Sunday, October 27, 2013

Random: My 2nd Stop Motion Project for Video Contest

Hello everyoneee~~ ^^

Actually I didn't plan to write about this, but I can't help myself to not write about it XD
I just submitted my submission today for this contest.. *yayyyy*
(today is the last day and Thanks God I could made it ^____^)

Though I don't expect too much to win, I just wanna give my best ^^
I really like stop motion video and still trying to improve my skill...
I want to learn many things >w< 

Just want to reminisce my 1st stop motion video (last year):
Concept: If you have any chance to go Korea, what will you do there?
I'm so embarrassed with my own 1st video.. Sooo lame and unattractive =__=
But, always there is 1st time for everybody, aren't we?

My 2nd stop motion for this contest:
Concept: How much I love Korea, Since when I fell in love with Korea and Why I love Korea so much :D
What do you think? Have my skill slightly improved? ^^
And please wish me luck :3

Thank you for reading this random post guys XD
See ya on my next post!


  1. omg bikinnya cuma 3 hari?? wihh bagus bangeeet *o* diedit pake apa itu ce?
    btw aku juga ikutan lho wkwk good luck ya ce ^^

    1. iya >_< mepet bgt, krn aku lupa dah deket deadline, dan byk kegiatan jg. wkwk..
      pake windows live movie maker + photoshop sih ini :v super easy XD belum belajar program yg aneh2..
      iya kah?? lomba foto ato video la? Good luck for us ya <3

  2. lagu yg pertama di video ke 2 apa judulnya??baguss :DD
    iyaa video yg kedua baguss ^^

    1. judulnya To Be With You (OST. Wonderful Life) ^^
      thank youuu <3


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