Monday, July 28, 2014

Salmon Bright Facial Cream by MUKU [review]

Hello everyone~ ^____^
Lately I've got another chance to try a skincare product from Thailand, and that's Salmon Bright Facial Cream by MUKU. After tested and tried for around 2-3 weeks, finally I have proper words to write~
When you read this post, I'm currently in Bali for Vacation XD I would like to say Happy Eid Mubarak 1435 H to all my friends and readers who celebrate it ^.^

So without further ado, let's jump to the main topic~

Salmon Bright Facial Cream by MUKU

It has pretty similar packaging with KISS Whitening Cream *_* It comes in vacuum-pump jar with quite sturdy plastic material, designed with nice gold and bright blue color combination. Bright blue fish scales are printed nicely on the outer surface jar. Its box also designed with blue patterned color :) Maybe next time I will make a comparison post of this Salmon Bright & KISS ^^
Content: 15ml

Packagingnya mirip abis sama KISS Whitening Cream yang udah pernah kureview sebelumnya *_* Produk ini juga didesain dengan bentuk botol vakum dengan bahan plastik yang cukup tebal. Kombinasi warna emas dan biru mudanya cantik sekalii. Ada motif sisik ikan warna birunya juga. Box nya juga didesain dengan warna biru bermotif :) Mungkin lain kali aku akan bikin postingan tentang perbandingan Salmon Bright dan KISS ^^

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Etude House Lock 'n Summer Proof 10 Cushion Lock 'n Liner [review]

Hello everyone~ ^-^ 
Today I'd like to share a short review about  Etude House Cushion Proof 10 Cushion Lock 'n Liner~
If you don't know, Lock 'n Summer is the latest line of Etude House 

Color: BL601 GO! Blue
 I was so excited when receiving this product ^_^ This product was sponsored item.. and later on I refuse to mention their online shop name.. why? You may read more to find out why :(

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Etude House I Need You! Heart Sheet Mask [review]

I think it's been a while since my last review about sheet mask :P
To be honest I'm not a sheet mask-person who always include a sheet mask in weekly skin care routine (like mostly beauty bloggers do) XD I tried this mask few days ago because its packaging seriously attracted me a lot :p Thanks to Rini who has given me this sheet mask! 

This packaging is so cuteee.. simple yet attractive ^^ Unfortunately there are missing words here..
They should've place their complete title on the front packaging :/

Saturday, July 19, 2014

V 10 Plus Water Based Peeling [review]

Hello everyone~ ^^
Hopefully you won't get bored with my tons of reviews :p Lately I have no sufficient time to play with my eyeshadow and join any MUC :( I wish I can create new tutorial again very soon!

Anyway, I'm here to talking about my latest peeling product from V 10 Plus ^___^
Some of you probably have known about this brand, and some maybe didn't. V 10 Plus is a Japanese skincare brand :) I have reviewed their 2 products HERE.

Good news for us, because V 10 Plus has officially "invading" Indonesia XD
It's V 10 Plus Water Based Peeling~
For Indonesian market, V 10 Plus released this product not in their usual tube, but in 10 sachets wrapped in a folder. Jadi ini bukan sample ya sodara-sodara ^___^ Khusus untuk Indonesia, V 10 Plus ngga ngeluarin packaging dalam bentuk tube, tapi dalam bentuk 10 sachets yang dimasukin di satu map.
Tujuan ditiadakannya packaging yang tube adalah, untuk mengurangi cost / biaya yang ada, sehingga harga jual produk juga bisa lebih murah :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Born Pretty Store: Brown False Lashes [review]

Hello everyone! I'm coming again with another review of Born Pretty Store false lashes!
Lately I've tried many false lashes from various brands ^^
Though I'm not a falsie person, I still need to apply falsie for special occasion :)
Now, let's talk about this Brown False Lashes from

It comes in white plain box, with heart shape clear plastic to peek the falsie design :)
I believe these false lashes are made in Taiwan :p This is my first time trying Taiwanese false lashes.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Tony Moly Backstage Eyeliner [review]

Hello everyone! ^___^
Any eyeliner junkie here? *raise my hand*. Everyone will agree if eyeliner is one of the most important parts in makeup look :) Especially for those of you who likes natural makeup look.
Few months ago, finally I could tried the famous gel eyeliner from Tony Moly :D Tony Moly Backstage Eyeliner토니모리 백젤 아이라이너

“Super-smooth gel eyeliner gives you a fine or blended line: apply thickly and let set, or smudge quickly for a smoky, shadowy look. Dries to a waterproof finish!”

Available in: 
01 Black, 02 Brown, 03 Pearl Brown, 04 Khaki Black, 05 Pearl Black, 06 Chocolate Brown

Now let's move to my opinion ^^

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Kanebo Lavshuca Dramatic Memory Rouge Lipstick [review]

Hello everyone! :D I guess it's been a while since my last lipstick review, isn't it?
This time I gonna quick review another lipstick from Japanese brand, Lavshuca ^___^
FYI, Lavshuca is Kanebo's drugstore brand. Actually I have received this lipstick as giveaway gift 2 years ago, but I haven't used it till since last year :) It's Lavshuca Dramatic Memory Rouge Lipstick 
Hopefully I'm not too late to post this review!

This lipstick packaging is uber cuteee! It's so princessy and looks very elegant yet fancy :D
It's dominated with dark reddish color and made from kind of acrylic material.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Diary of My Braces (Part 5): Farewell Braces! :D What's Next?

Hello everyone! I'd like to welcome my new followers ^___^ Hopefully you'll enjoy my blog!
For my old followers and my loyal readers, supposedly all of you have known that I used braces since February 2012 :) and FINALLY my braces have taken off last month :'D


It's such a long journey (long enough for me).. I used these lovely braces for around 28 months, doing monthly control routinely and this is the result of my effort :'D
pasang behel di Surabaya, pasang behel bagus di Surabaya, dokter ortodontis Surabaya, Pengalaman pasang behel
My braces was taken off on 18 June 2014..
I took few hours to write down this post, because it becomes slightly longer than I've expected. LOL.
Please continue to read if you're interested ^^

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Travel Story: Hello Again Malaysia! [Part 1]

It's been a while since my last visit to Malaysia. 
I remember that my last visit before this trip was in 2006 -__- *feel so out-of-date*
Finally I visited Malaysia again December last year, woo-hoo! ^.^

Though Malaysia is near to Indonesia, I haven't any chance to visit Malaysia (again) these past years XD
My trip was running on 10-14 December 2013 and my travel mates are my elder sister, and my sister's friends from Bandung and Jakarta ^.^

Yeah I know, finally I blog about my travel story in Malaysia 7 months later.. 
What a great procrastinator, am I? LOL :p
I forgot the exact name of this place.. I was at somewhere near Pavillion Mall :p
Are you ready to read my travel story?

Missha All-Around Safe Block Essence Sun SPF45/PA+++ [review]

Hello everyone! :D What is your must-have item for summer vacation? 
Sunblock is defintiely a MUST-have item and I would like to review my current favorite sunblock from Missha~ It's Missha All-Around Safe Block Essence SUN SPF45/PA+++
미샤 올-어라운드 세이프 블록

Box Packaging
It's pink! Its design is simple and cute :) They put extra fancy pattern all over the box.
I rarely own Missha product.. This time I got a chance to try this sun cream ^^
Thanks to W2BEAUTY!

(click read more to read complete review)