Wednesday, May 14, 2014

4Minute Whatcha Doin Today Makeup Collaboration

Yay for another makeup collaboration! ^____^ 
I guess I'm the last member of the team who finally posted about this collaboration ;__;
Sorry I was so busy lately, and I have no sufficient time to do photo editing.. Finally I managed some time to edit those photos and make some drafts for upcoming posts ;)
Thanks to Lala who has invited me to join this collaboration 

Well, if you're not familiar with K-pop.. let me inform you that 4Minute is one of famous K-pop girlband :)
To be honest, I also hardly memorize their faces LOL. I only know Hyunah XD

The song itself is pretty catchy and energetic ;) Which member that you like most from 4Minute?
Click read more if you are interested to know our re-create inspired makeup look and tutorial ^__^

Hyunah in 4minute Whatcha Doin Today MV

I can't see her eye makeup clearly due to her long bangs >___<

Hyunah's image is completely different with my image '___' She's 2 years younger than me, but WHY I'm look like a teenage compared to her?? >___< LOL
Personally I like Hyunah's makeup, so I decided to recreate her makeup! I'm sorry that I'm not sexy nor pretty enough XDD

I dunno why, but my phone camera could capture the color of my lipstick better than my Mirrorless Cam '___' It caused by different lighting I guess.. Whatsoever, this is my final look!

What do you think about my re-create makeup look? Sorry if it's not similar >_<
I've done my best to recreate her makeup look T_T

Anyway, please kindly visit my girls' makeup look as well ^^

It was a nice collaboration! Thank you for letting me join, fellas!

4Minute - Whatcha Doin Today MV

And Yes, Hyunah is ALWAYS look overly sexy @___@
Haha, thanks for reading and bye for now 


  1. I like the black liner on half of your lower lashes.... Pretty..

    Jean Milka

  2. bagus tutorialnya shel u_u
    cuma keliatan kurang cetar aja merah lipstiknya, mgkn lighting itu yah ..
    hmm, mau koreksi, bukannya pake contact lens mending sebelum pake make-up ya shel ? cmiiw
    overall nicee, cantikk ..

    1. sebenarnya lipsticknya Hyunah itu lebih ke arah pink yg bold sih >.< tp aku ga pny lipstick yg wrnnya kayak gitu.. jadi campur2 aja warnanya di lip palette..
      Sama aja kok sebenernya ^^ boleh setelah atau sebelum pake eye makeup..
      Thank youu ♥

  3. Wahhh Shelll, cantik banget ^3^
    Suka lihat rambut kamu dicepol gitu mirip korean people ^_^
    Love your tutorial, sering-sering Shel buat tutorial ^0^

    1. Thank youu cc ♥
      Kalo pas waktunya memungkinkan pasti kubikin ce ^^ hehe

  4. I really like your inspired makeup! You are so cute girl! ^__^

    ❤ ✿ VISIT MY BLOG ✿ ❤

  5. beneeer ce shelvi sama hyuna masih keliatan lebih muda cc lho wkwk xD
    btw keliatan lebih dewasa ce, cantiik <3

    1. Wkwk lebih tepatnya aku kayak anak2 sih klo dibandingkan Hyunah >__<
      Hyunah muka dan badannya dewasa polll! Y_Y

  6. Unyu shell :*
    Lama kali beta tak main2 ke kau punya blog wkwk

    1. Gitaaa iyaa km lama ga mampir T.T
      Lama ga ngeblog jg wkwk
      Thank you <3

  7. Chantik bgt… beda bgt rambutnya d cepol gtu

  8. I think it's hard to beat Hyunah's sexiness... >.< hahaha
    You look so gorgeous Shel... and cute >,<

    Kayaknya aku tahu apa yang bikin kurang seksi... eye makeup-mu kurang smokey bagian bawahnya.. :D tapi secara keseluruhan, make up mu yang ini bagus Shel :D

  9. Duh suka liat aplikasi eyeliner-nya >.<

  10. kak cantik deh bibirnya imut. >,< cocok sama warna lipstiknya.


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