Essential Foam - Hyaluronic Acid
Formulated with 40% moisturizers, this creamy cleansing foam gently removes impurities with rich lather, while Hyaluronic Acide promotes hydration. Skin is happy again, feeling clean, smooth and soft.

Wet face. Squeeze small amount into palm and rub hands together to form lather. Massage over face, avoiding eye area, then rinse thoroughly

look at the ornaments of the design.. so cute, isn't it? >w<

It comes with flip-top cap, squeeze to get the creamy cleansing foam inside

It contains alcohol and Fragrance. Free from mineral oil and paraben, that's good!

It doesn't has rough particle. This cleansing foam is creamy, produces enough foam for my whole face ^^
My skin love its texture!

I have used this cleansing foam for several months.. and it works well for my skin :))
My skin become less dehydrated, moist and feels smooth ^___^
I also love its subtle fragrance, so relaxing~!

What I love <3
+ Cleanse my face well
+ Moisturizing my face <3
+ Smooth texture
+ Nice fragrance
+ Cute packaging
+ Affordable

What I hate </3
- I couldn't find any >.<

Rating: 4.5/5
Repurchase? Yes!

Have you tried this Happy Essential Foam? ^^
Thanks for reading 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Clean & Clear Essential Oil-Control Toner [review]

Hello everyone~ Today I'm gonna review a local brand namen Clean & Clear ;)
I bet you're already familiar with this brand! You can find their products easily everywhere.
This post gonna be a short review (pemalas mode on) XD

Alright, end of 2012, my dry skin changed into normal-oily skin due to this case
I have run out of my Skin Mal:gam (for dry skin), and only use Hadalabo for several months.
Because I was in tight budget, I decided to look for local and affordable toner to substitute my previous toner... I need a toner that suitable for my normal-oily skin .___.

Finally one day I grabbed this toner in Hypermart, 
while hoping this one is good enough to control sebum on my face...
Transparant plastic bottle, with twisted cap. Not so-special (I can't complain since its price is below IDR 20,000), but I like this simple packaging ^^ Because I can clearly see the content inside.

Clean & Clear Essentials Oil-Control Toner
Oil Free - Tidak menyumbat pori

Bekerja ke dalam pori membantu mencegah jerawat. Formula bebas minyak membantu membersihkan minyak dan kotoran. Salicylic Acid nya membantu mencegah jerawat dan komedo. Kulit terasa bersih dan halus

How to use?
Usapkan dengan kapas ke seluruh wajah dan leher

It has runny texture, and not sticky; with hint of blue color.

What I love <3
+ Works well for controlling my oil sebum
+ Keep me away from comedo
+ Cheap!
+ Doesn't break out my skin
+ Could be found easily

What I hate </3
- Contains alcohol
- Contains fragrance

Rating: 4/5
Repurchase? I think yes :p Till I meet my Holy Grail product. Anyway this is my 3rd bottle :3

What's your favorite toner? Please share with me ^^
Thank you for reading!

POND's White Beauty Translucent Pinkish White [Complete Review]

Hello ladies!! ^_^ How's your day?
Before I started this review, just gonna let you know.. how to read this review..
I'm trying to write this review in two languages (though my English still like crap, I'm sorry XD). The black colored words represents English and the maroon colored words is in Bahasa Indonesia :)
Hope you won't be confused, LOL.

Continuing my last post about combination between Korean Ginseng and Saffron extract, today I will share you a complete review, bundled with my overall thoughts toward these products.. POND's White Beauty Translucent Pinkish White Day Cream and Night Cream ƪ(ˆ▽ˆ)ʃ

Melanjutkan post ku yang lalu mengenai kombinasi ekstrak Ginseng Korea dan Saffron, hari ini aku mau membagikan review lengkap, termasuk pendapatku secara keseluruhan terhadap produk-produk ini... POND's White Beauty Jernih Putih Merona Krim Pagi dan Malam ƪ(ˆ▽ˆ)ʃ

Well, I would like to thank POND's because they kindly letting me tried these products. However, all my opinion are totally honest and based on my own experience :) I have tried these products for 4 weeks so far.

Aku mau berterima kasih pada pihak POND's karena udah berbaik hati memberiku kesempatan untuk mencoba produk-produk ini. Bagaimana pun juga, pendapat ku tetaplah jujur dan berdasakan pengalaman pribadi :) Aku udah mencoba produk ini selama 4 minggu.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Translucent Pinkish White Skin - Apa sih itu?

Sudah bukan rahasia umum lagi, bahwa mayoritas wanita Indonesia sering beranggapan bahwa cantik itu identik dengan kulit putih. Tidak sedikit dari mereka yang rela menghabiskan produk perawatan wajah demi mendapatkan kulit wajah yang putih, mulai dari produk yang mahal sampai produk abal-abal yang masih banyak beredar di pasaran (‾^‾)>

Sebetulnya yang membuat kita terlihat cantik itu bukanlah semata-mata karena kulit yang putih (sampai-sampai ada yang rela membeli produk yang membuat kulitnya menjadi putih yang PUCAT), melainkan kulit yang sehat terawat dan kulit yang sehat itu terpancar dari dalam, dan bukan hanya di permukaan :) Merawat kulit tidak harus dengan produk yang mahal... ASALKAN kita tahu produk yang tepat untuk kita.

Hari ini aku mau memperkenalkan kepada kalian semua tentang:
Apa sih yang disebut dengan Kulit Jernih Putih Merona?
What is Translucent Pinkish White Skin?

Kulit yang kasar, tidak terawat dan kering bisa jadi penyebab kulit kita menjadi kusam, tentu semua wanita ingin kulitnya nampak cerah dan terawat, namun seringkali kita menggunakan produk yang salah hanya karena iming-iming putih secara instan / sudah digunakan oleh artis dst. (‾⌣‾ ")

Berikut adalah artis korea yang namanya sudah tidak asing lagi di telinga kita, mereka seringkali digambarkan sebagai icon wanita korea yang memiliki kulit jernih putih merona (^▽^)

Kulit yang "jernih" adalah kulit yang nampak bersih bersinar meski tanpa make up, seperti Korean Nude Make Up. Kulit yang "jernih" juga dapat digambarkan seperti kulit bayi yang belum terkontaminasi oleh apa pun :)
Kulit yang "jernih" juga adalah kulit yang bercahaya, sehat (bukan pucat) dan seperti memakai blush on rosy color pada bagian pipi :D

Contoh bayi dengan kulit yang belum terkontaminasi :3 His name is DASH
Look at his clean and translucent skin... with his rosy cheeks, he looks so adorable, isn't he? (_♥)
Oiya, ini bukan anakku lho :P LOL (I wish), tapi anaknya Xiaxue.

Sekarang, apa sih bedanya kulit yang "jernih" dan kulit yang tidak "jernih"?
What's difference between translucent skin and non-translucent skin?

Kulit Jernih Putih Merona: nampak bersih, lembut, segar dan awet muda
Kulit yang tidak Jernih Putih Merona: nampak kusam, gelap, kasar dan kering

Bagaimana cara memperoleh kulit yang "jernih"?
How to obtain Translucent Skin?

Negara Korea, kaya dengan kekayaan alam yang bagus untuk kesehatan kulit. Termasuk di dalamnya Ginseng dan Bunga Saffron.

1. Ginseng Korea adalah salah satu ginseng dengan kualitas tinggi yang ada di dunia. Ginseng Korea mampu menghalangi aktifitas Tirosinase. Tirosinase sendiri merupakan enzim yang terlibat dalam proses biosintesis melanin pada kulit manusia. Enzim ini mengkatalisis tiga macam reaksi, yaitu hidroksilasi L-tirosin menjadi L-DOPA dan oksidasi L-DOPA menjadi dopakuinon dan oksidasi 5,6 Dihidroksiindol menjadi Indol -5,6 Kuinon yang selanjutnya membentuk melanin (pigmen kecoklatan). Dengan kata lain, Ginseng Korea mampu membantu memperlambat pembentukan melanin dan menciptakan kulit yang lebih cerah. Ginseng juga digunakan oleh orang China sebagai obat untuk merawat inflamasi pada kulit.

2. Bunga Saffron adalah tanaman obat yang hanya tumbuh di tempat-tempat tertentu seperti Yunani, Morocco dan India, dan Saffron dikenal sebagai salah satu rempah yang sangat mahal. Saffron dikenal sebagai bahan yang dapat memutihkan kulit dan mengurangi noda gelap / flek pada wajah.

Kedua bahan yang istimewa itu kini telah diolah dan dipadukan dalam POND's White Beauty - Translucent Pinkish White (Jernih Putih Merona)

Sebulan terakhir ini aku menggantikan produk perawatan wajahku dengan POND'S White Beauty yang hadir dengan konsep Translucent Pinkish White atau Jernih Putih Merona ^_^

Setelah 40 tahun penelitian, keluarlah hasil bahwa perpaduan GINSENG dan Bunga SAFFRON mampu menghasilkan kekuatan pencerah kulit dan anti-oksidan yang luar biasa, dan mendorong transformasi kepada kulit jernih putih merona. Hal ini terjadi karena kedua kandungan itu menghalangi aktifitas Tirosinase. Tirosinase adalah enzim yang mengontrol biosintesis dari pigmen melanin. Ketika melanin pada kulit mampu dikurangi, itu akan membantu cahaya semakin banyak masuk ke dalam kulit dan terserap oleh hemoglobin, menyebabkan kulit nampak lebih jernih putih merona (Dr. David Birtwistle, RnD Regional Director Skin Care & Cleansing Unilever South East Asia & Australia)

Aku sendiri sebelum mengenal POND's white beauty, aku ngga tahu bahwa perpaduan Ginseng dan Saffron ternyata mampu menghasilkan efek yang sedemikian hebatnya ;P Hahaha
Yah aku sendiri juga mengharapkan hasil yang maksimal setelah menggunakan produk dari POND's White Beauty secara berkelanjutan ^___^

Penasaran dengan hasilnya? :D
You can read the complete review HERE
(Baca tentang review lengkapnya di SINI)
Thanks for reading 

Event: Shiseido Beauty Workshop by The Grand Palace

Hello my lovelies! Sorry for postponed post.. I was invited on Beauty Workshop presented by Shiseido on October 30th, 2013 :D This event was hosted by The Grand Palace Department Store, located in Grand City Mall Surabaya :) Thank you for the invitation, Nikki!

Well, basically in this event we would get makeup course from Japanese beauty expert, Ms. Yukiko Kanemune... or you may call her Kanemune Yukiko-san :D
The event was supposed to begin at 6 PM, but some of my fellow bloggers coincidentally came late.. so the event was bit delayed >_<

I got myself in one table with Sabrina and Lala :D
We snapped some photos before the event started hehehe..
You can see the collections of Shiseido's makeup range here~

The blushers

The eyeshadows

The Lip Palette

Eyebrows, mascara, cream eyeshadow and another lip palette

HUGE MAKEUP BOX of Shiseido *Q*

I'm drooling~ hahahaha

Some photos of us before the event started ^^
Sabrina & Lala

Sabrina & Me

Lala & Me~ :D

In order to prepare ourselves before apply our makeup with decorative makeup (in this workshop), we should put base makeup before.
I only used BB cream+loose powder+concealer on this photo.. Thank to them for making my face less horrible, LOL XD
errr... my uneven eyebags T_T

Without further ado, the event has started :)
Le'ts meet the beautiful Yukiko-san! ^^ Beauty Expert from Japan!

Yukiko-san & the MC
She doesn't speak Indonesian, so there was a interpreter accompanied her on the stage. (I forgot to take photo of the interpreter, LOL). Anyway.. If only I could talk much to her T___T My Japanese skill is decreasing rapidly since few years ago.. OTL

Before started, we wore weird bandana and apron that Shiseido Team has prepared for us XD
Please excuse my silly face ._.

So, we just need to listen and see her instructions, and follow her steps as complete (and fast) as possible.
To be honest, she was too fast and some of us couldn't follow her steps properly @__@
I spontaneously said "woah" when saw the model.. so tall :O 

We was in rush and got panic, because when she has done with mascara part, we still struggling with eyeshadow base part .___. So yeah, we're kinda left behind her steps..

Makeup result:
Nice gradation eye makeup... compared with mine that so errrr... .___.

Ahhhhh looks so weird =___= sorry I was in rush and didn't do my eye makeup well
(looking for excuse, OTL)

I even haven't apply my mascara yet.. only curled my lashes little bit.. x_x lol
My opinion towards Shiseido makeup... most of them aren't pigmented enough IMHO..
Even their lipsticks are too sheer and didn't pop up vibrantly..

The winner of this makeup competition is someone we don't know.. maybe she is The Grand Palace's customer.. well, though we don't win.. We still could share some joy and selcas XD lalalala~

Group photos! ^^
(Left to right): Lala - Zellyn - Me - Lina - Glory - Ce Mindy - Olin - Sabrina - Ce Shasha - Ce Shelley - Ce Yenyen

And good bag from Shiseido & The Grand Palace! :) Thank you!

I got makeup pouch (love this pouch!), some Shiseido samples and a mini lipstick..
I got rosy color lipstick and it's too dark in my preference .___. really not wearable for everyday..
This lipstick should be suitable for vampy look.. yah maybe someday I can use this lipstick..

Thank you The Grand Palace for inviting us! ^^
Thanks for reading guys! xx