Monday, December 31, 2012

Good Bye 2012, Hello 2013 + My Resolutions for 2013

Yayyyy It's last day of 2012 !! \(^___^)/
Okay maybe this post isn't interesting enough to be read by you xD
I just want to share my personal thoughts and my resolutions for 2013..
I'm thankful for everything that happened in 2012 and I'm looking for better me next year :)

If I look back this 2012, many moments happened in my life and some moments are nice and so memorable. Inspired by my fellow blogger, Stella; I made a list about memorable moments in 2012 and my resolutions for 2013

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner [review] + What is SEBUM?

Happy saturday dolls! :) Have you ever heard about Wonder Pore Freshner from Etude House? I guess this product is quite famous among skin care lovers and korean brands cosmetic junkies.

I have been tried this one for around one month. I didn't use it everyday, but I often used this toner. Lately I used two different toners at the same time, EH Skin Malgeum for day and EH Wonder Pore Freshner for night. Well, let's read further information about this toner.
*long post alert!*
I got mine in 250ml. This toner also available in 500ml size as well. The 500ml has a pump, otherwise mine has no pump.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Nature Republic Advanced Cell Boosting Ex Essence Mask Sheet [review]

Ok, this post gonna be the shortest review of mine, since I don't have much comment about this mask sheet :p
I bought this mask sheet in Busan, South Korea last june. Actually I bought this because there's a promo at the time, buy 5 get 5 free. lol

It's called Advanced Cell Boosting EX essence Mask Sheet from Nature Republic
*what a very long name ._.

How to use it?

It's like other common mask sheet, nothing special 

I used this mask for around.. 30 minutes? I just feel refreshed afterwards, I didn't really feel the difference before and after used the mask sheet. *or just me? >.<*

If you look at the mask sheet closer, you'll see the cell pattern printed on this mask sheet :D
so unique

What I love <3
+ Cheap
+ Doesn't has strong fragrance
+ Feel refreshed afterwards
+ Not itchy

What I hate </3
- The performance is so-so (maybe I should use many times to see the real result? ;P)

Rating: 1.5/5

Repurchase? No. It's just a regular mask sheet for me, I guess I'll try my other mask sheet ^^

Thanks for reading everyone,
Good night! <3

Event: Etude House Beauty Workshop at Jayanata

Helloooooo fellas ;) Finally my blogging mood is REALLY back ^^ 
After life transition (from university to working life) my body finally could adapted well with my current life :) Hopefully I can post more frequently! *finger crossed*

Few days ago, at December 8th to be exact, I joined a Beauty Workshop which was held by Etude House Indonesia :D The Beauty Class placed in Jayanata Department Store on Jl. Mawar Surabaya. The beauty class was divided into 3 sessions, me and my fellow bloggers chosen 2nd session, at 2 PM.

For this event, I want to thank Sabrina who has kindly shared her car with me and Ci Shasha for letting me use her photos for blog purpose xD
I blamed myself because I forgot to bring my own camera T_T
*for a beauty blogger, a camera is a must, lol*

If i'm not mistaken, Etude House only restricted 30 ladies maximum for each session.

There were some tables, cute mirror, apron and hair band for every participant. Etude House committee provided makeup testers for makeup class purpose. Since we had to do makeup sharing, it sounds so "ewww" for me (due to hygiene issue) and I decided to bring some of my makeup for the class :)

left to right: Hana - Zellyn - Caroline
Lina and other participants
credit: sabrina's blog

So yeah, in this class we would learn step by step how to cleanse our face properly, preparing our face for makeup application and doing korean natural makeup look.

The model of Etude House class for this session. Actually I couldn't saw her makeup clearly because there's no LCD at the moment '___' and my table was quite far from them.

Oh, almost forget to mention it, I shared table with Ci Shasha, Lala and Ci Josephine ^-^
Honestly, I was hoping to have same table with all Surabaya Beauty Bloggers but it's impossible >.< due to limited chairs and tables.

OK, let's get started! (EH = Etude House)
How to cleanse face properly
1. Cleanse our face with makeup remover, to remove makeup residue and dirt on skin
*I bring my own VOV cleansing tissue*
2. Tone our skin with toner, *I tried EH Skin Malgeum Essential*
3. Apply moisturizer for base makeup *I tried EH Moistfull white lotion*

Preparing face for makeup application
1. Apply BB cream and blends it with clean fingertips.
*I used my own EH Precious Sun BB cream, since EH Jayanata only provide EH Precious BB bright fit in honey beige shade..  =.= that shade was too dark for me*
2. Set the BB cream with compact powder *I tried EH Blooming Pact... with my own puff*

Doing korean natural makeup look
1. Groom eyebrows and fill the sparse of eyebrows gently *I tried EH Perfect Brow Kit*
2. Prime eyes with eye primer *I tried EH look at my eyes*
3. Apply bright eyeshadow all over eyelid & browbone
4. Apply brown eyeshadow on eyelid
5. Apply dark brown / black eyeshadow on the crease of eyelid
6. Curl our lashes *I used my own eyelash curler*
7. Apply mascara *we used EH Henna Fix Proof 10 mascara*
8. Apply blush on apple of the cheek
9. Apply Lipstick + Lip gloss



Hmm.. for the these last steps, the process was kinda blurred (in my memory) due to lack of products -_- we should be patient because we only have few products for 7 persons on same table. I was quite disappointed because EH Beauty Class committee even didn't provide us dark eyeshadows o_o we had to used Perfect Brow Kit for eyebrow, eyeshadow and contouring at the same time. LOL, sorry I'm quite perfectionist, especially when it's related with customer satisfaction thingy xD

At last, I thank God because I was able to use my own BB cream at the moment. I heard some of my friends suffered break out after tried those unhygienic and too-dark-shade BB creams and powder pact *remember about hygiene issue of sharing-products?* 

Well, the makeup class was over. If I am eligible to give any feedback, I will suggest EH to provide MORE products to be used by participant (so there's no much idle time for each person), and if it's possible, please place a LCD beside the model so we could see the process step by step clearer :)

the class was full of participants

Ci Yessy and Ci Yenyen on different table

My Makeup result
Aww my bad dark circle >.< I was so tired the day before event.

 Before and after
It weren't really different, eh? Makeup helped me look less-tired and more refreshed xD

Group photos!
 Ci Josephine - Lala - Ci Shasha - Ci Yenyen - Me - Hana - Sabrina - Oline - Ci Lina - Zellyn

Unfortunately, Ci Yessy left earlier because she had another appointment >.< Hopefully next time we can meet again and take pictures together, ce :D

credit: sabrina's blog
Heyyyyyyy beautiful ladies!! (^▽^) 
Anyway that was my first time meet Ci Josephine, Ci Lina, Ci Yessy and Zellyn 
Nice to meet u all!

Another photos in Restroom:
*credit goes to jozellynj's BB cam*

Last but not least, we visited Etude House counter in Jayanata and redeemed our IDR 100k voucher. After discussed with them, I bought two products.
Goody Bag:
The goody bag consists of:
- Dress Room Body Lotion
- Moistfull White Trial Kit
- Moistfull Collagen Trial Kit
- Samples

I redeemed my voucher with:
- Powder brush (pink ribbon! ♥)
- Silk Scarf Hair Mist

Rawrrrrr I'm really dissatisfied with this report (╥﹏╥) lack of photos.. sorry >.<
I wish I could capture more photos about the class. I was regret for accidentally not bringing my own camera ._.

Anyway I can't wait to see you again Sby Beauty Bloggers (≧▽≦) 
Bye bye! :D

Thanks for reading my fellas ^-^ xoxo

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

EOS summer fruit lip balm [review]

Helloooo pre-teehhh ladies~
How about closing this day with red thingy review? ;D (still related with Christmas day, lol)
I feel so bad because I missed Christmas FOTD this year and IBB December Challange u_u
One of my 2013's resolutions is.. I want to discipline myself.. be more diligent and can manage time well >w<

Okay, back to this cute red ball *ball? lol*
It's EOS lip balm in summer fruit flavor! 
No, no.. this isn't EOS brand for circle lens xD EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth
*sounds so promising? :3*

I was curious about this lip balm for months and finally couple of weeks ago I could tried one of EOS lip balms!  I wonder how great this product is, since many beauty bloggers and youtubers who raved this many times :D
100% natural, 95% organic
content: 7g

Round-shape with easy-to-grip design, not slippery. Simple yet cute.
Available in different colors and flavors.
It claims: Precisely glides onto lips

Well, I don't really know about ingredients things '___' if you find any suspicious ingredient, please let me know yaaa.. hope my photos are clear enough :)

Not tested on animals, gluten-free, U.S patent pending.

When I opened the plastic..
See how round this thing? xD I don't have much comment about the packaging though.
Anyway, Etude House just repackaged their Missing U lip balm range become like EOS lip balms. Maybe EOS lip balm has inspired them? :p

Yes, it glides onto my lips smoothly. It doesn't has weird taste. This summer fruit lip balm scents like tutty fruitty and i like the scent!! I heard the lemon drops also has nice scent :3
I want one please ( ^∇^) hahaha

Although I love the packaging very much, I should admit that the moisturizing effect of EOS lip balm is not the best of all. It does moisturize my lips but I need to reapply it few times a day. Still.. this lip balm help me away from chapped lips xD I often use this lip balm before my bed time and my lips look healthier next day ^-^

EOS lip balm's size is designed to be fit with lips well, and usually I don't need a mirror when applying this lip balm. I swear that I can apply this lip balm with eye closed xD 
it's so easy to apply and I preferrrrrr this kind of packaging rather than lip balm in jar :3
Hmm? Do I look more mature on this photo?

I have used this lip balm for around 1-2 months and it's getting smaller *____*
Oh noooo... 

For price, I'm sure the price range of EOS lip balm is around IDR 70,000-85,000 in Indonesia u___u quite expensive or not?

Christmas Swap with Anastasia Margaret!

Hellooooo everyoneeee Merry Christmas!!!! \(^_____^)/
How's your Christmas day? Last night I spent my time for Christmas Eve Service at my church and Dinner with family in my hometown. Sadly today I must back to Surabaya, because I have to back to work tomorrow T_____T *crying*
But I'm very excited to attend Christmas Service at my church this evening ;)

So, few days ago this box was arrived to my boarding house..
Ta-daahhh!! Christmas Swap present from Stazya / Acha *-*
She's a beautiful blogger who lives in Manado. Sorry my package would be late because expedition's traffic to Manado is quite lame on this holiday season T___T 
*I should've sent it earlier* *slapped myself*
This Christmas Swap event was hosted by c Shasha from

guess what's inside? ;D

when I opened the present, I was like "WOW" O_o because she packed this present so nicely and neatly T-T Suddenly I feel guilty because I even couldn't manage time to get her a present box and proper package.

eh? *gulp*






Merry Christmas!!

32 Lip Color Palette from BH Cosmetics!! *screaming*


I have watched many BH cosmetics product review videos on Youtube, and most of the Beauty Gurus said that BH Cosmetics have good quality.
This was my first time touched BH cosmetics product by fingertips of mine *lebay*
Actually I was planned to buy lip palette few weeks ago.. without mention it on my wishlist, how come Stazya know my wish and put this into present box?

Thank you very muchhhhh Stazyaaaa >w< *hug* 

 The colors are so pretttttyyyy and wearable *-* can't wait to have experiments with this lip palette hehehe

What's the next?
Aww... Stazya kindly sent me these babies!
-Etude House OMG Dry Shampoo
-Etude House Silk Scarf Hair Mist
-Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher
-Etude House Heart-shaped puff
-Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick

-Benefit Hoola Bronzer Sample
-Benefit Porefessional Sample
-My Beauty Diary masks

The Christmas card!

I was so touched when read this card.. She's very kind >.< I really hope can meet her in person someday.. She has pretty pleasant personality 
Again, I feel so guilty because I didn't give her any card o(╥﹏╥)o
*wanna bury myself into a deep hole*

Thank you so much for this presents, Stazya (
I hope you will not be disappointed *too much* with my presents TT
You're a nice friend and I hope we can have meetup someday (≧▽≦) 

Thanks for reading everyoneeee ^^
Have a blessed Christmas day and happy holiday!!
God bless u! 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Doing Spa at Home? Now it's possible! ^_^

Haloooo semua~ ^^ How's your day?
Sedikit curcol dariku.. xD Sejak merasakan yang namanya bekerja, aku jadi gampang sekali kecapean dan kekurangan waktu untuk bersantai :( Pergi ke tempat-tempat seperti salon dan spa menjadi hal yang langka bagiku karena waktuku tidak se fleksibel dulu jaman kuliah :''(

Minimal sekali dalam seminggu, tubuhku PERLU relaksasi dan spa, supaya tetap bugar, stamina terjaga, dan pikiran pun menjadi fresh!

Karena itulah hari ini aku mau membahas yang namanya Spa di rumah. HAH? Are you kidding me? No.. I'm serious (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

Sejak aku menemukan Sariayu Beauty Spa, rutinitas Spa sangat gampang kulakukan di rumah (///∇//) aku ngga perlu repot-repot keluar rumah, ngga perlu terjebak macet di jalan dan yang pasti harganya jauh lebih terjangkau daripada spa di luaran sana :3 

Lolabox! Indonesian 1st beauty box!!

Haloooo semuaaaaa... New update in the midnight nih ;P *get slapped*
I'm soooo excited to share it with you guys (ノ≧∀≦)ノ
Pernah tau ngga yang namanya Glossy Box, Vanity Box, Salad Box, and beauty boxes lainnya yang bertebaran di US? Itu adalah box yang biasanya isinya makeup atau skincare dalam bentuk sampel atau fullsize :D Hanya orang-orang yang berlangganan beauty box tersebut (atau istilahnya subscriber) yang bisa dapat box itu tiap bulan ヾ(☆▽☆)

Sejauh yang kutau kalo di US kalo ngga salah rata2 US$10 / bulan, bisa dapet produk yang nilainya lebih dari $15-30 lho! O____O money-wise banget kan? Selain itu juga sangat menyenangkan apabila tiap bulannya bisa dapet semacam "surprise" kayak gitu hehe ^^

Hari ini aku kaget karena di Indonesia baru aja launching yang namanya LOLA BOX!!
WOW! Beauty box macam apa itu? 

credit: misskattie

UPDATE: 22/06/2015
Sadly, Lolabox has shut down their business last year :(