Monday, February 23, 2015

Choosing Make Up Artist for Your Wedding Day

Choosing Make Up Artist for your upcoming wedding day can be quite tricky and need some time to do research and look for the best one of all. My eldest sister got married like 5 years ago and I remember how thick her makeup was. LOL. I'm just kidding. Her makeup looked so neat, pretty, smudgeproof and long lasting. Not all MUAs can do that. Do you agree with me? :)

Photo by  Angga Permana Photo

I'm not even an Make Up Artist (MUA), but as beauty blogger and beauty enthusiast I have some standards in deciding wedding makeup artist of my choice ^__^ Maybe you can follow some of my tips here:

1. QUALITY: How long that Makeup artist got trained?
Though there are many talented self-taught MUAs, I personally will look for MUA that already graduated from formal makeup course (specialized in Wedding Makeup) rather than self-taught MUA. It's because most likely they have more experience during their training with their professional teachers and models.

I recommend you to always book in a Bridal Makeup Trial to see if the makeup artist's style suits yours. You will also know their quality, professionalism and how they treat their clients through this Bridal Makeup Trial.

3. TREND AND HYGIENE: Do they following current makeup trend? Do they pay attention to their makeup tools hygiene?
This is important. I will give more respect and trust if the Make Up artist can pay attention to hygiene of their makeup products and face brushes. You might ask, how to tell if the MUA pay attention to its hygiene? You can tell by seeing how clean their makeup case and brushes are ^_^
MUA that follows current makeup trend would give extra point too!

4. MANNER: Do their manner make you feel comfortable?
As a bride on wedding day, we are supposedly wake up really early and lack of sleep might will ruins our mood little bit. That's why you should choose MUA who can make you feel relax and comfort you if you will anxious. You're lucky enough is your chosen professional MUA is your own friend and used to know how to handle you at your special day :D

5. REASONABLE PRICE: Do their price worth their quality?
You always can look for their portfolio and consider if that MUA has nice quality of work and reasonable price :)

Make Up by LILAC Beauty Studio
Make Up by Stella Tjia Professional MakeUp Artist and Hairstylist

Anyway, if you're clueless and don't know where to start, you can get started to look for your Wedding Vendor on :) There are tons of Make Up Artists' portfolios there, and you can also restrict your search based on location.

Don't forget to check out my another post about "TIPS How to Arrange Your Wedding Day".
Hopefully it would be helpful for you ;)

Photo by Angga Permana Photo


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