Saturday, March 28, 2015

The First Starbucks Reserve™ in Surabaya!

Hola everyone! I'm coming with a good news for you all, especially for coffee addicts! Maybe some of you already knew that Starbucks just opened their 1st Starbucks Reserve™ in Surabaya! :D
Not literally at new place, because it's still located inside Galaxy Mall. Yes, they just revamped their old store in GM with new concept, STARBUCKS RESERVE™!

The opening event of Starbucks Reserve™ was held at 12 March 2015, and I was one of their invitee :) Aside of invited their loyal customers, Starbucks also invited a number of bloggers in Surabaya. Anyway, I'm wondering if actually Starbucks had sent invitation e-mail to all their registered members (RSVP was needed) or not, because some of my friends didn't receive the notification e-mail, while I actually also received the notification e-mail as well. Or maybe it's because they didn't subscribe the newsletter? Hmm.. Perhaps.

Starbucks Reserve in Surabaya

I came earlier and they didn't allow invitee to come inside before 6 PM. Alright, I'll wait here then :D
As a invited blogger, I always try my best to come on time or earlier to any events. Because it's better come earlier than late ;)

Friday, March 27, 2015

The Face Shop Smile Foot Peeling [review]

안녕하세요! Hello guys!
I admit that feet are body parts that mostly get least attention from me -_- I got used to defend myself over the reason why I neglect my feet, is due to my hectic activity and I simply have no time to go salon and doing pedicure *LOL. So I looked for a foot product that suitable for lazy busy woman like me. Have you heard about foot peeling product? Yes, a product that designed as foot mask that could "strip off" your hard skin :p I've wanted to try this kind of product since months ago and finally I could tried it! I was curious about this foot peeling XD Does this foot peeling really works?

Halo semua! Aku mengakui kalau kakiku adalah bagian tubuhku yang paling ngga aku perhatikan -_- Lha kenapa kok jarang kuperhatikan? Soalnya aku sibuk dan ngga ada waktu untuk ke salon dan pedikur XDD #ngeles. Jadii aku cari-cari produk apa yang cocok untuk cewe males sibuk sepertiku. Apakah kalian pernah mendengar yang namanya produk peeling untuk kaki? Iya, yang kumaksudkan adalah produk yang didesain sebagai masker kaki tapi punya kemampuan untuk "menguliti" kulit pecah-pecah dan kapalan kita. Aku udah penasaran dan kepengen banget coba produk macam gini XD Kira-kira ngefek di aku ngga ya?

Well, let's see together! I've prepared before-after photos for this experiment ^.^
The Face Shop Smile Foot Peeling 스마일 풋 필링

The Face Shop Smile Foot Peeling Review, Korean Brand Foot Peeling Product

What is this?
Technically, this is a foot mask that contains exfoliating chemical essence that able to strip off feet's hard skin in 1-2 weeks after application, without any pain.
Apa sih ini? // Secara teknis ini adalah masker kaki yang mengandung esens kimia yang punya kemampuan untuk mengeksfoliasi kulit kapalan 1-2 minggu setelah pemakaian, tanpa rasa sakit sedikit pun.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream [review]

Hello all, two posts in row! :D This is my last review for Klairs Rich Moist skincare line that I got from Wishtrend few weeks ago. You may read the post HERETo conclude this series of review, I'll share my overall thoughts about this skin care line at the end of post! :) Ok, please welcome Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream!
디어, 클레어스 리치모이스트수딩크림 리뷰~

Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream Review, Korean Klairs Skincare Brand, Wishtrend, No animal testing skincare, cruelty free skincare, paraben free skincare

Simply the best face moisturizer !
Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream.
This concentrated rich moist soothing cream provides immediate and long-term hydration to help you achieve a more radiant and hydrated complexion. Klairs rich moist soothing cream works deep within the skin to provide a much needed soothing treatment and deep moisture to those who need it most. Containing an infusion of yeast-derived beta glucan, Klairs rich moist soothing cream supports your skin’s natural moisture barrier, your skins very own defence system. Nourishing your skins moisture barrier helps aid in the improvement of your natural skin cell repairing capabilities. Helping to rescue dry, irritated and sensitive skin by supporting and repairing your protective layer from the inside out.

Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum [review]

Hello guys! First of all, I'd like to apologize to sponsors for delayed reviews >_< Recently I got many skin care and body care products and I do really need a quite long time to test them out T_T Sorry, I'll try my best to catch up pending posts very soon!

Continuing my review for this Rich Moist skin care line from Klairs, I'll talk about their Rich Moist Soothing Serum :) Though I'm not expert in face serum topic, I gotta try to explain what I've been experienced with this serum ^.^

디어, 클레어스 리치모이스트수딩세럼 리뷰~

Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum Review, Korean Klairs Skincare Brand, Wishtrend, No animal testing skincare, cruelty free skincare, paraben free skincare


A magical soothing lotion for sensitive skin, Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum !
Get your most gorgeous and healthiest looking skin yet! Add the Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum lotion for sensitive skin to your daily cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine! Make your skin glow, look more smooth and radiant throughout your day.

Replenish your skins moisture levels making your skin look soft, smooth, more radiant and younger looking! Give your tired, dehydrated, sensitive, dry skin the drink of water it deserves with Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum! 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Heart to Heart 1: Another Year for Me

Hello everyone! I decided to make one more category on my blog! :)
Yes it's "Heart to Heart" category. I know it may sounds strange, but I don't care! Hehe.
On this category, I'll try my best to express myself in English.. because I hardly write diary in English XD It's quite difficult to me to express myself in second language.. because, I'm too lazy to construct grammars and such. LOL.

Hopefully I can post this "Heart to Heart" section at least once a month! Aside of improving my English, I also wanna be closer to my readers ^.^ Kindly leave some suggestions about interesting topics please :D

Anyway, I just turned into 25 few days ago.. X"D
And I feel so old!
LOL at my weird nose. The lighting was so terrible! >__<

It feels so surreal for me.. I was a little girl few days ago and I am a woman now!
I'm grateful for my life and I can't thank more for God's love and blessings :')

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner [review]

Ola guys! If you following my Instagram, you probably had known that I received a latest package from Wishtrend several weeks ago and I'm still trying out them till now. Here's the reference post! ^_^

Now it's time for me to review KLAIRS Supple Preparation Facial Toner!
If this is your first time knowing about this product, you're not too late! ^.^ Does this toner works well on my skin? Let see..

디어, 클레어스 서플프레퍼레이션페이셜토너 리 뷰~

Wishtrend, No animal testing skincare, cruelty free skincare, paraben free skincare

Supple Preparation Facial Toner formulated base of plant extract. This toner balances the skin’s pH level and improves the effectiveness of your entire skincare regime. Helping you to achieve your best skin yet! Get the best facial toner for gorgeous-looking skin. Enhance the working power of serums and creams with the Klairs Supple Preparation-Facial Toner. The best facial toner to balance your skins natural pH levels, creating the perfect canvas for your skin care products to work their magic!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Klairs Moisture Set from Wishtrend!

Hello all! As an affiliate of Wishtrend, gratefully I had another opportunity to review some of their best seller products ^.^ This is not my first time trying a Korean skincare brand named Klairs, because last time I've reviewed Klairs Cleansing Oil (REVIEW) and Klairs Sugar Facial Polish (REVIEW). Both works good on my skin and I was getting more excited to try these skincare line from Klairs :)

I received these products on early February and I have been using these products for around 4 weeks. Please welcome Klairs RICH MOISTURE line from Wishtrend :D

Wishtrend, Klairs Moisture Rescue Set Review, Korean Klairs Skincare Brand, No animal testing skincare, cruelty free skincare, paraben free skincare

What I've got this time:
- Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner
- Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum
- Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream
- 3 pcs of Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Sheet Mask

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Face Recipe Triple Glam Shadow & Lip Color Nursing Lipstick [review]

Hello everyone! On this beautiful day, I'd like to share my thoughts about Japanese makeup products that I tried recently ^.^ I guess some of you don't familiar enough with FACE RECIPE brand, do you? So did I hehe. This was also my first time hearing a Japanese Makeup Brand named Face Recipe :D Special thanks to Copia ID for sending me these products for review purpose.

Face Recipe Triple Glam Shadow Review, Face Recipe Lip Color Nursing Review, Japanese Makeup Brand Face Recipe, Japanese Cosmetic Brand Face Recipe

Few weeks ago when COPIA contacted me, I was hoping to get any colored-lipstick but red. The reasons why I tend to avoid red lipstick because I always think that red lipstick won't be suitable on me. Red lipstick may makes me look older,  leave stains on my teeth and I doubt I can pull off red lipstick ._. LOL. That's why I always choose "safe" colors like pink, coral or nude (and because I love those kinds of colors so much, hehe). Believe or not maybe I will only wear red lipstick 1-2 times in a year :p :p

Let's see what are colors that I got for this eyeshadow and lipstick..

Friday, March 13, 2015

Miracle Lashregro - Eyelash Growth Serum [review]

Hi everyone! I'm really sorry there was some problems on my blog domain's setting yesterday :( It's stressing me enough! But finally it has fixed and now you can access this blog again *phew*.
Ok, let's back to topic! You guys probably wondering what product is this :D Yes, you're right. This product belongs to Miracle Aesthetic Clinic. FYI, Miracle also carries their own personal skin care brand ;) Last September I won an award as Miracle's Best Beauty Partner (3rd place) and I won bunch of Miracle products as my prize ^.^ You may read the report HERE.

Halo semua! Maaf banget bagi kalian yang ga bisa buka blog ku kemarin, ada sedikit masalah di setting domain ku jadinya ga bisa dibuka :( Bener-bener bikin stres. Tapi untunglah udah dibenerin semuanya jadi bisa dibuka lagi *fiuh*.
Baiklah, balik ke topik! Mungkin kalian penasaran ini produk apaan sih? Yup, dugaan kalian benar. Produk ini adalah produk dari Klinik kecantikan Miracle itu lho. Bagi kalian yang belum tau, Miracle juga punya merk perawatan wajah berlabel brand mereka sekarang ;) September tahun lalu aku menang sebagai Miracle's Best Beauty Partner (juara 3) dan aku mendapat beberapa produk Miracle sebagai hadiah ^.^

Among those products that gifted to me, the most interesting product (for me) was this Miracle Lashregro. Who doesn't wants long and thick eyelashes without any eyelash extension? :3 That's clearly not me. Hehe. Without hesitation, I tried this eyelash essence (or eyelash serum) continuously for around 4 months. Now I'm ready to provide my truthful opinion about this product :)

Diantara produk-produk tersebut, yang paling menarik perhatianku adalah Miracle Lashregro. Siapa sih yang ngga kepengen punya bulu mata panjang dan tebal tanpa eyelash extension? Tentu saja aku juga kepengen dong. Hehe. Jadi tanpa ragu-ragu, aku cobain juga serum bulu mata ini secara berkelanjutan selama 3-4 bulan. Dan sekarang aku siap menulis opini terjujurku tentang produk ini :)

Miracle Lashregro, Miracle Lash regro eyelash growth serum review
Miracle Lashregro: For Longer, fuller and lustrous eyelash
/ kemasan /

So far Miracle products have very simple design and their packaging are dominated with white color. Maybe Miracle want to leave simple impression to their customers? Oh I think white color is quite correlated with medical world :p LOL

Sejauh ini semua produk Miracle memiliki desain yang sangat sederhana dan kemasannya didominasi warna putih. Mungkin Miracle mau meninggalkan kesan kalau produk Miracle itu sederhana? Oh menurutku warna putih cukup nyamung lah ya dengan dunia kedokteran :p Hahaha

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

SHARP Plasmacluster untuk Rambut Indah dan Sehat

Hello everyone! Siapa nih di sini yang ngga bisa lepas dari pemakaian hair dryer setiap habis keramas? :) Kebetulan aku bukan orang yang sangat tergantung pada hair dryer sih, karena sedari kecil aku terbiasa mengeringkannya secara alami. Namun aku mengakui kalau akhir-akhir cukup bergantung pada hair dryer, terutama kalau aku keramas di pagi hari dan butuh rambut dalam keadaan yang kering dan rapi sebelum berangkat kerja. Yang bikin aku risih kalau membiarkan rambutku kering secara alami itu karena rambutku akan megar banget kayak singa, dan bikin aku ngga pede keluar rumah dengan keadaan rambut seperti itu :|

SHARP Plasmacluster, Solusi untuk rambut megar kayak singa

Kalau ngga ada waktu untuk ngeringin rambut pake hair dryer, biasa option kedua adalah menyisir rambut sambil diangin-anginkan di depan kipas angin. Tapi ternyata semakin sering rambut disisir, rambut bukannya malah rapi tapi malah akan berdiri-berdiri lho -_- Karena tanpa disadari ternyata gesekan yang terjadi antara sisir dan rambut akan menyebabkan listrik statis dan helaian rambut yang pendek-pendek akan berdiri secara natural. 

Friday, March 6, 2015

Douce et Lisse Whipped Body Butter [review]

Hello all! :) Hari ini aku mau review lagi produk homemade yang baru-baru ini aku coba. Sebenernya aku udah berniat untuk ngga terima sponsorship untuk homemade products lagi sih, karena mau lebih fokus ke produk Korea sekarang XD Tapi waktu ditawari untuk review produknya @douceetlisse, aku jadi berubah pikiran karena tertarik namanya fancy banget dan packagingnya juga nice :D #gilapackaging. Thank you Gladys for letting me try this product!

Dari namanya yang keren, mungkin orang ngga nyangka ya kalo ini produk homemade asli Indonesia? Yes it is. Please welcome Douce et Lisse: Apricot Whipped Body Butter~

Douce et Lisse, whipped body butter in apricot review

Whipped Body Butter dibuat dari 100% pure cocoa butter dan olive oil. Kaya dengan antioksidan dan linoleic acid untuk melindungi kulit dari radikal bebas, menutrisi kulit dan menjadikan kulit halus, lembut, dan sehat. Simpan ditempat kering dan sejuk. hindarkan sinar matahari langsung, karena dapat membuat body butter meleleh. Dapat digunakan hingga 6-12 bulan selama tidak berubah bentuk dan berbau aneh.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sleek i-Divine Palette Rio Rio & Ultra Matte V1 [review & swatch]

Hello guys! Finally I could managed some time to finished this postponed review XD
This post was supposed to be up last January, but I had not chance (and mood) to continue it, sorry for that hehe. With help from my fellow blogger friend, Ce Kathy, I was able to get these two palettes in such a great deal! If I'm not mistaken, each palette costed around IDR 125,000-140,000 or $12-14 *I totally forget* :D Actually I wanted to get more, but my pocket money didn't allow me, LOL. :p

Sleek i-Divine Rio Rio, Sleek i-Divine Ultra Mattes V1 Brights Palette review

The Sleek palettes that I purchased are i-Divine Palette Rio Rio (Limited Edition) and Ultra Matte V1. Believe or not, they're my first Sleek palettes ever. Since I don't wear eyeshadows that often, two new palettes were enough (at the moment) :p :p

Monday, March 2, 2015

My Ideal Japanese Winter Vacation ☆

Halo semua!  Pada kesempatan kali ini aku mau cerita tentang Jepang dan Musim dingin di sana. Sebagai pecinta Jepang dari kecil, tentu saja aku punya keinginan yang besar untuk bisa mengunjungi Jepang. Musim apapun tidak masalah, yang penting bisa ke Jepang ^.^ Tapi kali ini topiknya adalah tentang musim dingin. Kenapa kok musim dingin? Ya karena sekarang di Jepang masih musim dingin :D Meski curah saljunya ngga selebat bulan-bulan lalu dan sedang transisi ke Musim Semi, tetapi mengunjungi Jepang di saat musim dingin juga masuk travel bucket-listku ;) Semoga aku bisa segera punya kesempatan untuk ke Jepang, Amin!

Biasanya apa aja sih yang kalian bayangkan untuk dilakukan selama di Jepang? Apa aja yang perlu  diketahui dan dipersiapkan? Sekarang yuk mari kita bahas sedikit tentang musim dingin di Jepang dan beberapa tips-tips dariku ^___^

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Garnier Duo Clean Duo Foam [review]

Hello everyone! I'd like to introduce you my current cleansing foam! :) Garnier just released this cleansing foam recently and since most of my friends loving it, I decided to try it out as well. It's Garnier Duo Clean Duo Foam in Whitening & Smoothening variant! Combination of Grape extract and Lychee essence for its main ingredients. Does my skin likes it? Keep reading to find out the answer ^_^

Halo semua! Aku mau memperkenalkan sabun cuci muka yang aku lagi pake sekarang :) Baru-baru ini Garnier merilis sabun cuci muka ini dan karena sebagian besar dari temanku menyukainya, aku memutuskan untuk mencobanya juga. Yang ini namanya Garnier Duo Clean Duo Foam yang varian Whitening & Smoothening! Kombinasi dari ekstrak anggur dan sari leci sebagai bahan utamanya. Apakah kulitku cocok dengan sabun cuci muka ini? Terus baca ya untuk tau jawabannya ^_^

Garnier Duo Clean review

It comes in flip top tube packaging, which is really nice and travel-friendly. This Duo Foam is available in three variants and I bought mine in Whitening & Smoothening foam which is dominated with white and purple colors along with grape and lychee image ^_^

Content / Isi : 90ml
Price / Harga : IDR 25.900
(Coz I got some discount in Indomaret, I only paid for IDR 20.500)