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Monday, July 28, 2014

Salmon Bright Facial Cream by MUKU [review]

Hello everyone~ ^____^
Lately I've got another chance to try a skincare product from Thailand, and that's Salmon Bright Facial Cream by MUKU. After tested and tried for around 2-3 weeks, finally I have proper words to write~
When you read this post, I'm currently in Bali for Vacation XD I would like to say Happy Eid Mubarak 1435 H to all my friends and readers who celebrate it ^.^

So without further ado, let's jump to the main topic~

Salmon Bright Facial Cream by MUKU

It has pretty similar packaging with KISS Whitening Cream *_* It comes in vacuum-pump jar with quite sturdy plastic material, designed with nice gold and bright blue color combination. Bright blue fish scales are printed nicely on the outer surface jar. Its box also designed with blue patterned color :) Maybe next time I will make a comparison post of this Salmon Bright & KISS ^^
Content: 15ml

Packagingnya mirip abis sama KISS Whitening Cream yang udah pernah kureview sebelumnya *_* Produk ini juga didesain dengan bentuk botol vakum dengan bahan plastik yang cukup tebal. Kombinasi warna emas dan biru mudanya cantik sekalii. Ada motif sisik ikan warna birunya juga. Box nya juga didesain dengan warna biru bermotif :) Mungkin lain kali aku akan bikin postingan tentang perbandingan Salmon Bright dan KISS ^^

Salmon Bright Facial Cream by MUKU

"Your solution to skin perfection"
Salmon ovary peptide whitening facial essence.

Salmon Bright contains:

- Willow Bark Extract : Natural BHA extract helps increase the efficiency of shedding dull skin cells without causing irritation thus revealing the radiant skin with naturally healthy and youthful looks
- Jojoba Oil : with the properties of nourishing and moisturizing the skin, this oil is rich in vitamin E that is a powerful antioxidant; helps protect the skin from variety of pollution
- Collagen : this collagen has the properties of building up the skin strength, keeping skin firm, smooth, look healthy, restoring rejuvenation to the face again
- Salmon Ovary Peptide : the extract contains substances beneficial to human skin which include more than 20 kinds of proteins such as Amino acid, Hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastinand antioxidants of more than 8000 type as well as more than 1000 kinds of life force-creating enzymes. So, it helps regenerate new skin cells, reduce wrinkles, increase elasticity and restore radiance to the skin.
- Sodium Hyaluronate : with the properties of helping retain and prevent the loss of water from skin cells, sodium hyaluronate therefore helps maintain softness, moisture to the skin effectively.
- Chrysanthus Bulb Extract : this extract stimulates the creation of neurontransmitters that help in the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Therefore it helps to restore elasticity to the skin, regenerate skin to be firm, and smooth. As a result, the skin becomes rejuvenated again.
- Arbutin : The ebar berry leaf extract helps inhibit enxymes in the formation of melanin pigment. So, it helps condition the skin to be whitened, and radiant naturally.

What it claims:
This product contains hydrolyzed collagen and hyaluronic acid in addition to SOP to upgrade beauty and health. Good for skin moisture, skin lightening, and anti-aging.

Salmon Bright Facial Cream by MUKU

This Salmon Bright's box is slightly larger than KISS 15ml's box, but they exactly has same jar size.
Kotaknya Salmon Bright ini sedikit lebih besar daripada kotaknya KISS, tapi ukuran botolnya sama persis dengan botol KISS yang 15ml

Salmon Bright Facial Cream by MUKU

Like I said before, it comes in vacuum-pump jar which is pretty hygienic. You only need to open the white rubber seal and press gently to obtain the cream ^___^ There's no direct contact!
Seperti yang udah aku bilang diatas, tutup botolnya ini pake sistem pompa vakum yang higienis banget. Kalian hanya perlu membuka segel karetnya pada tengah-tengahnya dan memencet area putih secara perlahan untuk mendapatkan creamnya. Jadi ngga ada kontak langsung dengan krim di dalamnya ^__^

Don't worry, you still can open the middle compartment of the packaging to see the leftover cream inside~
Tapi jangan khawatir, kalian bisa membuka packaging bagian tengahnya untuk melihat seberapa banyak sisa krim di dalamnya :)

Salmon Bright Facial Cream by MUKU

Color & Scent
Color of the cream itself is very light blue, with a hint of turquoise tint :)
It scents nice, yet not overwhelming. My BF said that its scent reminds him with shampoo scent :p LOL.

Krimnya berwarna biru muda yang terang banget, dengan sedikit warna turquoise :) Wanginya enak tapi ga berlebihan. Pacarku bilang wanginya mirip sama wangi sampo ;p hahaha

Salmon Bright Facial Cream by MUKU

It has light texture, could be spreadable easily, not thick nor sticky :D
It doesn't gives shiny or greasy effect after application~

teksturnya ringan, gampang dibaurkan, ngga kental ataupun lengket :D
Ngga ada efek berminyak / mengkilap juga setelah penggunaan

PS: I found many typos here, LOL x_x 
I tried this product on my own skin and BF's skin for whole 2 weeks. Yes, it brightens my skin tone a bit, but unfortunately it doesn't really gives significant result to my BF's tanned skin T_T
Yes, it's quite moisturizing but I have to apply it quite thick for better absorption (it means the product will runs out faster, LOL)

Aku nyobain produk ini ke kulitku dan ke kulit pacarku selama 2 minggu. Yes, hasilnya sih produk ini berhasil sedikit mencerahkan kulitku, tapi sayangnya belum ada hasil yang signifikan ke kulit pacarku yang kebanyakan berjemur ini T_T Produk ini juga cukup melembabkan sih, tapi aku perlu mengoleskannya cukup banyak supaya lebih menyerap di kulit dan jadi lembab (yang artinya produknya akan lebih cepat habis, huaaa)

is he the one who named MUKU? Aku curiga modelnya itu istrinya sendiri :p *sok tau* haha

What it claims and my personal results:

• Anti-aging (neutral - takes a long time to test it)
• Skin moisture, reduce dry skin (yes)
• Skin lightening (not really - takes a long time to test it)
• Improvement of flecks, wrinkles (not really)
• Refines facial pores and a grow to your skin (no significant result)
• Improve skin elasticity and thickness (yes)
• Enhances skin texture (yes)

you might wonder why I wore same clothes in 2 weeks.. it was my pajamas, LOL XD

Does it works? It brightens my skin tone little bit, reduces dryness on my skin and kinda makes my T-zone less oily. It does good job as morning moisturizer, but not moist enough for night cream.

Ngefek kah? Produk ini berhasil untuk sedikit mencerahkan kulit ku, mengurangi kekeringan di kulit dan mengurangi minyak di area T-zone ku. Cukup oke untuk pelembab pagi, tapi kurang melembabkan sebagai krim malam.

sorry for the annoying watermark, I reupload this photo because someone (or more) has stolen my photo & cropped my watermark :/ so inappropriate!
sorry for exposing your pores, babe! >_< LOL

Does it works? There's no significant result in brightening factor. His pores also still quite visible. The good news is, his skin texture is slightly improved XD FYI, he has normal-combination skin type,

Since he's bad at paying attention to his before-after skin condition and unable to gives proper testimony for my review research, I only can observe from outer appearance of his skin '___' (I wonder why most of men can't be at least have some awareness in taking care of their skin x_x I have to remind him every night and morning, to always apply his skincare products, LOL)

Ngefek kah? Belum ada hasil yang signifikan dalam hal mencerahkan kulit si dia >_< Apa mungkin karena dia pakenya terlalu tipis jadi progressnya lebih lama ya? Pori-porinya juga masih keliatan. Tapi kabar baiknya sih tekstur kulitnya sedikit membaik dan sedikit keliatan lebih "terawat" XD Oh iya, jenis kulitnya itu normal kombinasi..

Karena pacarku ini kurang perhatian sama kondisi kulitnya, lumayan susah kalo harus menjadikannya kelinci percobaan skincare ku hehehehe.. Soalnya aku harus rajin-rajin ngingetin dia pagi dan malem supaya ngga lupa pake '___'

Salmon Bright Facial Cream by MUKU

Salmon Bright Facial Cream by MUKU

Pros (+)
+ Brightens my skin little bit
+ Quite moisturizing
+ Nice packaging
+ Help to repair skin texture 
+ Doesn't break out my skin

Sedikit mencerahkan kulitku, cukup melembabkan, packagingnya bagus, membantu untuk memulihkan kondisi kulit, dan ngga bikin bruntusan.

Cons (-)
- Does nothing with large pores
- Need a long time use to see the brightening effect
- We should apply it quite thick, so it will absorbs better into our skin (it means the cream will runs out faster)
- Quite pricey

ngga ngefek untuk pori-pori besar, butuh waktu yang cukup lama untuk melihat hasil yang signifikan, krimnya bakal lebih cepet habis kalo kita mengoleskannya agak tebal, harganya lumayan mahal.


I think this cream will works best for everyone who has normal & oily skin type. If you have dry skin, you might need another lotion/cream to complement this Salmon Bright (because IMHO it's not moist enough as night cream). If you want to brighten your skin tone, don't forget to use this cream regularly (and thickly) to see the significant result :)

Thank you for reading guys! ^_^
Hopefully this review is helpful!
Happy holiday everyoneeee 

Disclaimer: this product was sent to me for review purpose. I'm not being paid to do this review. 
However all my opinion are honest and based on personal experience.


  1. The packaging is so cute ~ I never pay attention for Thailand skincare though, it's somehow being un-reliable for me. But I I think it's works to brighten your face :)

    1. Yes it brightens my face a bit ^^
      Need a long time to achieve a significant result though

  2. cuteness overload loh! I think I prefer the kiss mask rather than this, while they're both expensive, don't you? ^_^ curious with the snow gold mask that's booming too

    1. Iya they both are expensive >.<
      Too many brightening Thailand products out there, so confusing haha

  3. Cute packaging! ^^
    Your boyfriend wore the same shirt after two weeks. Hehe..
    It did have a lightening effect on you... :)

    BTW, I nominated you as Beauty Blogger of the Month!

    For the rules, check out the original post here:


    1. Yes, you noticed it XD LOL
      he accidentally wore same shirt after 2 weeks haha. Aww thank you ^^

  4. packagingnya lucu, warna creamnya jg lucu :D ternyata jarnya kecil ya. btw, itu creamnya lasts brapa bulan?


    1. Iya kecil soalnya 15ml sih ^^
      Sekitar 1-2 bln tergantung pemakaian :) ini pny ku blm abis sih, aku ngirit2 pkenya XD

  5. Oh very cute packaging, very nice effect thank you for your review sweetie!

  6. Aku suka wanginya Shel ^0^
    Wah cowokmu mau ya dijadiin model, cowokku udah nolak duluan kalo mau dijadiin model hahaha... Cepet married Shel biar bisa dipakein tiap hari :p

    1. Iya cowok ku jg suka ma wanginya ci XD mau jd model stlh stgh kupaksa wkwk. Iyaa ci klo uda serumah nanti lbh gampang jadiin dia kelinci percobaan hahaha

  7. Packagingnya cute n wrnanya cantik..
    Mmg skincare Thailand bikin ngiler yaa.. hihi
    Km Cute bgt non ♥

  8. Great review! I love the photos you took~ *u* I think the packaging is nice but it's too bad it takes a while for the brightening effect to work D: Thank you for sharing this!
    -Kiyomi xx

  9. harganya berapa ce?
    packaging nya mirip banget ama K.I.S.S yah

    1. Lupaaa.. lgs tny ke sellernya aja yaa ^^
      Iya miripp hehe

  10. duhh kamu unyuh banget sih berdua hihihi...
    ini produk thai lagi booming banget yaaaa, bagus deh cocok sm kamu XD

  11. Hi^^ aku mau tanya jadi bagusan mana yaa sm kiss?

    1. klo menurutku efeknya lbh keliatan kiss ^^


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