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Event: Grand Launching of Lioele in Surabaya + My 1st experience joining Makeup Contest

안녕 Annyeong! \(´▽`)/ How are you guys? Hope everything's okayy ya ;)
This post gonna be a long post, and filled up with bunch of pic spam.. get ready! haha xD

Last week, exactly at December 1st.. I was invited to attend the Grand Launching of Lioele by The Grand Palace, Department Store which is located in Grand City Mall *thank you (≧∇≦)/ 

Lioele temporary stand

I want that cute pink makeup case! *w*

many customers came and tried those products from Lioele

The grand launching of Lioele was held at Atrium of Grand City. There are many agenda for today, including K-fest, fashion show, makeup competition, and the guest star is Tasya Kamila :) *do you remember the little rising star named Tasya who sang "Anak Gembala" few years ago?*

I arrived at Grand City at 14.00.. There was a K-fest fashion competition which still running at the moment. I took a seat next to Ci Shelley, my friend from IBB :) She's one of the contestant for makeup competitions as well.

Few days ago, I was hesitant to join the makeup competition or not... But at the end, I decided to give a try (>///<) I know that I'm still VERY amateur and I had very low chance to win in this competition, but I still wanted to give a try.. I want to earn more experiences ^_^


there were 7 contestants of this makeup competition.. The theme of this competition was Korean Look. We were allowed to choose whether natural look or smokey look. 
Me? Of course I chosen korean natural look with touch of pink eyeshadow :p it suits me best than the smokey look.

We could used every products which were provided by Lioele committee. BUT I was quite panicked at the time, because the lack of products variation '_____' how come they didn't provide black mascara?? =_= I only found clear, brown and blue mascara from Bubi bubi Mascara series.. and they also have dried up.. OMG.
They even forgot to provide us black liquid eyeliner and eyelash curler -____-

the host asked us some questions to contestants during the contest, regarding our concepts and process.

Since I'm not a false lashes person, the big fatal error of my look was the imperfection of my false lashes (T▽T) I'm not used to apply false lashes >_<
Not gonna look for an excuse, but I think if only the committee prepared one black *not dried* mascara for us, my false lashes should've got better :( sobs.

me, struggling with false lashes. LOL
 The final look...

To be honest, I was not satisfied with my final look :( There were so many imperfections.. *especially the false lashes part*
I wish I brought some makeup tools for the contest.. No one told me that contestant was allowed to bring their own makeup tools '____' (like brush, eyelash curler, etc)

Geez.. Sorry for complaining a lot >____<
Actually the main problem was my makeup skill (´・___・`)
*made a promise with myself to practice A LOT since today for better makeup result in the future*

Although I didn't win, I feel still grateful because I could got new experience that day. At least I have tried my best and for me, it took a lot of courage to join this kind of competition :)

the failed false lashes application.. I used False Lashes #6 from Lioele.
For the circle lens, I used Candy Lens Classic Sky from Bunga Softlens (
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Thank you Carolinelle for these photos ^-^ I owe you! :P

As we have expected before, Ci Shelley won this competition effortlessly as 1st winner. Congrats! (/‾▿‾)/\(‾▿‾\) IMHO No one was more qualified to become 1st winner except her :)
FYI, Ci Shelley is a professional MUA who ever won The Body Shop Makeup Competition at Jakarta ^^

Oh yeah, Kak Sekar was visiting Surabaya at the moment ;) She managed to meet up with us.

Thanks to Ci Shelley's BF, Ko Victor who helped us to capture many photos ^-^

Olin with her bare face.. Her skin was break out so she was "fasting" from any touch of makeup xD she still look so cute though

Kak Sekar - Caroline - Me

Okay... let's move to the next agenda ;)

this was a special invitation from Nikki, a representative from The Grand Palace. 
 Tonight, me and my fellow bloggers who were invited would enjoy a fashion show and performances by Tasya Kamila ^___^ 

me with the invitation (*^▽^*) 

ow yeah, I have removed my false lashes xD I was still feel not comfortable wearing false lashes for more than 2 hours. Hope you don't get bored with my pics spam (ノ `_´)ノ =.= haha

Fashion show by AMOKA, the models brought product of Lioele and the host explained the functions of the products one by one. Envy with their flawless long legs *_____* OMG

This is her! Tasya Kamila, she grown to become a beautiful, cheerful and energetic girl :) Her voice was awesome as well! She sang few songs from her latest album "Beranjak Dewasa" and cover song "Beautiful" by Cherrybelle.

camwhoring time *again*! This is Gita Regina :D

Me - Gita - Gita's boyfriend. They look so well-suited, aren't they? ^-^

Last but not least.. another group photos! 
Gita - Caroline - Me - Sabrina

The goody bags!
What I got from Makeup Competition:
Lioele Triple Solution BB Cream, their most bestselling BB cream!
*note: BTW this was not freebies, I paid for the registration xD so don't envy me, ok?*

What I got from Lioele's Grand Launching:
Lioele Waterdrop Sleeping Pack, Pore Rich Balm & Intensive Time Repair Snail Mask Sheet

Okay, that's all! xD
Sorry for this very long post and spamming you with my pics *____* LOL
Today I got new experience by joining makeup competition, and it's a precious experience for me~ ƪ(˘▼˘)ʃ ㅋㅋㅋ

Thank you Nikki for inviting me to this event 
Thank you Caroline & Ci Shelley for letting me using your photos for this post :3
AND Thank you everyone for reading this post!! XOXO


  1. aaa look soo fun *-*

  2. seneng banget ya eventnya xD make up bagus banget ^^

    visit my blog ^^

    1. iya bagus makeupnya c shelley ^^ klo aku sih, ancur2an >_< lol

  3. This event seems so fun! : D You look really nice~ : D

  4. kamu imut banget veee :)
    at least udah ada pengalaman ikut kontes makeup yah :)

    1. >//< thank you
      iyaa nti kpn2 coba lg kalo ada ^^

  5. seru banget ce eventnya >.<
    di sini kayanya event" kek gitu jarang deh :3

    btw, not bad loh ce make up nya.. cute >.<
    kalo aku pasti udah grogi banget diliatin banyak orang haha *o*

    1. km tinggal dmn? :D hehe
      thanks yaa >.< aku jg grogi itu hahaha

  6. Ci Shelvi so cute >< bagus kok makeupnya
    ngiler liat bb creamnya *o*

  7. you look very cute indeed!!!! omg would love to meet you someday :D


    1. thanks >//< thank to makeup, hahaha
      me too ^^ your English is really good!

  8. lioele really know how to treat bloggers... the invitation looks really cute!

  9. haiii mupeng sama bb cream lioele emang top abizz
    ku follow blogmu ;)

  10. How i wish i can join the event too :(

    1. aww.. don't be sad >.< let's have meet up if we event in surabaya :D

  11. kamu kelihatan cantik kok vee, nggak ada yang salah (aku lihat falsies-nya juga oke2 aja di kamu :p ) hehehe
    Ahh jadi pengen ke Surabaya lagi ~~ dulu belom ada event2 macam begini tiap mampir sana haha
    btw undangannya bener cute tuhh ><

    1. ahhh thx yaa >.< tp klo diliat dr samping keliatan ga nyatu falshie nya :(
      klo pas ke sby kbr2in ya sa ^^ sapa tau bs ketemuan hehe

  12. Hey i was at GC during the event! Oh wait, i was there the next day *LOL*, false alarm :p. i'm glad to find another Surabayan blogger (new to the blogging world, sorry!). Greeting, fellow Surabayan blogger! Hihihihi

  13. makeupnya bagus aja kok shel :D aku merasa sedih tertinggal hari itu huhuw... T_T btw foto terakhir olin cute bangetttt XD ahahah pita2 nee :3

    1. muahahaha.. cc hrs ngajarin aku kpn2 >.< wkwk
      iyaaa makanya dong jgn ketinggalan ;3 hehe
      iya kan? lucuuu pita ne~

  14. No worries babe, practice makes perfect right ^^ And you looked gorgeous anyway ~ Wish we had such events here in Finland lol. No way :--------D

    1. aww you're so kind >.<
      hope lioele will expand their brand to finland as well >.<

  15. enak ya jadi ci shelvi,, sering di undang2 acara bginian ... kerennn


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