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Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish [review]

Hi guys! I believe most of you probably ever tried facial peeling or facial scrub product, but have you ever tried FACIAL POLISH product? Well, this is also my first time trying Facial Polish product. I admit that Skin Care inventions and developments nowadays is unstoppable, and they keep innovating to create new, unique, and useful skin care products :)

To complement my previous review of Klairs Cleansing Oil, today I'd like to review about Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish 디어, 클레어스 젠틀 블랙 슈 거 페이셜 폴리쉬

Get perfectly prepped skin that is silky smooth with the Klairs black sugar scrub for face!
This sugar scrub for face contains an abundance of black sugar. Black sugar aids
in the removal of dead skin cells and blackheads. It exfoliates of dry skin with
ease and adds a glossy smooth look to the skin. When the seasons change,
the skin tends to become a bit uneven with dry patches.

These dry patches and cause makeup to apply unevenly and look “caked”. By using
the Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Scrub for Face once a week, you can achieve smooth soft skin
that is perfect for makeup application. If you use Klairs gentle black sugar scrub with a
cleansing oil, you can see even better results!

Content: 60g
Price: USD 18.99

Made in Korea

Life span: 12 months after opened

How to Use
After cleansing your face, mix an adequate amount of polish with 2-3 drops of water. Gently massage the scrub in circular motions on the face. Rinse thoroughly and apply a toner and moisturizer.

A gentle sugar scrub for face

Klairs keeps your skin soft and supple by providing effective exfoliation with deep moisture properties. Its anti-bacterial and anti-aging effects help treat and manage dry flaking skin. 

Klairs gentle black sugar scrub for face instantly clears away dead skin while providing deep moisture. Klairs supports 4 main directives in all their products to make you feel safe and comfortable about using the brand! An Eco-friendly product with No Alcohol, Parabens and no artificial colors. 

So what makes Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Scrub for Face the best choice?
  • 4 Free System (No alcohol, No animal testing, No paraben, No artificial coloring)
  • Black Sugar (exfoliates away dead skin cells, leaving the skin soft and glowing)
  • Shea Butter (provides extra care and comfort for dry skin)
  • Cranberry Oil (controls skin aging)
  • Andiroba Oil (acts as an anti-inflammatory ingredient to calm the skin)
  • Vitamin E (enhances skin elasticity and ability to retain moisture)
An effective facial polish for all all skin types.

It comes in sturdy plastic jar, with twist lid and separator lid. Having similar design with their cleansing oil (of course! :p). Its packaging is quite compact, fits onto the palm of my hand and not so bulky.

Klairs sugar scrub for face is perfect if you:
  • Want instant moisture.
  • Want skin flexibility and anti-aging treatment.
  • Want relief from minor dermatologist problems.
  • Want to exfoliate dead skin cells.
  • Want to remove blackheads and whiteheads while preventing new ones.
  • Want to remove and treat flaking dry skin.

Texture & Scent
It has a bit rough texture (like sugar texture). Meanwhile unexpectedly it smells like Chinese herb medicine, with faint scent of brown sugar *__* I think its scent is quite weird.. but still tolerable though.

Because I'm used to exfoliate my skin with a gentle peeling product like my previous peeling product, I was getting annoyed with its texture at first >_< But after 2-3 times use, I'm getting used with this facial polish. I usually take up an adequate amount of this Facial Polish and mix it with 2-3 pumps of Klairs Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil, later on I start to massage my skin really gently and thoroughly (concentrate on my nose area, where is the blackheads gathered).

When I apply this facial polish, there's sort of slippery feeling during application. After rinsed off, my skin looks really well-polished! (Just like its name). My skin's getting firmer, and smoother, without drying or tight feeling! o_o My blackheads also reduced after I use it regularly (1-2 times a week)

Oh, if you're interested, you might read my review Klairs Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil first :) I'm using these products altogether and they're literally a great combo! ♥

Pros (+)
+ Helps to reduce blackheads
+ Polishes my face well and makes my skin become smoother, firmer and more radiant
+ 4 Free System (No alcohol, No animal testing, No paraben, No artificial coloring)
+ No drying or tight feeling after application

Cons (-)
- Its brown sugar granules is quite rough >_<
- Difficult to be found in Indonesia


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  1. Aww I heard great things about this exfoliator! Klairs is such a nice brand!

    Jessie @ bijou-heart ♥ New Post! ♥

  2. Aku juga pakai nih. Agak kaget, karena kulitku sempet iritasi aka luka, sepertinya gosoknya atau bahannya emang terlalu keras. Karena biasanya aku pakai yang lembut (tau cure natural gel gak?) jadi pas pakai ini shock bener, hidungku luka trolol

    Sepertinya memang harus dicampur cleansing oil, gak bisa dipakai sendirian, kecuali mukaku lagi badak banget gitu hahaha

  3. Aku agak takut klo pake scrub (atau dlm hal ini face polish) yg butirannya kasar krn takutnya jd bkin muka merah dan sakit >.<

  4. Wah aku malah baru tau tentang facial polish ini xD
    Thanks for the review ce :))

  5. I have this one, too, and I mix it with the Klairs Cleansing Oil, so it is much smoother and less irritating for the could try mixing it with toner or other cleansing oils, too :)

  6. I've been looking for a exfoliate, this one looks really nice :)

  7. the polish looks good.. maybe not use it all the time because it's rough.. but i think it might help my skin! thanks for sharing!


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