Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Kanebo Lavshuca Dramatic Memory Rouge Lipstick [review]

Hello everyone! :D I guess it's been a while since my last lipstick review, isn't it?
This time I gonna quick review another lipstick from Japanese brand, Lavshuca ^___^
FYI, Lavshuca is Kanebo's drugstore brand. Actually I have received this lipstick as giveaway gift 2 years ago, but I haven't used it till since last year :) It's Lavshuca Dramatic Memory Rouge Lipstick 
Hopefully I'm not too late to post this review!

This lipstick packaging is uber cuteee! It's so princessy and looks very elegant yet fancy :D
It's dominated with dark reddish color and made from kind of acrylic material.

Everything was written in Kanji '___' And of course I can't read them LOL

1. If lips feel uncomfortable, please stop using
2. While using, if skin has inflamed, itched, pricked, etc. Please stop using immediately and consult with skin physicians
3. Avoid placing the product under high temperature and direct sunlight

I got mine in PK-1 :)

12 colors of Lavshuca Dramatic Memory Rouge
I'm sorry for lack of information about this product ._. 
It's quite hard to find any information related with this Lavshuca lipstick >___<

It's pink color with warm undertone ^__^

Color & Texture
The color itself is so pretty. It's so suitable for daily basis or special occasion :D
It has smooth texture and glide smoothly on my lips. Unfortunately its color is quite sheer.

Basically I'm not a person who like to wear bold lipstick.. so I really love this color ^___^
Moreover, it's also quite moisturizing and not drying :)

Pros (+)
+ Doesn't sink into finelines
+ Doesn't enhance dryness of my lips
+ Moisturizing enough

Cons (-)
- Staying power is so-so (around 2-3 hours after applied)
- Sheer color
- Pricey (If i'm not mistaken, its price is around $20-24 CMIIW)


Have you tried any Lavshuca product? ^.^
What's your most favorite Japanese brand lipstick?
Thank you for reading this short review :)

PS: For Indonesians, don't forget to vote in today's Presidential Election ^__^
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  1. Ew..harganya muahal. Yah, sesuai si dengan kemasannya dan juga warnanya yang kece

    1. hahaha iya soalnya kan ini produknya kanebo :D

  2. packaging-nya lucu banget >,<
    warnanya untuk sehari-hari cocok kak :)

  3. Warna sama packagingnya cantik banget (❁´◡`❁)

  4. The tube and the swatches remind me of revlon lip butters. Are they similar?

  5. Kyaa packagingnya lucu bangeet!! ><
    Warnanya juga cantik. tapi.... harganya gak cantik haha ;p
    Great review btw ^^

  6. packaginya elegan ya,warna pinknya juga cantik,natural di kamu ^^

  7. wahhh bagus warnanya di bibir km Vee, kliatan natural banget :D

  8. packagingnya lucuu banget XD
    warnanya juga cocok banget di kamu ^^

    ☆ giveaway☆

  9. Baaguss non.. warnanyaa naturaal baanget.. cocok buat daily.. kemaannya cakepss(^3^)

  10. cakeeeppp shel >_<
    packagingnya mirip2 sama peripera punya.. princess banget yaa..

  11. pas aku liat pilihan warnanya di atas gak menarik banget, warnanya kayak warna ibu-ibu.__.tapi pas dipake lumayan juga XD

  12. warnanya cakep shel.. aku malah suka yang sheer2 gitu hehehe


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