Sunday, March 25, 2012

Oriflame Very Me Eye Envy eyeshadow [review]

Here is it, duo eyeshadow from Oriflame.. it's called Very Me Eye Envy..
mine is in 01 pretty green :)
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This is my first experience with Oriflame's eyeshadow :P hehe..

pretty green eyeshadows with subtle shimmer

swatch on my hand

quite powdery..
play with the colors :P
camwhoring :P haha
try to achieve gloomy expression Xp *failed*

My opinion about this duo eyeshadow..
The colors aren't pigmented enough :( especially the light green color..
I need a eyebase to makes the colors pop out! This time I used my favorite eyebase, Etude House Proof 10 eye primer :)
Anyway, the colors are quite good.. :)

What I love <3
+ nice colors
+ there are 7 various of this Eye Envy Collection.. details
+ subtle shimmer
+ quite affordable (around $5)

What I hate </3
- not pigmented enough
- little bit powdery

Rating: 3/5

Re-purchase? Maybe no..

Have you tried this eyeshadow?


  1. Nice colors! ^^ Very chalky ya keliatannya, I just bought a trio eyeshadow that has almost similar colors to that, I'm pretty sure it's the trend now in 2012! :D

    1. yep :(
      oya? namanya apa? ^^ ditunggu reviewnya yaa ;D

  2. That packing is so cute! :D The colors suits you!

  3. Ijonya seger banget. Jadi tertarik nyobain. I love green eyeshadow :)

    1. you should try it ^^ tp jgn lupa pake eyebase biar wrnnya lbh keluar XD

  4. look's great. but I rarely use eyeshadow especially in shocking color like green. but maybe I should try it someday. :)


  5. Sedikit tips and trick supaya very me eyeshadownya tahan lama, gunakan 'tender care by oriflame' terlebih dahulu. Selain itu kegunaan tender care ini banyak loh, misal untuk bibir pecah pecah, tumit kasar atau pecah pecah, siku kasar, terkena minyak, terkena knalpot. Untuk info Oriflame product bisa kontak saya Jessica-087834442422. thanks..

  6. pernah liat ini di katalog tapi gak tertarik pdhl warnanya cantik2,kta orang2 sih kalo pallete oriflame itu warnanya ga pigmented


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