Saturday, April 20, 2013

South Korea (again)!! So GRATEFUL ❤

Ahemmm.. *clear my throat*
Who could expect that I'm going to Korea (again) this year? I also didn't expect it! *O*
The most exciting thing about this trip is, I will meet my most favorite Korean Indie Band "Standing EGG" and participating in producing a song and music video with their team *gasp*
OH MY GOD! T_______T *teary*

So, last month I joined a contest named Miss Flower Music Tour Contest
The mission was: tap into your inner poet and compose lyric *in English, of course* about springtime in Korea.

Winners of the best lyrics will have a chance to enjoy spring in Korea and its lush cultural offerings. The winning lyrics will be produced into a song and music video by a Korean acoustic band over 4 nights and 5 days.

What we need to do was compose lyric about spring, love and flower.. and watch this video below for reference =

SPRING IN KOREA!!! *scream*

Maybe you think that I'm too overexcited but I'm not! (///∇//) 
I live in tropical country named Indonesia. Rather than common 4 seasons, there are only TWO seasons in Indonesia: Wet and Dry.
In most parts of Indonesia, the wet season falls between October and April (low season), and the dry season between May and September (high season).

So.. basically I never experienced the real Spring, Fall and Winter before!
(I've experienced real Summer at Korea last year :3 you may read my trip HERE, HERE and HERE).


Before joined this contest, I have tried some contest that also hosted by KTO and iBuzzKorea and I didn't win.. You may knew that I ever made a video about Asian on Air last year as I didn't win..

When composing lyric submission for these contest, I listened to Standing Egg's songs over and over again. I love how they express their pure passion towards music and mostly they have simple yet meaningful lyrics! (≧◡≦)

Finally, I submitted my lyric onto their website and I checked the announcement on 29th March and I feel like got heart-attack afterwards.. O____O

They censored winners' username and e-mail due to privacy

Jesus Christ, I can't thank enough TT_____TT 
I'm so grateful that I didn't give up too soon!

Well, actually I didn't really expected that my lyric submission would win.. since my English isn't that good and I'm bad at poetry or literature..
No one could arrange unlimited blessings in my life, except Jesus Christ.
Thank YOU for Your sweet surprise God 
Your favor last a lifetime :') I'm not lucky, I'm BLESSED indeed !

Finally I can experience real SPRING in Korea and get involved in a song and music video production with Standing Egg!! (ノ─ ‿‿ ─)ノ  *dancing* 
their latest mini album: AMBLER

This is the reason why I'm so busy this month.. I'm preparing for all documents for my visa application, watching k-dramas to sharpening my Korean skill and so on. I didn't want to repeat last year vacation mistakes, when I was too shy to speak up to strangers >___< (unless for urgent matters)

springtime in Korea.. FLOWERS BLOOMING EVERYWHERE!!! 

I will go to Korea on 5th-10th May, 2013.
I think I can't open Pre-order again this time >_< Because I have limited free time and I'm joining a tour group team, so our schedule is tight, packed, and well-organized.

If you never listen to Standing Egg's song before, YOU SHOULD! ( *____*)
I love their songs seriously!!

AND this is the song titled "MISS FLOWER" that I'm getting involved for this project..
Enjoy the song 

Anyway, please listen to this song as well ( o^‿^o )
This was the first song from Standing Egg that I listened last year 
I have instantly fallen in love with them after listen to this song!

Last but not least... I would like to say that my winning is NOT literally because of my luck, but I also gave my best, effort and prayer. It takes patience, time, idea and guts. Please don't just look at me on winning side, but also witness me when I didn't win anything on any contest but stay grateful :)

Don't be afraid to try, never underestimate yourself! :)

Thank you for this precious opportunity, iBuzzKorea and iBuzzKorea KTO 
너무 고맙습니다! 대한민국에 갈고예요!! 우와~~~~
I really can't wait for this trip!! XD


  1. chukhae vee, you're so lucky ^^ yeayyy (^0^)/

  2. congratsss Shel :D
    yahhh sayang ga buka PO >,<
    btw, beruntung banget sih kamuuuu *cubitt

    1. thankyouu wie ^^ iya nih soalnya ga tau pas free time bisa pergi2 shopping atau ngga >.<
      hehe, I'm grateful ^^

  3. wooa~~ chukkae eon ^^
    oleh2 boleh dong buat aku yayaya~

    1. gomawo~ ^^
      haha nanti harus kirim lewat pos dong :P nanti masih liat2 keadaan yaa

  4. OMG! You're so luckyyyy to be able to win and enter~~! Congrattssssu to you!!!! <3 Hope you enjoy the trip XDXD
    Yeah, Indonesia weather is kind of weird lately, rain, rain, hot, super hot, big rain, XD
    Wish to feel the warm spring~~~~in Korea someday!!

    Take care!! Waiting for the post ;)

    1. Thankyouuu <3 I will!
      Yes.. terribly weird >____< hahaha
      Amen :D you will able to go there someday ;)

  5. congrats! hebat banget o.o

    visit my blog ^^

  6. Congraattzz...!

  7. Congrats Vee, you are really blessed ^^
    Can't wait to read your trip post :D

  8. sooooooo grateful about you! well luck can't do this much, eh? good luck there, ce shell! take care <3 <3

    1. yes ^^ must be there are: grace+favor+prayer+work hard
      thankyouu olin <3 <3

  9. I envy u girl... really really really e.n.v.y u can meet standing egg...

    I love them so much. if only I can show u my playlist, standing egg's songs r the most played.

    please say my "Hi" to them... and tell them that there are indonesian fans who really enjoy their beautiful music.

    will u be their MV model too?

    1. This will be a precious experience for me T_____T
      I also love them <3 <3
      awww.. don't be sad.. i hope u can meet them someday :')
      I will say it to them ^^

      No way I can be their MV model XD

  10. congrats :)
    u r so lucky and blessed

  11. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! so proud of you hehehe! have funnnn

  12. Congrats shel!!! I also love standing egg's music... :D

  13. Woo, that's great! I hope you have fun, but I'm sure that's a given haha.

    ★ Cookiie

  14. wah, congrats ci! pantesan kemaren aku minta di-emailin produk nyampe lupa. haha.

  15. OH MY! I am SO happy for you, congratulations x100! Haha, hope you have such an amazing time in South Korea, take care and stay safe!!! Really, it truly is the favour of God! God bless! xx Minni :)

  16. Woaahh SUPPA congratsss ce! I'm a big fan of Standing EGG <3 lolol
    yang namanya bikin lirik emang butuh ketenangan, konsentrasi, ide tingkat tinggi, seenggaknya itu semua terbayarkan ce ;) take care disana yaa
    Salamin juga ke Standing EGG dari fansnya di Indonesia ._.v

  17. OMG OMG OMG kak shelvieeee, beruntung sekali, aku keluar pulau aja belum permah apalagi keluar negri LOL
    di tunggu liputannya, salam buat IU :-)

    1. aku ke luar pulau jg belum pernah XD
      waaaa mauuuuu bgt klo bs ktmu IU :3
      siip ^^

  18. XV,kamu hokinya bener2 baguuussss....!!Masi inget aku,dulu kamu dapet giveaway berturut2 itu! Ahaha..semedi di mana nih biar dapet hoki sebagus ini?;D mau doonggg tipsnya :D

    1. hehe.. ga tiap bulan aku slalu menang sesuatu kok ^^
      Praise The Lord :D semua ini pemberian Tuhan, bkn krn aku hoki ^^
      If you are a christian, these are my tips:
      - stick to God & follow Him wholeheartedly :)

  19. congrats shel :) aku suka banget statment kamu yg terakgir :)

    "Last but not least... I would like to say that my winning is NOT literally because of my luck, but I also gave my best, effort and prayer"

    prayer :) bener banget itu ^_~

    1. yes ce bener bgt ^^ effort isn't enough, we need grace and favor from God :)
      Thankyou ce <3

  20. uwaaa u're so lucky vee >,< so envy youuu. you deserve it!
    can't wait your next post about it!
    :D congratulation!

    1. thankyouu sa <3
      moga2 km jg bs cpt nyusul ya ^^ amin2

  21. Wah senengnyaaaa ><
    Beruntung banget sih kamu ceeee... Pengeeennn

  22. wooooww.... baru baca *telat banget* congrats shel~ *hug2*


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