Monday, November 16, 2015

Event Report: Clinique "We're Stronger Together"

Hello everyoneeee.. A while ago I was invited to Clinique event that held on 1 November 2015 with help from Sabrina, thank you Sab! :) Sorry for taking this long to post this report, finally I managed to finish this report~

So yeah, this event is all about Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, and we're told to wear PINK! As you guys know, October is actually not always related with Halloween, but it also famous with Breast Cancer Awareness Month too! Oh anyway, I don't have pink dress, so I wore anything pink as my outfit that day XDD

The real event was supposed to be started at 1 PM, but when I came there around 1.30 (I didn't mean to come late, I just finished my activities in church that hour >_<) , they still performed children singing as opening stages.

As I arrived, they gave me a pen to leave a signature on this board, and I had to take a picture with this board at least once. LOL.

As I mentioned above, the Clinique Breast Cancer Awareness campaign's theme for 2015 is "We're Stronger Together". They placed some outlets on atrium too, you may spot Clinique, Estee Lauder and Bobbi Brown. Sorry I didn't notice what was the rest.

There were quite many audiences that day, I was sitting on second row and listen to this kid's singing. I wouldn't comment much about her singing, LOL XD

The event was officially started afterwards. First of all, the MC greeted audiences and telling us that we're getting into skin care and make up demo performance, and he called out Sabrina as their model. Sabrina was ready on the stage and someone on behalf of Clinique started to apply skin care products on Sabrina's face. They explained step by step of Clinique skin care routine.

After got Sabrina's face well-prepared, their Make up artist appeared and took over the stage. She would be doing natural makeup for Sabrina. Well actually I expected more dramatic makeup look, since natural makeup is too mainstream (I do natural makeup everyday, so this is not new for me). Also, I wonder why on the most of makeup demos always used colorful lighting?? I bet the lighting confused the makeup artist, and she even couldn't done the makeup nicely. Sorry for saying this, but me and my fellow bloggers reckon that she made Sabrina's eyebrows looks unnatural, and I don't blame the MUA; maybe the lighting has misled everything.

The result..

After makeup demo, there was dance performance and continued with fashion show that presented by Wacoal, an underwear and lingerie brand.

Right after the models of Wacoal appeared, we're all hysteric because they looked so stunning in nightwear. Many people (especially boys) stopped their activities and kept their eyes on this fashion show. LOL.

After fashion show, we proceed to next stage; and that was Breast Cancer Awareness talk show. They were moderator, survivors, representative from Wacoal (as sponsor that supports this campaign) and doctor.
They explained what is breast cancer, the symptoms and the way to prevent breast cancer. We also allowed to throw questions and the doctor would answer them.

They showed us this educational clip about a character named Mami Beha (Bra Mommy) that explained the ways to recognize breast lumps XD I admit this clip is great, easy to understand and entertaining.

If anyone know how to find this clip on Youtube, please let me know and I will update this post!

The talk show was over and Clinique presented them some certificates of appreciation.

Another fashion show, and this time Wacoal also collaborated with other brand (sorry I forgot the name of its brand T_T) and their collaboration was so pretty and gorgeous! These dress were available for sell and the sales would be used as charity purpose.

Last but not least, photos with my fellow bloggers!
(It's a must, isn't it? :P LOL)

with Yessica, my roommate for semi-final round Beauty Bound Asia

left to right: Shelley MUA, Nessya, me, Yessica, and Yozellyn

Dyta, me and Yessica

Meeting Gadis and Nindy for first time!

with Trixie Wilona, Shelley MUA and Sabrina. Whoah they're so gorgeously tall!

And this is goodie bag that we received from Clinique and Wacoal. Thank you! ^__^

I feel so happy could attending this event, because I could learn more about preventive actions regarding to Breast Cancer Awareness and met new friends! :D
Thank you Clinique Indonesia for having me! Thanks for reading everyone and see you on my next post!

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