Monday, February 23, 2015

Choosing Make Up Artist for Your Wedding Day

Choosing Make Up Artist for your upcoming wedding day can be quite tricky and need some time to do research and look for the best one of all. My eldest sister got married like 5 years ago and I remember how thick her makeup was. LOL. I'm just kidding. Her makeup looked so neat, pretty, smudgeproof and long lasting. Not all MUAs can do that. Do you agree with me? :)

Photo by  Angga Permana Photo

I'm not even an Make Up Artist (MUA), but as beauty blogger and beauty enthusiast I have some standards in deciding wedding makeup artist of my choice ^__^ Maybe you can follow some of my tips here:

1. QUALITY: How long that Makeup artist got trained?
Though there are many talented self-taught MUAs, I personally will look for MUA that already graduated from formal makeup course (specialized in Wedding Makeup) rather than self-taught MUA. It's because most likely they have more experience during their training with their professional teachers and models.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

F&B: Wing King - Surabaya [review]

Hi guys! Today's F&B topic is about WING KING restaurant! Have you heard about Wing King before? If you haven't, this is the right time to get know more about them! ;) Special thanks to the Wing King's representative who has invited me to try Wing King :D
Actually I've ever heard about Wing King few months ago (when my co-worker talked to me about it) but I didn't think I'd like to try it since the location is quite far from my boarding house. Thankfully, I could visited and tried Wing King's food at last ;)

Shall we start now?

Wing King Surabaya, Wing King restaurant review, best wing chicken in town

Wing King Surabaya, Wing King restaurant review, best wing chicken in town
entrance door
My first impression about this place was.. so American-style and sort of typical fast food restaurant :p I love how they used combination red and yellow for logo and main elements of this resto. Based on psychology of colors, red means energy, passion and hunger; while yellow means cheer, fresh, warmth and optimism ^_^ Not forget to mention that yellow is a draw attention color!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Orly Nail Lacquer & Instant Artist [review]

Hello all, Happy Chinese New Year to those of you who are celebrating it ^.^
Today's post might be not correlated with CNY at all, but I believe these lovely nail polishes are wearable for any occasion :D I'd like to review about Orly Nail Lacquer & Orly Instant Artist! Special thanks to @orlyindonesia who has sent me these babies for review purpose :)

Orly Nail Lacquer Prelude to A Kiss, Orly Instant Artist Rose, Orly Instant Artist Chocolate review swatch

Nail polishes that I got:
1. Orly Nail Lacquer (Prelude to A Kiss)
2. Orly Instant Artist (Chocolate)
3. Orly Instant Artist (Rose)

Monday, February 16, 2015

Mask House Diamond V‧Fit Mask [review] - Does this thing really work?

Anyone here own chubby cheeks? Please raise your hand! ...Great, I'm not alone :p :p HAHA.
I think I have been struggling with chubby cheeks like forever! I have square-shape face and lovely chubby cheeks T_T These chubby cheeks sometime makes me self-conscious, and I wish I had smaller chin like K-pop idols *human can never be satisfied*

Mask House Diamon V-fit mask review, Korean face slimming mask

In order to reduce my bloating cheeks and achieve v-shape chin, I have been eyeing a Thailand face slimming mask since few months ago but because its price is quite steep, I reconsider my decision purchase many times till someday owner of @sakurablossomshop (on Instagram) offered me this Korean face slimming mask. Yay! Thank you so much ^.^

This face slimming mask is invented and produced in Korea that offers v-shape chin (WITHOUT any surgery) with regular and continuous use. Excited or not? :D :D :D

Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine K-pop Makeup Look ♥

Hello everyone! Valentine is coming, who's excited? ^.^
Let's share love to our loved ones, to our spouse, parents, sisters, brothers or best friends :D
This post is specially I made to join my blogger friend Rini's Make Up Challenge feat Etude Recipe :D

FYI, I just moved to new boarding house and it's lighting is so good! I'm still settling down with the new atmosphere though :p Hopefully I can make new tutorial very soon!

Valentine k-pop makeup look

Anyway, the Make Up Challenge that I joined is themed "Valentine K-pop Makeup Look" which is quite confusing.. Because I had no idea how to differentiate ordinary Valentine Makeup Look with the K-pop one XD After considered some ideas, finally I came up with this makeup look!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

GULACO. Rub Rub & Paude Mask [review]

If you have been loyal reader this blog at least since last year, you must know that I'm a quite fan of homemade products ^.^ I have reviewed homemade products that I tried in this blog.
In my opinion, homemade products are nice enough to be given some opportunities to grow up in the market, because mostly they're safe for anyone even pregnant women :)

However, there are A LOT of homemade products in Indonesia nowadays (they're mostly sold in Instagram) and I become quite picky in accepting sponsorship or endorsement requests. Among those offers, I accepted @gulaco's offer to try their latest product :)

Gulaco. Rub Rub & Paude Mask Review. A Homemade products that made in Indonesia. Safe for everyone even for pregnant woman.

If you remember, I also tried GULACO.'s first product last year, read my review about their Yummy Lip Scrub HERE :) Their packaging got some improvement though.
Natasha (@gulaco's owner) sent me this Paude Mask for review purpose, and at the same time I purchased Rub Rub because it looks so interesting as well ^.^

 So shall we start? I will talk about Rub Rub first!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My Dream Wedding

How is your dream wedding? I believe most of you've ever dreamed or still dreaming of an unforgettable and memorable Wedding Day, don’t you? :D Because as normal woman, of course I also do! LOL

Whether you intend to plan a simple or luxurious Wedding Day celebration, everyone always have their own kind of dream wedding :) In preparing our Wedding Day in the future, many of us become so anxious about set up the date, do search for good vendors and deal with vendors of their choices. Common questions that we often asked to our married-friends maybe are like "what was the vendor that you hired on your wedding day?", "Do you have any recommendation of good vendor?", "Is this vendor is nice enough?", "Is that vendor has a reasonable price list?" etc. 
Not only that, as we getting near to The Big Day, we certainly become more worried about the implementation of our most-anticipated day!

Anyway I'm getting older (again) next month and it's quite tickling my ears whenever my friends or colleagues ask me, "when will you get married?" and I usually will reply them with slight smile and say, "You will know later".

Well, getting married is not an easy matter AT ALL. It needs love, commitment, blessing of both parents, mentality, mature-characters and of course funds to make it happen. When you decided to commit to one person, you are tying up your life to one person for entire of your life and you are totally responsible for your life-partner and family :)

How to Arrange My Dream Wedding with
Hehe, this was Bridal Photo shoot that I did (just for fun) around 1,5 years ago :p Photo by VCP Photography

That's why.. In order to make our dream wedding comes true, we need A LOT OF references for preparing and arranging our wedding day in the future, especially references about wedding vendors. There are thousands of vendors out there, and we need some help here! :s

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Review: Museum Angkut (Transport Museum), Batu - Indonesia

Hello, guys! Sorry I was really busy last week and finally I could managed time to catch up my pending posts in draft >_< Ok, let's start with the latest tourism spot in Batu - Indonesia. Yes, I'm gonna talk about Museum Angkut or Transport Museum in Batu. For those who doesn't knows about this city, Batu is a city near Malang, located in East Java Province - Indonesia. Proud to say that Batu is one of the most popular tourism city in East Java ^.^ Anyway, Batu also can be translated as "stone" in English.

Museum Angkut, Transport Museum in Batu Indonesia review

Terinspirasi dari bentuk penghargaan atas penciptaan alat transportasi di dunia. Kini, telah hadir museum transportasi modern pertama di Indonesia dan Asia yang memadukan unsur seni dan budaya. Museum Angkut Plus Movie Star Studio merupakan museum dengan konsep edukasi dan entertainment yang ditampilkan secara langsung.

Letaknya yang nyaman dan asri dilereng gunung Panderman di areal seluas 3,8 hektar siap memanjakan anda dengan 300 lebih koleksi jenis angkutan mulai tradisional sampai modern yang dipadukan dengan berbagai landscape dan model bangunan eksotis dunia mulai dari benua Eropa sampai Amerika.

Selain itu, pengunjung dapat bersantai menikmati suasana hidangan saung di Pasar Apung yang menjajakan berbagai kuliner dan handycraft khas Nusantara. (source:


This place was inspired by appreciation form of transpiration invention in the world. The first Transport Museum in Indonesia and Asia that combine art and culture elements. Museum Transport Museum Movie Star Studio is a museum that comes with education concept and entertainment.

Museum Angkut, Transport Museum in Batu Indonesia review
entrance gate