Saturday, March 3, 2012


Hello guys.. How's your day? ^^
Just want to announce that I just made other blog :)

In this blog, i only want to share about my life, my savior, and my personal experience with God :)
If you want, you could read my first post on that blog :)
I just want to share my blessing to all of you ^_^
I don't want only pay attention to my outer beauty..
The most important is my inner.. my life and my relationship with God :)

I'll write more posts mostly in Indonesian..
Let's discuss and share together in my other blog ^___^

God Bless you and Be blessed! :)


  1. Baru aja baca postingan kmu di blog yang baru, dan itu juga terjadi sama gue. Ternyata tanpa disadari gue udah menjauh.. T_T

    Thanks for "kicking" me with your blogpost.

    followed u for sure :D

    JBU sist..

    1. wow thanks for reading my blog ^^!
      senang bisa sharing2 dan bs bntu mengingatkan ^^ hehe..
      jd tmbh semangat ngeblog nih ^^ smoga bs jd berkat lewat tulisanku yg ala kadarnya XD hehe..

      following you sis ^^
      Jbu too ;)


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