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Heavy Rotation Powder Eye Brow & Nose Shadow [review]

Hey everyone :D Several weeks ago I got another chance to try a eyebrow product from Heavy Rotation and this was my first time trying Kiss Me Heavy Rotation, hehe. This product is called Heavy Rotation Powder Eye Brow & Nose Shadow in #02. I was expecting this product would be impressive, especially this product is an eyebrow powder + contouring kit in one package! ;)

Brand Name: Kiss Me
Product Name: Heave Rotation Powder Eye Brow & Nose Shadow

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Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Powder Eyebrow & Nose Shadow can be used for eyebrows and nose. It is easy to adjust the contrast and it is waterproof which gives you a long lasting and natural finish.

This lightweight, sheer to medium coverage formula was designed to be smudge proof and comes with two shades per compact to ensure the perfect brow color. (credit:

Content: 3.5g

Available Shades:
#01 Light Brown
#02 Natural Brown

And I got mine in #02 Natural Brown :)

Heavy rotation Powder Eye Brow Nose Shadow review

Most of Japanese cosmetics companies always combine cardboard with clear plastic to create their products packaging. Usually they come in wide cardboard with model's picture, princessy design and small space for the product itself ^.^;

Heavy rotation Powder Eye Brow Nose Shadow review
The product is made from not-so-sturdy plastic material, with mirror-like front front cover. Combination of gold, transparent and black; and I think this packaging is quite elegant and doesn't look cheap :D The transparent cover make us can see-through the shade easier.

Price: IDR 180,000 (around $18)

What's inside
There's a small mirror inside (which is, unfortunately not so useful. It's more like a reflective fabric for me), 3 pressed powders for eyebrow and nose, and dual-ended small brush.

Dual Ended Brush:
1. Blending brush
2. Eyebrow brush

Here's the trick, you can combine these shades to:

C = Fill in sparse eyebrows
C+B = Fill in sparse eyebrows with gradient style
B = Contour nose
A = Highlight brow bone
A = Highlight nose brigde

This Heavy Rotation Powder Eye Brow & Nose Shadow might only works on people with thick eyebrows, because it's ONLY able to fill in the sparse eyebrows and wasn't designed to define eyebrows precisely. Optional, you can combine eyebrow pencil and this powder eye brow together. I recommend you to try this eyebrow pencil for more define & precise eyebrow ^__^

(To be exact, how I use it :p)

1. Pick the dark brown color to fill in sparse eyebrow (using the slanted brush side).
Don't pick too much powder, unless you want to be look like Shinchan :p LOL

2. Pick the light brown color to contour nose (using the blending brush side).
Again, don't pick up too much. Take your time to contour and blend it well using the blending brush or your finger:)

3. Pick the cream color to highlight nose bridge (using your clean finger), blend it well


Overall Thoughts
This product is pretty convenient and practical to put in daily makeup pouch, because its size isn't bulky at all. Personally I don't really like use attached blending brush because it doesn't works really well. I also don't like to use the highlight powder, because its color didn't really show up and it seems only emphasize my pores instead of highlight my nose (well, actually I prefer liquid highlighter for my nose bridge ^.^).
The conclusion is, this product is not bad at all! It's just the matter of preference :D

Pros (+)
+ Convenient and practical
+ 3 in 1 product (eyebrow, shading, highlighting)
+ Including dual-ended brush
+ Semi-elegant packaging

Cons (-)
- Its highlighter color doesn't really shows up
- The blending brush doesn't really helpful


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  1. i am so bad at contouring! really horrible at it. lol. but cool to know that there is a product like this one. thanks for the review!

    Chie | The Brown Eyed Fox

    1. Me too! I'm still learning how to contour my nose well >.<

  2. pernah liat ini di internet,aku kira dari korea trnyata dari jepang.
    packagingnya emang semi elegan, elegannya dibagian kacanya..
    thanks for the review ^^

  3. susah bkin shading idung T_T
    *cubiiiiiiit gemesh*

    1. Iya susah2 gampang yaa git >.< butuh byk latian

  4. Umm... it says that the cream color (A) is for nose contouring, not for highlighting... that is why it didn't show up

    1. Really? OMG I did a mistake then O_O
      thank you for telling me so


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