Friday, March 2, 2012

Changing my blog's template

Hi everyone, i just got tweets from one of my friend in twitter due to my blog's template issue..
She said that she can't leave comment on my blog because there's no column to write down captcha for comment security :S
I'm quite shock! then, i understand the matters.. because i ever got same problem with one of other blogger's blogs..
thanks to sis Yohana for reminding me.. :)

So I decided to use a template from blogspot instead :))
Just make it simple.. and in the future maybe i will change the banner or something to make it be more unique ^^

Have you ever meet the problem when you try to leave a comment on my blog?
If you had, please comment below ^^

anyway, I like my new simple template ^___^
it's easier to read and easier to reply the comment from others =))

thanks for reading my blog ^^

if you don't mind, please follow my twitter as well =))
Just made it last month.. ^,^  thanks <3


  1. Simple is best! ^w^~~
    I follow you on twitter~ have a nice day♥~

    1. yeaa ^.^
      thank you :) will follow you back soon
      have a nice day too :D

  2. Aku kira hanya aku yg ga bisa leave comment di blogmu..hehehe ternyata memang templatenya yg salah ya? Harusnya bisa kok leave comment cuman ga ada pilihan scroll ke bawahnya, kalau mau leave captcha harus pencet tab. Kalau yg sekarang uda bisa ^^

    1. huhuhu.. baru tau ternyata kadang2 bermasalah bagian itu >,< lain kali ngga pke template aneh2 de :P
      hehehe.. thx for comment, sha :D

  3. hi, thank you for visiting my blog. follow you back rightaway..

    1. you're welcome... ;) thanks youuuuu for follow me ^^

  4. Dulu blog ku juga gitu sis, tapi setelah aku ganti settingnya jadi pop up window, bisa deh :)

    1. ehhh.. gmn crnya jdiin pop up window? @___@

    2. setting > post & comment > comment location > pop up window :)

      sis kalo bikin komentar bisa di reply per komen nya kayak blog mu ini gimana sis, hihihi ^^v


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