Saturday, March 3, 2012

Acnes UV tint SPF 30 PA++ [review]

Hi girls ^^ today i want to share about Acnes UV tint :)
again, one of my February Haul products.. other reviews will coming up soon ^^
I bought this product because I was looking for UV sunscreen with high SPF.
I didn't really understand what is "tint" means for this product ._. LOL
 It claims: anti-bacterial, has vitamin E & B6, can be used as make up base, and for skin care.
 All direction is written in Indonesian ^^

The 1st time when I used it, I'm quite shock because when I poured up into my hand palm, only water came out! Then I just realized that you need shake it well first, before use it.. -.-" *Shy*
After shake it well, the light beige liquid came out. Very sheer. Like a watery light foundation.
Then, I'm understood that this is kind of a tinted moisturizer. Acnes UV tint is a UV sunscreen lotion with light beige color.

When I applied it on my face, I didn't feel anything unless an uneasy feeling. Because color of my lotion / moisturizer MOSTLY is in white or clear lotion. Never been in light beige color.. ._. (i'm so sorry because i'm so dorky.. I also never use tinted moisturizer before XD)

Ah, I'm so sorry that I forgot to take pictures some swatches of this product >_< I'll give you picture from you can also read her review about this product :) this product works well for her.

I only tried this Acnes UV tint for 3-4 days, and I decided to stop use this product.. >_< i prefer an ordinary UV sunscreen lotion with white colored lotion! LOL

What I love <3
+ can prevent acne
+ SPF 30 PA++
+ has vitamin E & B6
+ has very light for everyday
+ cheap

What I hate </3
- Breaks my skin out T___T
- didn't suit for my skin
- itchy


Re-purchase? of course not.. >_< this product isn't for me

Every different person has different reaction for every skin care product, I didn't say this product is bad.. :p
Have you tried this Acnes UV tint? :)


  1. Too bad it break you out.. >.< It work just fine on me :)


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