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Event Report: Misslyn is Coming to Surabaya!

Hello guys! It's been quite a while since I attended a Beauty Event and exactly 2 weeks ago I was invited to come in Misslyn Private Beauty Event. This event was held on 29 November 2014 at 2 - 4 PM in Matahari Beauty Lounge, Tunjungan Plaza 3 Surabaya. Unfortunately I had to come late due to office hour >_< I arrived there at around 2.30.

Thanks to Lina who has informed me about this event, she even kindly contacted us (fellow Surabaya Beauty Bloggers) and shared information about this event :* 
Also, thanks to Sweety from Misslyn who has sent us the invitations :D

So.. you might ask.. What's MISSLYN?
Misslyn is a cosmetic brand from Germany, and they were just launched in Surabaya ^.^
Their counter in Surabaya is inside Matahari Departement Store, in Tunjungan Plaza 3 Surabaya.

You might can guess.. Misslyn's concept is "Seductive", that's why their advertisements always display models with seductive style and poses. Based on their presentation, Misslyn is the first cosmetic campaign that focuses on seduction. They also create the "Misslyn Effect", which is inspired and according to the "Axe Effect".

Misslyn's Slogan: "Your Beauty, Your Colors, Your Style"


Alright, when I came to that place in a hurry, they were currently in the midst of presentation and I was kinda missed their introduction >_< In this picture, Miss Anna was explaining about Misslyn concept and products.

Misslyn has plenty of makeup decorative products and she's explaining one by one. I'm really interested with their colorful and youthful colors! If only I was a nail art addict, I think I've bought their entire color of nail polishes! Because their colors are so pretteehhhh! *___*

PS: Thanks to Ce Shasha who has allowed me to use her photos here ^.^

Look at these sweet corners! *nom nom*

Next, Miss Anna began to do make over one of Misslyn's staffs while keep explaining about Misslyn's products. She decided to only do half-face makeup face to show us how different she would be with and without makeup :)

I think it would be perfect if she also wear false lashes ^.^ But this lady is so hilarious and friendly, because she kept posing few times in rock styles every time we're about to snap her pictures XDD

After makeup demo, this was the time to announce the Best Dresscode winner (FYI, the dresscode is fullcolor). The candidates were Ce Yenyen, Ce Mindy and Ce Kathy. *Drum roll* annnddd.... the winner is Ce Mindy ;) Congrats Ce Min!

After the announcement, Miss Anna told us to not miss the polaroid photo session at Misslyn's counter and we should immediately move to another spot. Of course before we leave, we managed some time to enjoy their treats, tried their tester products and of course took time to snap more selfies! :P :P

the chaos before leaving that place. LOL

Right to left: Lala - Shasha - Me - Zellyn

Right to left: Me - Shasha - Sekar - Yessy

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I also had a chance to greet Indonesian Beauty Vlogger, Cynthian ^_^
You can visit her channel here:
(most of her videos are in Bahasa Indonesia ;))

Actually there were still a lot of bloggers that I couldn't take picture together, so here we are.. the (almost) complete members of Surabaya Beauty Blogger and Vlogger :)

Taken by Ce Kathy's cam and sent through Ce Mindy, Thank you ^_^

Thank you Misslyn for having us! 
and thank you for the goodie bag :)

Thanks for reading all
See you on my next post very soon! :D


  1. Ce aku izin ambil yg foto2 selca berdua itu yaa, ntar ku crop yg sama aku doang, soalnya foto yg cuma kita berdua yg di kamera ku gelap puool >< Thank you hehe ^^

  2. Silahkan la ^^ kalo butuh yg file gede kbrin aja yaa

  3. baca report dari semua yg dateng ga ada bosen"nya nih ce ..
    bener" seru ya :3
    ditunggu review goodie bagnya ce :p

  4. Banyak yg gak sempet selfie bareng,nice post shel

  5. Oh very cute event, Lovelies selfies!


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