Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lervia Shower Cream [review]

This is one of my current favorite body wash!! ^w^
It's from a local brand (from Indonesia).. Lervia :D maybe many of you haven't know this brand yet..
This Lervia shower cream line has three various of shower cream =
- Avocado & Milk
- Honey & Milk
- Rose & Milk
(NB: sorry i have inserted wrong information about the various =.= already edit it now, LOL)
This is my best! >,< love the smeeeeeellllll very much!
the combination of milk and avocado really moisturizing my skin :3
Sorry if my review is too short XD hope you enjoy it!
unique packaging! :D :D

I hope Lervia will release the pump version and travel size from these Shower Cream line ^,^

What I love <3
+ the price!! (wallet-friendly :P LOL) around IDR 13,000
+ really moisturizing my skin
+ has great smell! (so relaxing!)
+ unique packaging ;)

What I hate?

RATING: 4.7/5

Re-purchase? Of course!! ^O^

have you tried this lervia shower cream?? :D :D


  1. wah tempatnya unik banget ya.. jadi kalau keluar kombinasi gitu ya? Lucu.. hehehe

  2. @sha: iya nanti keluarnya jd kombinasi XD hehehe

  3. ini beli dmna say? ga prnh liat sblmnya >.<
    wanginy avocado ya?? hehheehe

    1. di hypermart/carrefour/alfamidi ada ^-^ hehehe
      wanginya avocado-milk.. relaxing bgt pokoknya >w< ♥

    2. ihh beneran jdi tergoda pgen cobain dehh >.<

    3. hahaha.. coba aja ;D
      murmer jg..hihi

  4. lho, bukannya varian lervia itu :
    apa aku yang salah liat ya?

    1. Y AMPUN! udah 5 hari lewat dan aku br sadar klo salah tulis x______x
      udh aku revisi >,< thx y dah ingetin..huahaha


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