Saturday, May 31, 2014

Diamond Lash - Dolly Eye False Lashes [review]

Hello everyone! ^^ I guess this is my first time reviewing Japanese False Lashes :p
Actually I have bought this falsie since May last year but I always forget to capture some proper photos and review it >__< hahaha. I bought this falsie with help from my friend, Stella; in one of her visit to Japan last year. Yeah, Diamond Lash is tempting so I couldn't help myself to not try it XD

I present to you~ Diamond Lash - Dolly Eye 
I have used 2 pairs of 5 pairs :p
Simple yet attractive  Diamond Lash always comes in 5 pairs in a box, and much cheaper than Dolly Wink False Lashes ;) The only downside of their packaging is, there's no English translation at all '___'

My photo of this product last year (when it was still brand new)
Dunno why its color looks purple-ish than magenta >___<

Like I said before, there's no English translation '___' 
Bad news for me.. Because I only can read Hiragana.. OTL

I love this falsie design! Quite natural, and cute :D It gives dolly effect!
Diamond Lashes also have strong black band, and not gonna be torn easily :)

This false lashes is reusable, I can wear a pair of Diamond Lash false lashes for up to 5-7 times ^_^
Don't forget to clean it properly after used it :)

I still can feel wear "something" on my eyes, but it's still bearable. Meanwhile, Diamond Lashes is quite light-weighted and fits to my eye size perfectly! ^^

I also wore this falsie on this Japanese High School Makeup Look ^_^

Overall Thoughts
This is my first Japanese False Lashes ^__^ and I love it!
I love the dolly effect and its durability :D The price is pretty decent and so worth to try!

Pros (+)
+ Nice quality
+ It's quite lightweight
+ Reusable & durable ^_^
+ Get 5 pairs in a box
+ Affordable (if you buy directly in Japan)

Cons (-)
- It looks little bit shiny under the lighting
- Expensive in Indonesia


So what's your favorite Japanese brand false lashes? ^__^
Thanks for reading and until next time! xx


  1. jadinya natural ya shel ^^
    ahhh pretty as usual <3

    1. iyaa ga terlalu mencolok wie hehe ^^
      thank you dear <3

  2. diamond lash is good and worth to try. harga nya juga ga semahal Dolly Wink. Dolly Wink berasa banget boooo. XD Sebenernya ada lashes yang 2 pair dan harga nya kl d indo lumayan beda jauh sm dolly wink, tapi ga semurah Diamond Lash. Itu merknya D.U.P. the quality is as good as Dolly Wink x) Kalo suka lashes banget, diamond lash helps very much. Paling byk model nya dan paling banyak pair nya xD Beside DL masih ada Eyemazing. Itu juga bagus kok, cuman di aku agak kepanjangan @_@ hihihi

    1. D.U.P dan eyemazing ya? boleh dicoba kpn2 san hehe ^^
      thank you for your recommendation yaaa <3

  3. So beautiful lashes!
    You are so cute doll as always! ^^

    ❤ ✿ MY BLOG ✿ ❤

  4. Aku suka nih sama designnya *,* bisa dipakai ke acara semi-formal karena terlihat natura *,*
    Oh iya Shel, dasar bulu mata palsu Diamond Lash ini lentur nggak? :O
    Anyway, you look pretty as always Shel :3

    1. iyaa keliatan natural hehe ^^
      lumayan lentur kok dil :D
      thank you dear :*

  5. Harganya berapa ce?? Bagus loh ce
    Cocok di cc
    Cute as always ^^

    1. kapan hr aku beli sekitar IDR 140k-160k :D *lupa
      thank you Patricia ^^

  6. kalo mau yang lebih lentur dan natural, ambilnya yang box ijo shel hehehehe :D glad you like it!
    aku sih kurang suka pake yang pink, demenan yang ungu kalo mau glamorous, ato yang ijo buat natural XD

    1. Thanks for your help Stell <3
      Hehe lain kali dah aku koleksi yg lain jg ^3^

  7. ak jarang pake falsies sih cm si diamond lashes ini bagus2 yaa modelnya :D
    dipake sama cc jg natural bagus jadinya ;3 hehe pretty as usual~

    1. iya sama, cuma dipake utk foto2 aja XD
      thank you cel ^3^

  8. Bagus banget shel false lashesnya, kelihatan natural. Ih suka banget hasilnya pas diaplikasiin di matamu shel ^3^

  9. Lucu banget. Keliatan lentik natural. Jadi pengen nyoba XD

  10. Natural banget ya.... tapi sayang mahal ya... box nya juga pink gitu , cantik :)

    1. Iya tp hrgnya lbh terjangkau dibandingkan yg dollywink ^^ kualitasnya oke bgt da reusable kok hehe

  11. Looks cutee <3 diamond lash have a cute desing but I prefer buy ebay eyelashes uvu more cheap and are confort ;O; its a good review

  12. bagus hasilnya di matamu XD Softlensnya merk apa? cantik :D :D hehe


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