Sunday, July 20, 2014

Etude House I Need You! Heart Sheet Mask [review]

I think it's been a while since my last review about sheet mask :P
To be honest I'm not a sheet mask-person who always include a sheet mask in weekly skin care routine (like mostly beauty bloggers do) XD I tried this mask few days ago because its packaging seriously attracted me a lot :p Thanks to Rini who has given me this sheet mask! 

This packaging is so cuteee.. simple yet attractive ^^ Unfortunately there are missing words here..
They should've place their complete title on the front packaging :/

This mask sheet contains 5 kinds of sweet berry extract (Blueberry, Acai Berry, Raspberry, Blackberry, Strawberry) full of antioxidants and vitamins for a lovely complexion

Content: 20ml
Use immediately after opening!

It scents very nice! I think it's berries scent ^^ So calming, sweet and relaxing XD
Everyone will love its scent for sure, unless you have very sensitive skin and might skip this one :)

Its size perfectly fit on my face :)
I have no complain about its size~

Am I sexy? LOL. Sorry for harsh background edit XD I was in rush *looking for excuse*
It moisturizing my skin well, my face feel refreshed and suppler afterwards..
Unfortunately some parts of my face feel so itchy during application and it's quite bothering. I'm not sure if that is caused by existence of fragrance or not.. '__' But the itchiness is gone after I remove the sheet mask. So it's not a big deal!

Pros (+)
+ Cute packaging
+ Nice scents (berries scents)
+ Moisturizing my skin well
+ Refreshing my skin
+ Loads of much essence
+ Good for relaxing

Cons (-)
- There's no significant result after application
- Little bit itchy during application
(it depends on everyone's different skin condition)


Please take a note if you can't achieve significant result in any instant step ^_^
Of course you still need proper skin care routine and don't forget to exfoliate before use any sheet mask :D


Anyway guys, do you know about a online store named Elevenia?

Aku cukup tertarik dengan konsep e-commerce yang mereka pake :) Sistem belanjanya bukan sistem belanja yang konvensional seperti pada umumnya, tapi dengan platform open marketplace. Jadi sejenis website yang tersedia sebagai medium antara seller dan buyer. Dan bedanya mereka juga memakai sistem Escrow yang menjamin transaksi akan berjalan aman ^_^ Info lengkap di SINI.

Ada macem-macem kategori di Elevenia, salah satunya kategori Kosmetik dan Perawatan pribadi :)

Yang mau cari product perawatan bibir juga bisa, banyak tersedia di Elevenia :D

Ada banyak sellers yang jual macem-macem produk di Elevenia, dicari aja mana yang paling cocok menurut prefrensi produk dan harga masing-masing :) Silahkan browsing-browsing sampe puas deh, LOL.
Semoga makin banyak deh koleksi kosmetik dengan harga terjangkau di Elevenia ^_^


I think that's all for now~
See ya on my next post and thanks for reading :)


  1. Hohoho, aku belum coba nih mask sheet dari Etude House yang seri i need you. Kebanyakan mask sheet dapet dari giveaway atau hadiah hihi. Seger kalo habis pake mask sheet, kulit jadi terasa fresh ^0^
    Nice review ^_^

    Oh ya, Ikutan giveawayku yuk Shel ^_^

    1. iya jd fresh ya ci ^^
      aku suka males sih pake sheet mask, wkwk
      cuma kalo pas inget aja XD

  2. Oh love the packaging! I am not usually one to rave about a sheet mask either, but I may buy it just for the packaging ^^

    Kay ♡ imladiiekay

  3. Emang ya.. Masker etude tuh semua nya cute abis.. Sempat dulu kepikiran beli apa aja dari etude, hukan karena khasiatnya tapi karena tergila2 sama packing nya yg lucu2 hahahaha..

  4. iya ce aku juga rada gatel pake sheet masknya tapi bukan seri yang ini >.<)a
    Makanya rada males pake sheet mask ._. Udah gitu hasilnya nggak langsung keliatan T.T
    anw nice post ce ^^


  5. oh that packaging is also cute. I also that kind of person who's gonna buy something cos of cute packaging design. Nice review dear <3

    kindly check out my blog
    xx Diras Fashion blogger

  6. aw the packaging is soo adorable ♥ I would love to try it too but I'm a bit scared because my skin is sensitive skin and acne prone T T I'm really scared to get a break out when it itches on the skin while using it T T



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