Tuesday, December 25, 2012

EOS summer fruit lip balm [review]

Helloooo pre-teehhh ladies~
How about closing this day with red thingy review? ;D (still related with Christmas day, lol)
I feel so bad because I missed Christmas FOTD this year and IBB December Challange u_u
One of my 2013's resolutions is.. I want to discipline myself.. be more diligent and can manage time well >w<

Okay, back to this cute red ball *ball? lol*
It's EOS lip balm in summer fruit flavor! 
No, no.. this isn't EOS brand for circle lens xD EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth
*sounds so promising? :3*

I was curious about this lip balm for months and finally couple of weeks ago I could tried one of EOS lip balms!  I wonder how great this product is, since many beauty bloggers and youtubers who raved this many times :D
100% natural, 95% organic
content: 7g

Round-shape with easy-to-grip design, not slippery. Simple yet cute.
Available in different colors and flavors.
It claims: Precisely glides onto lips

Well, I don't really know about ingredients things '___' if you find any suspicious ingredient, please let me know yaaa.. hope my photos are clear enough :)

Not tested on animals, gluten-free, U.S patent pending.

When I opened the plastic..
See how round this thing? xD I don't have much comment about the packaging though.
Anyway, Etude House just repackaged their Missing U lip balm range become like EOS lip balms. Maybe EOS lip balm has inspired them? :p

Yes, it glides onto my lips smoothly. It doesn't has weird taste. This summer fruit lip balm scents like tutty fruitty and i like the scent!! I heard the lemon drops also has nice scent :3
I want one please ( ^∇^) hahaha

Although I love the packaging very much, I should admit that the moisturizing effect of EOS lip balm is not the best of all. It does moisturize my lips but I need to reapply it few times a day. Still.. this lip balm help me away from chapped lips xD I often use this lip balm before my bed time and my lips look healthier next day ^-^

EOS lip balm's size is designed to be fit with lips well, and usually I don't need a mirror when applying this lip balm. I swear that I can apply this lip balm with eye closed xD 
it's so easy to apply and I preferrrrrr this kind of packaging rather than lip balm in jar :3
Hmm? Do I look more mature on this photo?

I have used this lip balm for around 1-2 months and it's getting smaller *____*
Oh noooo... 

For price, I'm sure the price range of EOS lip balm is around IDR 70,000-85,000 in Indonesia u___u quite expensive or not?

What I love
+ 100% Natural & 95% organic
+ The packaging is superb
+ Moisturizing my lips well <3
+ Nice scent, no weird taste
+ Available in many flavors

What I hate </3
- Must buy via online
- Need reapply it few times a day
- I need to use my fingertips to get the lip balm as soon as I hit the pan of this lip balm >_<

Rating: 4.5/5

Repurchase? Maybe.. after I finish my other brand-new lip balms xD
Recommended? Yeah (≧▽≦)

What do you think about this lip balm?
Have you tried any EOS lip balm? ;)
Thanks for reading! 


  1. Egg shaped lipbalm! so cute <3

  2. nice review.
    it's quite pricey compare to The Body Shop lip balm. :D

    1. the price may vary :D i hope can buy it directly in US *___*

  3. Kecil banget yaa >.<
    Kirain gede gitu.. Hihihi

    1. itu mengecil krn kupake tiap hr.. ukuran awalnya sih ya yg pas br pertama kali aku buka itu :D

  4. omg, thats my fave..i bought in all colors they have..just because they taste good, i could just eat that..haha..
    thanks anw for leaving a comment on my blog! you so cute as well as your blog...=)
    for the price range, well, iya sih, kalo uda masuk indo ya gitu, naik at least 50%..di sini harganya USD$3-an depends on where you buy it..

    this is a holy grail for the make up guru on youtube..everybody just lovvvee this EOS...you should try their hand cream too..and the body lotion..they smell like candy...

    1. hahaha xD i also wanna buy other flavors <3
      you're welcome ^^ thankss
      waaa envy.. u___u kalo udh masuk indo emg mahal hiks
      yes yes I'm curious with their hand cream and body lotion xD

      thanks for following <3

  5. i am your new follower too...=)

  6. ternyata aslinya gede ya..kirain mini gitu..hihihi

    1. iya lumayan gede :D yg mini biasanya isi 3 dlm 1 paket..hehe

  7. i also always want to try this lip balm tp blm beli2 jg smpai skrg vee.. hahaha.. mungkin ntar aku coba yg etude aj deh xD

    1. haha yg punya etude jg lucu rin xD penasaran jg sama egg nya missing u lip balm yg baru


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