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KISS Whitening Collagen Cream Mask [review]

Hello everyone! ^___^ Today I'd like to share my thoughts about KISS Whitening Collagen Cream Mask!
I think everyone is currently raving about this skincare product from Thailand. You can find tons of reviews from other beauty bloggers :) Thankfully, I was lucky enough to win a giveaway from Kiss Skincare Indonesia  and now I present to you my review after using this cream mask for almost 4 weeks! :)

I got mine in 15ml. KISS cream mask is available in 15ml and 30ml :)
To be honest, I think its packaging is pretty elegant and not look cheap :) It comes in vacuum-pump with secure cap. You need to press the pump few times to obtain the cream. Pretty convenient and so hygienic, little bit bulky though. Not so travel friendly, you should transfer it into small jar if you intend to bring this KISS cream mask for your trip :)

The overnight cream mask that restores radiance, clarity & suppleness to all skin types. Formulated with collagen extract, alpha arbutin, vitaminc C+ and natural extracts, the cream mask diminishes the appearance of pores, support natural nourishment, exfoliates and addresses impurities.
TFDA and GMP certified. This product doesn't contains steroids or mercury. Suitable for all skin type, including oily skin type and sensitive skin.

Price: IDR 300.000 (around $30) for 15ml 
and IDR 450.000 (around $45) for 30ml

How to use (instructions)
Apply an evenly generous layer to face and neck 2 times a week. Leave the cream on skin overnight, then rinse with soap and water next day.

credit: KissSG

copyright Kiss of Beauty Co,Ltd

FYI, I'm really grateful that I have minimum blemishes, have no acne scars, have no large pores and have normal-combination skin type. Usually I only get regular acne on my period ^_^ Let's see how it works on my skin, shall we?

Cream in Jar? Yay or Nay?
Cream in jar never been this hygienic! It's so convenient and you don't need to dip your finger inside the jar to obtain the cream ^___^ Anyway don't worry, you can see the leftover cream inside by twist the lid on the middle compartment.

It also comes in seal, so you will know whether it's a new or pre-loved product ;)

Press gently to obtain the cream, I have no complain about it ^___^ I also can estimate the right amount for my face and neck. Usually I need 2-3 small pumps for face and 1 small pump for neck.

Texture & Scent
It has creamy thick texture, yet still can be spread easily :D It absorbs easily into my skin without leaving greasy or sticky feeling. Super love! 
It has mild scent which is not bothering at all :)

this is NOT before after, but the condition of my left and right cheek after using this cream for 3 weeks
Since my skin is quite fair already, I can't see differences between before and after in whitening feature >___< It's so hardly noticeable! But yeah, my becomes EXTREMELY SMOOTH now *____* Seriously..
I can't stop touching my cheeks XDD and it also slightly brightens my blemishes in this 3 weeks ^__^

I only wore thin layer of BB Cream, highlighter and eyeliner
Pros (+)
+ Makes my skin extremely smooothhhh! *Q*
+ Makes my skin become supple, look healthier and slightly brighter
+ Brightens my blemishes
+ Steroid and mercury-free

Cons (-)
- Little bit bulky
- Quite pricey (but totally worth it!)


Where to buy?
Kiss Skincare Indonesia
Instagram: @kissskincareindonesia
WA: +6281934251589
LINE/SMS: 081934251589

Okay thanks for reading everyone ^___^
Hopefully this review is informative and useful enough!
See ya on my next post :D

Disclosure: I'm not sponsored or getting paid for do this review. I got this product as giveaway prize, and my opinion is honest and based on my personal experience :)


  1. I agree with you! I've never seen such hygienic jar before. Totally love their packaging.


  2. Ahhhh sama ce aku juga dapettt akkk
    Congrats ya ce ,muka cece flawless bangettt ^^

    1. congrats yaa angie ^^ hehe
      makasihh dear <3

  3. Aaaaa Shel, pengen coba T_T
    Racun banget nih Kiss, tapi harganya gak nahan hahaha. Kulitmu bagus banget Shel, semoga kulitku tar bisa begitu :D

    1. hehe iya tp yg 15ml msh lumayan terjangkau ci ^^ cobain samplenya dulu aja..
      aminn2, thank you ci <3

  4. Aduh kulit cc mulus sekaliiiiii >w<
    Jd pengen nyoba jg tp lumayan mahal yaa ._.

    1. Puji Tuhan kulitku ngga pernah aneh2 la >.< *bersyukur sangat*
      iyaa harganya lumayan sih, tp pakenya cukup hemat kok XD hehe

  5. Waaaa jadi mulus banget vi!! Gokiill.. udah lama gak liat produk emejing kaya ginii..XD

  6. sheeel, aku pingin ini XD banyak yg bilang bagus huhuhuu nyesel waktu itu ga pilih kiss :( malah milih naked T_T

    The Journey

    1. Iya ce sayang bgt yaaa wkt itu ga milih kiss >.<

  7. ak cobain jgaaa ci sample nya emg bagus *u*
    ngiri sama kulit cc >,<

    1. hehe iya bagus yaa ^^
      thank you dear :'D Puji Tuhan kulit ini ga pernah aneh2

  8. Hi,

    I really liked your review!!!

    I hope to find it on ebay

  9. skrg ada yg baru shel, young mask namanya.. penasaran jg pengen coba... hihi
    km masih rutin pakai ini? ak skrg jarang..suka emg kl sleeping mask ga bisa trll sering nanti katanya wajah jd kebal n kurang bekerja baik wkwk

    1. young mask? o_O ahaha
      aku jrg2 aja pakenya wie ^^
      iya ga boleh sering2 >.<

    2. Oh baru tau kalo sleeping mask ga boleh sering-sering. So, penggunaan sleeping mask harusnya dipake berapa lama sekali??

    3. sorry br smpt bales be >_< 1-2x seminggu :)

  10. makin penasaran sama produk ini, tapi harganya itu loh... mahal banget :D
    bahkan untuk share nya pun kerasa mahal ,, hahaha

    1. Sorry br bls >_<
      Iya nihh memang mahal tp kualitas sebanding hrgnya hehe^^

  11. wahh jadi pengen
    tapi sayangnya harganya mahal sekalee. samplenya kalo ga salah mahal juga -_-"

  12. Did you only use this at night? And did it help with any acne scars or pores?

    1. Sorry for late reply >■<
      Yes I only use it at night. It help to brightens my acne scars a bit (it takes a quite long time to see the significant result) but sorry I don't know if it will works on pores or not, because I have no large pores >_<

  13. nice review kak ^^
    pengen juga, tapi gak kuat harganya kak :( tapi ngiler juga. ahuhuu T.T

    1. thank you <3
      mungkin bs coba yg sharenya dulu say ^^

  14. The packaging is pretty~ ^ 3 ^
    I like that it makes skin brighter and smoother! ^ __ ^

  15. Ini bikin muka ku breakout parah vee TT_____TT

    1. really?? too bad it doesn't works on you dear T_T
      memang tetep ada faktor cocok2an sih

  16. Jadi pingin nyoba nih, secara kulit cc parah banget discoloration n bekas2 jerawatnya :(
    Can you recommend serum yg bagus apa ya say?

    1. iya ce ini bagus kok hehe ^^
      serum ya.. aku baru prnh coba 2 serum seumur hidupku wkwk jadinya kurang ahli kalo masalah serum..
      tp aku suka serum OST Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum ^^

  17. wah CC cantik yah #ehsalahfokus hehehe pengen nyobain ini C, berkat review CC saya jd rajin menabung!


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