Sunday, November 22, 2015

Cowstyle Milky Body Soap [review]

Hello everyone! I'm back again with another review from Cowstyle product! For those of you who doesn't know, Cowstyle is a skin care and body care brand from Japan :) I've tried their Skinlife facial foam before, and I loved it! Now on to their body soap :) I was offered to choose one of three variants and I chosen this one! As always thank you Kawaii Beauty Japan for the opportunity to try this product.

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Make your body feels clean, fresh and relaxed with 4 types of fresh fragrances, such as mild soap, relax floral, refresh citrus, and happy fruity fragrance Plenty creamy foam maintains your skin's natural moisture, keeps it smooth and soft Contains three kinds of milk to make moist skin.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

F&B: Baik Su Korean Restaurant Surabaya [review]

Hello everyone! I'm here with another F&B post! First of all, I apologize for the quality of photos that I provide on this post, I didn't bring my camera at that moment and I only could relied on my phone camera x_x Please bear with my phone camera's noisiness, but I assure you that this post is worth to read if you are a Korean cuisine lover like me ;)

Last month I tried a Korean Restaurant named Baik Su, located on Darmo Park area; West Surabaya. Feeling not familiar with that name? Please let me know, so I would know that I wasn't alone :P This restaurant isn't new in Surabaya, but I never visited it before! Actually I never heard about this restaurant and the place is too far from my boarding house XD

Actually me & my family wanted to visit another Korean restaurant near there, but we end up had dinner there because restaurant that we looked for was already closed at that hour (around 9 PM, and we were so starving!)

Monday, November 16, 2015

Event Report: Clinique "We're Stronger Together"

Hello everyoneeee.. A while ago I was invited to Clinique event that held on 1 November 2015 with help from Sabrina, thank you Sab! :) Sorry for taking this long to post this report, finally I managed to finish this report~

So yeah, this event is all about Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, and we're told to wear PINK! As you guys know, October is actually not always related with Halloween, but it also famous with Breast Cancer Awareness Month too! Oh anyway, I don't have pink dress, so I wore anything pink as my outfit that day XDD

The real event was supposed to be started at 1 PM, but when I came there around 1.30 (I didn't mean to come late, I just finished my activities in church that hour >_<) , they still performed children singing as opening stages.

As I arrived, they gave me a pen to leave a signature on this board, and I had to take a picture with this board at least once. LOL.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

V10 Plus Serum - Licorice, Amino, Pycnogenol & Vit. A [review]

Hello everyone! Couple of weeks ago, I got an opportunity to try more serums from V10 Plus; and I have been using these serums regularly for more than a month :) I think around 5 weeks. Here I present to you my personal review and honest opinion about these V10 Plus Serums!

Halo semua! Beberapa minggu yang lalu, aku dapat kesempatan untuk mencoba beberapa serum dari V10 Plus :D Dan aku sudah memakai serum-serum ini secara rutin selama lebih dari 1 bulan (kurasa 5 minggu lebih). Kini aku mau membagikan pendapat ku secara pribadi yang jujur tentang serum-serum V10 Plus ini :)

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Left to right: Licorice, Vitamin A, Amino, Pycnogenol
I had a little consultation with V10 Plus' representative beforehand; and based on the consultation I was offered to try these 4 different serums for my skin current condition.. Wow, 4 different serums? At first I also couldn't imagine how I could apply 4 different serums on same face? Well, I particularly applying each of these serums on different spots on my face, I'll show you my face map and the results below~

Sebelumnya, aku sempat melakukan sedikit konsultasi dengan representatif dari V10 Plus dan berdasarkan konsultasi aku ditawari untuk mencoba 4 macam serum dari mereka.. Wow, 4 serum sekaligus? Pertamanya juga aku ngga bisa bayangin gimana bisa mengaplikasikan 4 serum berbeda ke muda, tapi nanti aku akan jelaskan lebih detil di bawah ini ^.^

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Pengalaman Mengurus Perpanjangan Passport Secara Online

[Recently I just renewal my passport and I'm glad to share this information to my blog readers, because this important thing is definitely related with travelling ^_^ If you're one of my international readers and want to read this post, kindly use google translate. Thank you]

Hai semua! Beberapa saat yang lalu aku baru saja memperpanjang Passport ku yang hampir habis masa berlakunya (masa berlaku akan habis 6 bulan lagi), dan karena menurutku informasi ini akan berguna; maka aku memutuskan untuk membagikan pengalamanku mengurus Paspor di blog ini ^_^ Aku sengaja mendokumentasikan setiap step / cara-cara dalam pengurusan Passport via online ini. Semoga dapat berguna ya :D

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Sedikit info saja, aku adalah perantau yang mengurus Passport di Surabaya. Jadi kalau kalian tanya apakah mengurus Passport harus di kampung halaman / kota asal? Jawabannya TIDAK.