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Klairs Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil [review]

Hello everyone~ Have you heard about a Korean Skin Care brand named Klairs? ^.^
Well, actually its brand name is "Dear, Klairs", but it's more often just called as Klairs.
This is a new thing for me, since I never tried Klairs product before. Recently I got an opportunity to try one of Wishtrend's best selling products, it is Klairs Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil :)
 디어, 클레어스 젠틀 블랙 딥 클렌징 오일

Anyway this is my 2nd product from Wishtrend, I've reviewed about their OST Original Pure Vit C20 Serum (review HERE) and I loved it! ^_^ Now it's time for me to review this product.. Thank you Wishtrend for the opportunity!

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What is it?
Yes, it's a cleansing oil, with gentle deep cleansing label. When I heard its name at first, I thought its main ingredient is black sugar.. but apparently I was wrong. So without further ado, let's examine this product together! ^_^ Would it works on me? Is it really a good product?

Deep Cleansing Care Program:
with Cushiony Black Vegetable Oil

A supple and lightwight cleansing oil effectively cleans skin gently and moisturizing.
On contact with water, it transform into creamy milk. Gently and effectively dissolves all traces of foundation and waterproof makeup, while removing pore clogging impurities to leave skin feeling clean and refreshed.

Content: 150ml
Price: USD 22.90

What They Claim:
● Removes makeup
● Deep cleanses skin
● Contains natural oil
 Calms irritated skin
● Moisturizes skin
 Leave skin soft and smooth

Key Ingredients:
● Black Currant Seed Oil
● Jojoba Oil
● Black Soybean Oil
 Sesame Oil

Made in Korea

Life span: 12 months after opened

How to Use
1. Remove the stopper before use
2. Dispense a generous amount onto palm
3. Spread evenly over entire face
4. Blending it well with makeup
5. Rinse off thoroughly

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Texture & Scent
I usually only need 3-4 pumps for my entire face. Once it contacts with water, its clear liquid will turns into milky liquid :O and I found this cleansing oil is quite unique! Unexpectedly, it smells like ginger candy! It took me 4 days to recognize what kind of the scent it is. LOL.
However its scent is quite pleasant and not overwhelming :)

It can cleanses even the heaviest makeup in minutes without any hassle. At most of time, it doesn't stings my eyes. Just make sure to rinse off oil on your eyes area before open your eyes ;)
It also doesn't leave greasy or tight feeling on my face afterwards.
Gladly it didn't break out my skin!

Pros (+)
+ Able to cleanse makeup gently and quickly
+ Travel-friendly packaging
+ Suitable for all skin types
+ Doesn't leave greasy or tight feeling afterwards
+ Pleasant scent ^.^

Cons (-)
- Hard to be found in Indonesia (buy it through Wishtrend website is only the way, so far)


If you're interested to try this product, just buy it through Wishtrend Website, they often offer FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE! How cool is that?? :D

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  1. Great review, this looks very effective in removing make up *0*

    恵美より ♥

  2. wah. I'm currently using clinique oil makeup remover and it also turned out whitish upon water contact


  3. pas banget ya ce keknya buat d jadiin cleansing oil andalan, cuma harganya masih agak mahal :(

  4. aku juga baru2 ini denger ni brand,aku kiraiin dari amerika ternyata dari korea yaa..
    tapi sayang ini harus pesan lagi di luar coba aja ada di indo..
    cuman baunya yang aku nggak suka. bau jahe..

  5. uwoo aku suka permen jahe~~ baunya kayak gitu ce? omo [ga bisa ngebayangin] *o*
    thanks for the review ce :3


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