Thursday, July 10, 2014

Tony Moly Backstage Eyeliner [review]

Hello everyone! ^___^
Any eyeliner junkie here? *raise my hand*. Everyone will agree if eyeliner is one of the most important parts in makeup look :) Especially for those of you who likes natural makeup look.
Few months ago, finally I could tried the famous gel eyeliner from Tony Moly :D Tony Moly Backstage Eyeliner토니모리 백젤 아이라이너

“Super-smooth gel eyeliner gives you a fine or blended line: apply thickly and let set, or smudge quickly for a smoky, shadowy look. Dries to a waterproof finish!”

Available in: 
01 Black, 02 Brown, 03 Pearl Brown, 04 Khaki Black, 05 Pearl Black, 06 Chocolate Brown

Now let's move to my opinion ^^

This gel eyeliner comes in super sturdy plastic material and attached brush. Makes everything easier without  hassle ^_^ This eyeliner is quite handy and not bulky as well!
Mine is in 01 Black 블랙

Content: 4g
Price: $12.25

Mine is in 01 Black

There is a separator inside, unfortunately its separator is too loose.. 
and it falls easily whenever I open the cap x_x

The size of the applicator is nice, and the brush itself is quite soft and doesn't hurt my eyes.
I need around 2 minutes each eye to create precise eyeliner ^___^

It has creamy texture and easy to apply :) SUPER LOVE!
This is my 4th gel eyeliner after Etude House Code B, Silky Girl Intense, and Revlon
(I forgot to review the Revlon one, anyone interested if I review it someday?), and texture of Tony Moly Backstage Eyeliner is the best! ^__^

Ultra black color with slight shiny finish. Easy to glides and doesn't drag my eyelid :D
Its brush also very helpful to draw line~

For the staying power is quite good. It could stays for more than 6 hours on my eyelid :D
It will stays longer if I apply eye primer underneath (stays for 8-10 hours).
Unfortunately, It started to smudges after 4-5 hours >___<

Yeah, you'll longer see me in braces anymore ^-^
Read my story about braces HERE.

Overall Thoughts
It might not the best gel liner, but it's a good product ^.^ I like to use it for everyday or special occasion. It's waterproof and quite smudgeproof, but not oilproof. I want to try other color someday :D

Pros (+)
+ Nice creamy texture
+ Ultra black color
+ Available in many colors
+ Easy to use
+ Waterproof
+ Quite smudgeproof
+ Not bulky
+ Can last for 6-7 hours on my eyelid 

Cons (-)
- Not oil-proof
- Smudges after 4-5 hours


Surely I will give more points if it doesn't smudges on my eyelid >_<
Eye primer is absolutely needed if you want to wear this all day :)

Where to buy?

They ship worldwide and will provide lots of samples as bonus ^_^
Trust me, Alice (the owner) is one of the most friendly online store owners ever!
I'm so satisfied with their reliable and fast service :)

What's your HG gel liner?
Thanks for reading all :D


  1. OMG I have this in my wish list and sounds are good item <3 nice review ;u;
    I want it ~~

  2. Pilihan warnanya bnyk yah :D
    Tp aku jrg bgt pke eyeliner ._.
    Imutnya km Vee :D

  3. I'm still using my Code B (second jar) and love it. Wanted try this Tony Moly but the smudge it's a problem to me (I'm always cooking and love to use onions and therefore, cry a lot xD), so I'm thinking to buy the Clio's Killer Black brush liner.

    Have a nice weekend ^^

    1. wow you've finished your 1st jar? I wonder if Etude House drawing show gel liner has same/even better quality with the Code B :D
      I also want to try Clio's Killer someday ^^

    2. Couldn't finish it lol, it dried before and expired then, So had to open the second jar.
      I believe drawing show gel liner it's the same code B, had that feeling about it :P. About that Clio, some people say it's the best and since my hand it's not reliable I need it.

  4. aakhhh, makin pengen beliii. cantik ce. :)

  5. belum pernah pakai yg gel. biasanya pakai yg cair. hehe
    tapi itu hasilnya bagus ya >,< itu berapaan kak? :)
    nice review ^^

  6. nah nah sama kayak eyeliner gelnya maybelline deh ka itu, setelah beberapa jam hilang entah kemana XD

  7. aku dulu suka banget sama gel eyeliner, tp skrg lbh suka yg kuasnya suka kering huhuw
    tp punya tony moly ini wajib coba nih.. hihi

    1. kalo kuasnya hrs rajin2 dibersihin pake makeup remover biar ga kering wie ^^

  8. penasaran sama gel eyeliner ini, kalo ga salah gel eyeliner nya tony moly ini terkenal banget apalagi karena tahan lama. tapi masih ga smudgeproof ya?

    1. iya masih agak smudge nih >_< namanya jg gel liner yaa lama2 smudge hiks

  9. Yihaaa, cantik Shel ^0^
    Kenapa ya rata-rata gel eyeliner staying powernya biasa banget apalagi untuk eyelid yang cepet oily ya T_T (nasib punya kulit oily hahaha)
    Nice review Shel ^_^

    1. thank you ci :*
      iya kalo eyelidnya oily better pake eye primer sebelumnya sih >.<

  10. Foto yang terakhir aku suka shel.. imut banget. Kalo aku pake scoths/selotip mata, aku jarang pake gel liner. Susah dibaurkan ke scothnya. Eyeliner liquid masih tetep jadi pilihanku. Setiap hari aku sll pake scoth.hehehe

  11. it's currently in my wishlist,
    interested in making giveaway with this as prize?? hahahaha
    u're beautiful as always<3

    1. How could do you know what's in my mind? XD Hahaha
      please stay tune for my upcoming giveaway ^_^

    2. I didn't know u replaying this!!! Hahaha, I join that mini giveaway!
      Fighting for this awesome blog!!><

  12. Love Tony Moly products!
    And love your contact lenses, so cute! :)

  13. wow.. looks great, not sure if this selling here.

  14. bagus ce~
    smudge nya ga separah yang aku pake sekarang. aku pake gel liner dari wardah

  15. duh.. nih eyeliner idaman banget >.<
    warnanya pekat dan brushnya keliatan bagus

  16. Ce, kalau sama mamonde gel eyeliner bagus mana?


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