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Miss Flower Korea Trip Day 4: Paragliding & Meet Standing Egg!

Day 4 of my trip was officially remarked my lowest healthiness level during the trip T_T
Due to lack of sleep, lack of mineral water and chilly weather made my body was unwell >_<
My eyes also got irritated, so I didn't use soft lens that day ._. made me feel inconfident in front of camera.. Because my eyes are so small XDD LOL.
However, my body couldn't stand for low temperature for days (because I'm used to live in tropical country, which has high temperature) and I didn't bring thick jacket...
I'm thankful that Ms. Seony kindly lent me her spare jacket for days, really life saver XD If you read this, 너무 감사합니다 서니씨!

Wednesday, 8th May, 2013

10 AM - 1 PM (GMT +9):
Paragliding at Juwolsan Mountain 주월산
Location: Boseong County 보성군
Weather: terribly chilly (for me, who were unhealthy that day XD)

Actually when the first day I received the information book from KTO staff, I was so excited about this paragliding XD
This would be my first paragliding in my life for sure! But unfortunately due to this sickness, I couldn't feel the same excitement like the first day ㅠ_ㅠ
Ms. Seony and Ms. Sujin were worried of me and asked if I'm okay or not. I know that this sickness is symptom of "Masuk Angin" in Indonesia, but I dunno how to tell them @___@
What is "masuk angin" in English term??? Finally I said that I got little fever, OTL... Since I dunno how to express this sickness... =.=a

I like Boseong's sky very much.. very blue and clear... ^.^
For those of you who asked about my transportation... We were travelling by tour bus from KTO! ^^
So don't ask me how to reach this place from Seoul, Ok? Because I also don't know XDD Use google maps instead :3

English Team (left to right): Fye & Kinna from Malaysia, Adele from Vietnam, Me, Joyce & Mj from Philippine and Andy from Vietnam

In this tour, unofficially we made 2 teams and named us as "English Team" and "Chinese Team". English Team is consist of Me, Adele, Kinna, Fye, Andy, Joyce & Mj. Meanwhile Chinese Team is consist of Suzan, Vienne, Junyi, Edith and Selina and they got a special tour leader that speaks in Chinese. In this tour, I talked a lot with English Team because we can communicate in English (though my English isn't really good XD), while I can't talk a lot with Chinese Team because their English vocabulary is very limited >_< unfortunately..

So, basically we need to ride up a car and going up to the peak of Juwolsan Mountain, and every carry only can carry 10-12 passengers including driver and few staffs from Juwolsan Paragliding. While waiting for others who have went to Juwolsan earlier, we enjoying the view of Boseong and looking up to the sky :)

Camwhoring while waiting for my turn to ride car. :p
sunny today~~ my eyes can't open properly *___*

After few minutes, finally I got into the car and going up to the top of the Juwolsan Mountain, and here I was! ^^

That is the wing of paragliding! ^^
For people who can control the paragliding, we can call it "pilot". Every participant got a pilot behind our back to control the wing, harness and brake. So what I need to do is only "sit" on the unique backpack that can be used as "chair" XD

This is the unique "chair backpack" that I meant
File:Dune Soaring Paraglider.png
credits: wikipedia

I could feel the temperature of the weather was getting lower T___T I was kinda "freezing".
I wish I had in healthy condition that day T____T
Excited?? :D

Today I wasn't too excited to take photos because I tend to get nausea easily that day >_<
But, because I have been this far, why I don't take many photos while I can? LOL

Some of cute kindergarten Korean children also came to Juwolsan Mountain XD
Look at their expressions! So pure and cute hahaha

Okay.. it's my turn to take off..




1, 2, 3!!

My heart beats so fast *____* This was my very first paragliding ever!
What a really nice experience ^^
I was kinda afraid that I would fall, or my camera would fall..
I can't imagine what if my camera falls from that high, of course it can't be survive -.-"

My pilot taught me how to take self-camera while paragliding XD
And here they are.. my photos above there!

Okay, time's to going down.. the temperature was getting chillier and my body couldn't stand it anymore TT__TT then I said to my pilot that I want to going down.. It was really cold.. "진짜 추워요..."

Paragliding time was over.. It was really fun but I couldn't really enjoy it because I wasn't healthy enjoy and feel powerless over there >___< Never mind, at least I have tried to paraglided for the first time ^^
Thank you KTO for such an opportunity! 

Now, I NEED something to fill this hungry stomach.. I hope I got some appetite to eat >_<
Eat a lot -> getting healthier LOL

That was my first time seeing real octopus with that size *__* 
I'm used to seeing octopus in pieces form (like in takoyaki)
please excuse my silly expressions.. gyahahaha~

Well, we need to cut it into pieces before eat it. Andy the good chef from English Team kindly cut the octopus :p kekekeke
Andy and Adele from Vietnam, they are going to get marry next year!! ^.^ Wohooo!

Now time to eat!
Nom nom nom~ We also got some clamps and mushrooms :D
For the taste? It's quite good in my preference. Unfortunately I can't really eat octopus because they're too chewy for my braced teeth >____< But I ate the clamps and veggies a lot.

When I about to leave this restaurant, I found out a interesting machine XD 
Sterilizer! Wow, I think still there's no this kind of machine in my country.. Cool!

They used it to sterilize cups ^^

We also meet cute local dog before leaving the restaurant ^^ It might be the owner's dog!

Another group photo! ;)

Are you ready for next destination? *___*
Actually, I totally forgot about this day.. I was going to meet STANDING EGG!
Suddenly I feel panic because I didn't have proper preparation *__*
I didn't wear my contact lens and my hair was so messy >___<
How if I looks bad in front of camera? Oh dear, it's too late now..

Anyway, not forget to explain.. Standing Egg is an Korean indies Korean Acoustic Pop band from Korea ^___^ and I'm a big fan of them(♥___♥)
I love their genuine songs!

Alright, let's move on to Boseong Green Tea Farm~!

1.30 PM - 4.30 PM (GMT +9):
Boseong Green Tea Farm Walking
Location: Boseong County 보성군
Weather: Quite chilly, little bit warm

Mini Dictionary: 녹차 (nok-cha) means Green Tea

Boseong is famous with its Green Tea Farm, when I told my Korean friend about my destination, he spontaneously said "Oh, Boseong Green Tea Farm!" :D 
Main gate of Boseong Green Tea Farm

Boseong Green Tea Farm's map, unfortunately still there's no English translation.

Look at the rainbow! *__*
Heading to the Green Tea Farm~

You can see clearly... Green Tea plants everywhere! ^^
For those who like Green Tea, you might like this place!

Another image from different angle, got it from Wikipedia:
image credit: wikipedia

Meet the Standing Egg(≧◡≦)
We just need to take a seat, and listen to them singing for us! 

Because they are barely shows their faces, we even don't know how many members that they have >__<
I only know that they have some sub-units and they call themselves like Egg 1, Egg 2 etc

She's Windy!

Sorry I forgot their name ;___; They only mentioned their Korean Name and it's quite hard to pronounce, so I didn't remember their name, except Windy..
I really love Windy's voice ^^ You can listen to her voice in Standing Egg's singles: A Perfect Day & Ballad with Windy.

We also meet Egg 2! Egg 2 is one of the great composers in Standing Egg. You can listen to his voice from Standing Egg's songs: Little Star and Juliet. Eventually he asked us to not show his face to public, so that's why I censored his face :p Please forgive me. 
I think his twitter is: @golden_groove, and please follow Standing Egg's official twitter
Subscribe their awesome Youtube channel! ^^ You won't regret it!

group photo, along with Windy and Egg 2

I also got personal autographs from Standing Egg's members!! *so happy*
Unfortunately I have to censor Egg 2's face .__. 
He is too humble and don't want public recognize his real face *hats off*

With the beautiful Windy ^^
Some photos of mine, in case you miss me XD *slap myself*

Green Tea Ice Cream from Green Tea Farm ^-^ So fresh and natural!
I want another cup XD hahaha

with the guitarist

With Windy and the djembe player. Look at my hair.. so messy '____' *bang head to the tree*
I also got the CD from KTO, along with signed postcards from Standing Egg 
After had so much fun, it's time to move on! We're heading to Sinan Jeungdo :D
So glad that I could met Standing Egg, and watch their performances by myself 
One of my dreams was accomplished! Thank you iBuzzKorea & KTO!! XD XD
너무 너무 감사합니다~ ^-^
My sleepy face in the bus. Now you can see me with my glasses, LOL

7 PM (GMT +9):
Arrived at El Dorado Resort Sinan
Location: Sinan Jeungdo 신안 증도, Sinan County 신안군
Weather: Still chilly

We're going to stay for a night here ;)
This place is so peaceful and calm, really suitable for people who want to stay away from cities' crowd.

Went inside my room! :D
Thankfully I got first floor, meanwhile other girls who has larger and bigger baggage got upper floor and there's no elevator here *___* Yes, they had to use stairs...

Every room has shower, mini kitchen, terrace, TV and soon.
From some hotels that I've been stayed in Korea, this room is the simplest room so far.. There are no sophisticated technology. Well, this is a small Island and they call this city as "Slow-city" in positive way :)

After checked-in, and dropped our luggage, we gathered to the beach :D

Beach of Sinan Jeungdo

Should I put my selca or not? Hahaha.. I should've manage my hair first before take any photo '_'

Another group photo with Adele (Vietnam), Joyce and Mj (Philippine)!

look at our silly-and-sleepy-but-still-excited-to-camwhore expressions XD LOL

Another group photo~ ^^

8 PM - 10 PM (GMT +9):
Korean Barbecue Dinner
Location: Near El Dorado Resort, Sinan Jeungdo
Weather: getting chillier

Korean Barbecue~~~~ *Q* I wonder if it will be delicious or not.. Finally I could tasted it for first time, Hahaha.. I only know Korean Barbecue from Cooking Mama game, meehhh...
we're still in preparation ^^ grilled pan, meats, ribs, veggies, plastic dishes,  and sauces
With Adele, Saem Myeong-ssi and Jun Yeop-ssi

Jun Yeop-ssi volunteered himself to cook for our group tonight~ Thank you ^^

Andy also helped Jun yeop-ssi to cook all these foods~ ^^

I was drooling and my tummy also growling at the same time, while waiting for the cooked foods~ *Q*

So many foods, I would eat a lot! :3

look at my gluttony expression *___* HAHAHAHA

Before eating, we need to say:
잘 먹겠읍니다 (Jal meok-gess-eum-ni-da): I will eat well / Thanks for the food I will eat~ ^_^

We also got ribs ^^ The foods were soooo delicious and we're so full~ 진짜 맛있다~ (♥_♥)
Happy tummy :3

As the weather getting chiller, we got warm Goguma! ^^
고구마 (Go-gu-ma) means sweet potato. Goguma terms began to be famous internationally, since SNSD Seohyun and C.N.Blue Yonghwa got married in Variety Show "We Got Married" :)

After ate a lot, we played with Fireworks along with all KTO's staffs ^^
What a beautiful and wonderful night! \(‾▿‾\)(/‾▿‾)/

♥ BuzzKorea 
This moment was so beautiful :') :') I'm kinda melancholic when reminiscing this moment..
Thank you iBuzzKorea for brought me to Korea, and leave me sooo many wonderful experiences there..
I won't forget this trip forever... So unforgettable :') 

Fireworks Time was over.. time to sleep now..
Before going to bed, let me show you this milk packaging.. so simple yet cute XD LOL

Thank you for reading my journey till this part :)
If you want to read my entire trip, you may read them here:

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