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Utama Spice Lipbalm Set [review]

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Today is time to review lip balm set from Utama Spice! I ordered this trio with voucher from Utama Spice (I luckily won giveaway by ci Nelline few months ago. Thank you). I also bought their Lavender Body Butter (REVIEW). So.. shall we read more about these lip balms? :D


This set is consist of:
- Utama Spice Lip Balm Peppermint 
- Utama Spice Lip Balm Cocoa
- Utama Spice Lip Balm Wellkiss

They have simple design, which are dominated with white color and weigh 5gr each.
They're twistable and their caps are quite secure. Anyway, they're clear (or not-tinted) lip balms!

Content / Netto: 5gr
Price/Harga: Rp. 36.300
(tahun 2014)


Cocoa Love lip balm is made with the finest cocoa butter, virgin coconut oil and beeswax enriched with vanilla and cinnamon to nourish and hydrate your lips.

A Wellkiss To All. Virgin Coconut Oil and Beeswax to hydrate lips, infused with Citrus Leaf, Lemon, Fennel and Lavender leaving your lips truly kissable! 
Cocos Nucifera (Virgin Coconut) Oil, Citrus sinensis (Citrus) leaf, Beeswax, Foeniculum vulgare (Fennel) Seed Oil, Citrus limonum (Lemon) Peel Oil, Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender) herb oil.

Made with a selection of fine ingredients including beeswax, cocoa butter, and virgin coconut oil. Enriched with pure essential oils, herbs, and spices these lip balms lock in moisture and feel fantastic.

They're pretty cheap! With only IDR 36.300 you can own 3 lip balms? XD
But if you want, you may buy them separately. It retails IDR 16.000 each


- Cocoa: Just like chocolate scent. No bitter scent at all.
- Peppermint: fresh with cooling sensation
- Wellkiss: Quite weird, is it beeswax scent? @_@

They might be not the most moisturizing lip balms ever, but they do great job to keep my lips moist and look healthy. I love their natural ingredients and I think I will repurchase them once they run out ^.^ My favorite one is peppermint!

Pros (+)
+ Cheap
+ 100% Natural
+ Moisturizing enough
+ No chappy lips anymore

Cons (-)
- The Wellkiss variant smells weird :s
- Plain packaging


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  1. kyny lipbalm nya lumayan oke ya Vee ^^

    1. Iyaaa lumayann banget dgn hrg segitu rin ^^ hihi

  2. ini lipbalmnya semua ga berwarna ya ce?

  3. Sepertinya boleh juga dicoba , waktu itu sempat liat penjualannya di beberapa toko online tapi msih belum kepikiran beli. Thank you for sharing ^^

    noniq's diary | A blog by noniq

  4. Yah daku pesan yang wellkiss, jadi penasaran aneh apa engga yah

    Oia main main ke blog dakoh yah

    1. hehehe nanti kasih tau yaa gmn aromanya menurutmu XD
      aku bingung gmn deskripsiinnya


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