Saturday, March 3, 2012

DIY: How to revive your dried gel eyeliner

Do you have any problem with your dried gel eyeliner? =( I do
My favorite gel eyeliner, Etude House Code B strong eyes cream liner dried few months ago.
I have been used this gel eyeliner more than 1 year.. and haven't finish up it yet >w<
(I'm barely use eyeliner, unless for hang out or special occasion)
T-T so sad my gel eyeliner got dried..

Don't be saaaaaaaaddddd!!! There's solution for you =D
NOW.. you can try this DIY how to revive your dried gel eyeliner!! ^-^

 What do you need?
1. a dried gel eyeliner
2. an eye drops (i used Visine)
3. an eye brush
4. a Q-tip / cotton bud

PS: don't use liquid for contact lenses, because it has different effect :)


I need 4 drops to make my dried gel eyeliner is getting wet and ready to be mixed.
It depends the dryness of your gel eyeliner ^^
Mix it with any eye brush, or you can use toothpick. But brush gives better result.

Don't worry if your gel eyeliner is getting too wet, you can absorb the excess with q-tip / cotton bud :))


I'm so happy can use my gel eyeliner again ^,^ 
You can repeat this DIY if your gel eyeliner dries again :)
Tips: try to finish up your gel eyeliner in 1 year before it's getting dry
(like mine x___x)

I got this inspiration from this blog post :D thanks

Do you have any dried gel eyeliner?
Let me know if you succeed with this DIY ^w^

Thank you for reading =)
Hope it helpful! 


  1. wah coba aku tau caranya, dulu gel linerku juga kering terus aku buang >.<

    thank you for sharing this :D

    ku follow blognya. Love it^^

  2. thank's for the review..
    I have this Code B Strong Eye Cream eyeliner..and it's cracked like yours becoz I leave it open for one night..T_T
    I will try it soon..:)

  3. thank you for the tips! i have the same etude house code b gel eye liner too, and it's dried too!

  4. Waahh.. Tipsnya sangat berguna. Kebetulan di rumah ada maybelline gel liner yg udah kering, mungkin bisa diselamatkan ^^
    Anyway, salam kenal, aku follow blognya ya. Follow aku juga yaa.. ;)

    1. yuppp ^^ jgn buru2 dibuang, hrs coba diselamatkan dulu :D
      okeee ;)

  5. cool tips! :D

  6. will definitely try this if my MAC fluidline dry :P amazing. thanks for sharing :3

  7. what if I use Visto??
    it is also an eyedrop product.

    1. It's totally ok :) as long as you only use eyedrop product.

  8. Thank you so much!! ヽ(^。^)ノㄟ(≧◇≦)ㄏ

  9. I have this same eyeliner!
    I know, at this year >_<, but my hubby bought me two when he was in S.Korea, and the previous one got dried and tried to fix it with vaseline and worked nice ^^.

  10. This post is.very helpful,, thanks...


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