Saturday, March 17, 2012

Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Shampoo [review]

Hello, this is my first experience with Herbal Essences Shampoo ^-^
I was depressed long time ago because I couldn't find shampoo that suits me best. My last shampoos always made my hair become dull, grayish my hair, and dried :(
So, i decided to try this one. This is my current shampoo.
The name is quite funny: Hello hydration XD it claims "moisturizing shampoo for dry, damaged hair".
Type of my hair is dry and damaged, because of Indonesian thick pollution and sunlight.
it contains 160ml and has clear packaging, so you can see inside the bottle :)
with a fusion of orchid & coconut milk

with a unique cap ^^ you just need to open the cap & squeeze the bottle to get the shampoo
look at the bubble pattern all over the packaging XD so cute, isn't it?
I have used this shampoo for one month and i'm quite love this shampo :)) really hydrate and soften my hair ^^ the smell is quite nice too.

What I love <3
+ hydrate my hair
+ soften my hair
+ unique cap
+ herbal ingredients

What I hate </3
- nothing atm :)

Rating: 4/5

Re-purchase? I think Yes ^^

Have you tried this shampoo? :D


  1. Replies
    1. waiting for your review ^^ hope it works for you too ;) <3

  2. Rambut ku juga kering nih, itu bikin rambut rontok gak?

    1. stlh pake ini aku merasa mlh rmbut rontokku berkurang ^^ hehehe

  3. Never tried herbal essence I think. Good review :)

  4. aku pake ini uda 6th lohh dr jaman kemasan yg masi lamaa.. tp yg warna pink... bajuss.. baunya jg enak ;)

    1. really?? ^^
      huahh.. brarti emg terbukti bagus ya ini XD

  5. dulu pernah cobain ini tapi ketombean -.-"

    1. iyakah? brarti ga cocok ya XD
      masalah shampoo emg cocok2an sih ^w^

  6. Dulu pernah nyoba merk ini yang varian lain, tapi jadi kering.. Terus ganti deh..
    Kemarin lagi nyari2 shampoo dan liat kemasannya yang baru, jadi pengen nyoba lagi tapi masih trauma yang dulu.. *halah..*
    Setelah baca reviewnya jadi pengen dieksekusi :)

    1. dulu nyoba yg varian apa sis?
      kalo ada wkt coba2 aja, kali2 cocok ^^

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