Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Born Pretty Store: Brown False Lashes [review]

Hello everyone! I'm coming again with another review of Born Pretty Store false lashes!
Lately I've tried many false lashes from various brands ^^
Though I'm not a falsie person, I still need to apply falsie for special occasion :)
Now, let's talk about this Brown False Lashes from BornPrettyStore.com~

It comes in white plain box, with heart shape clear plastic to peek the falsie design :)
I believe these false lashes are made in Taiwan :p This is my first time trying Taiwanese false lashes.


Name of product: 

10 Pairs/Box Brown Fake Eyelash Natural Handmade Thick Long Trail False Eyelash

100% brand new
High quality

Material: Artificial Fiber
Quantity: 10 Pairs/Box
Color: Brown

Package Contents:

10 Pairs


Popular, high-quality, and soft handmade false eyelashes
Easy to use,it will look real and natural
With the natural false eyelashes your eyes will look bright and charming
These special natural false eyelashes provide instant glamour and delicate beauty in a subtle way

Price: $7.39 for 10 pairs!

(Don't forget to insert SHH10 discount code to receive 10% OFF)

 Its design is pretty much reminds me with Japanese brand false lashes. I like this kind of false lashes!
It's emphasize the outer edge of eyelash and able to generates flirty and dolly effect at the same time ^_^
The brown colored false lashes is a good idea for natural makeup look! :)

got this card inside the package :D

I admit that these false lashes are so lightweight! I almost feel nothing on my eyelash, and they're so comfortable to wear! 
Though it's synthetic hair, it doesn't shiny and look so natural :)
These false lashes' strands are little bit longer than common false lashes, you can cut them a bit if you want.

Overall thoughts
These false lashes are worth to try! :) The brown color is not really noticeable in real life, but I think better use brown eyeliner to accompany these brown false lashes. If you want to buy cute false lashes like Japanese brands false lashes and you think they're too over-priced, you can grab false lashes from Born Pretty Store for sure :) Seriously, the price $7.39 for 10 pairs is such a great deal! O_O

Pros (+)
+ Nice quality
+ Lightweight
+ Comfortable
+ Got 10 pairs in one package
+ Super affordable

Cons (-)
- The false lashes' strands are little bit too long for Asian's eyes
(actually it's not a big deal, since we have scissor to cut them little bit :P)



Where to buy?
Born Pretty Store

Get Discount 10% with Code: SHH10

And guess what? ^___^
FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE without minimum order!
I highly recommend you to buy your essential makeup & tools here :)
Especially when you're a beginner or in tight budget 

Thanks for reading and have a great day everyone! :)


  1. Walaupun warnanya coklat tp jadi keliatan natural loh. Sekalipun rambut kak vee hitam tapi tetep masuk ^_______^)/
    kayaknya tiap helainya lembut yaaa *Q*

    1. iya lumayan lembut hehe ^^
      Menurutku malah unik krn wrnnya coklat :D

  2. The lashes look so cute and natural on you! ^__^ I'm definitely gonna check out the shop now hehe ~

  3. Aku ga pernah liat bulmat warna coklat. Bulumatanya kayak dipakein mascara warna brown.


  4. I've never tried brown lashes before but they look really pretty! I love how you get a lot in just one box too.

  5. beauty, cosmetics I have got some new information here. I will book mark it.

  6. warna cokelatnya bagus ya, jadi keliatan soft dan natural :D

  7. keliatannya ringan banget dan nyaman dipakai.
    Nice review kak, oh iya lipstiknya bagus deh :D

    1. iya ringan banget kok ^^
      itu aku pake lip tint dear darling neon tint nya Etude House :D

  8. warnanya cantik ih , terus jatohnya natural juga ya~


  9. the eyelashes make you look so cuteee!

    xx, Chantilly Voeux

  10. bulu mata coklat baguss yaaa.. pengen cobainn jadinya non..
    kliatan natural.. cantik <3

  11. Eyelashes warna coklat keliatan natural ya^^


  12. dolly effectnya baguse :) #e? ini olshop LN ya.. kok pake dolar ><
    @freddy_friday blog


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