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Silkworm Cocoon for Facial Exfoliator??

Hi guys! Recently I got opportunity to try Silkworm Cocoon for facial exfoliation. This cocoon silkworm facial has became a quite popular topic last year and actually I was quite skeptical about this cocoon silkworm and doubt it effectiveness..
I noticed there are some bloggers tried these cocoons (even overseas bloggers) and I'm getting little bit intrigued to try as well :p Thank you Farah for sending me this cocoons for review purpose.

Based on information that I gathered, Silkwom Cocoon is popularly used as facial exfoliator nowadays. They come from many brands and unbranded one. By chance, my cocoons are unbranded :p hehe. On internet these silkworm cocoons are called by many calls, for instance Blackhead Silk Finger Ball, Facial Silkworm Cocoon, Silkworm Cocoon Facial Celanser Balls and many more. China, India and Thailand are the main cultivators of silkworms :)

These silkworm cocoons are used to cleanse, exfoliate and clearing away dirt from face. Your skin will looks supple, smooth and clear from dirt, dead skin cells and blackheads.
Sensitive skin types can also use these silkworm cocoon. There are a lots of silkworm cocoons brands out there, mine is unbranded.

Price / Harga: IDR 35,000 / 10 pieces

Petunjuk Pemakaian:
1. Rendam cocoon facial di dalam air panas kurang lebih 5 menit, sementara itu bersihkan wajah anda dengan pembersih yang biasa anda gunakan
2. Letakkan cocoon facial di ujung jari telunjuk
3. Usapkan secara halus cocoon facial pada kulit wajah anda. Lakukan berulang-ulang selama 10 menit atau lebih.

Khasiat / Manfaat:
- Mencerahkan dan menghaluskan kulit
- Menghilangkan noda bekas jerawat, flek hitam, dan komedo
- Menghilangkan beruntusan, ketiak hitam, selangkangan hitam, hitam pada lutut dan siku tangan
- Mempercepat regenerasi kulit

100% kempompong ulat sutera

How to use:
1) Cleanse face with regular cleansing foam
2) Soak a silkworm cocoon ball in warm water in approximately 5 mins.
3) Put the softened silkworm cocoon ball on the finger.
4) Massage skin gently and repetitively, focused on the blackhead areas for 10 mins or more

Anyway, Wishtrend also sells this Silkworm Cocoon, you may watch their video below ^.^

Do you notice silkworms cocoons' fibers? It looks so furry, LOL :p
If you are wondering why these cocoons have different shapes, it's because these cocoons are 100% natural from Silkworm (they weren't "moulded" by technology purposely) and that's why they might slightly have different shape and size.

These cocoons has quite hard texture at first, and we need to soften them with warm water before use them as facial exfoliator :)

Soak it in warm water (personally I'm fine with nearly hot water) and leave it for around 5 minutes.
Some websites said that we only need to damped it for 2-3 minutes, so I think it's only the matter personal preference ^_^

Because it's so lightweight and keep floating, I have to poke it many times to ensure all surface of this cocoon get damped completely. After 5 minutes, no need to wait for more because its surface isn't hot at all, just tuck your finger in and start rubbing your face!

One Silkworm Cocoon Ball for one face is more than enough ^.^
Now it's the fun part!

Rub rub rub
Dampen your cocoon again once it get dries, and repeat to massage your face gently and intensively.
You may rub your face for 10 minutes or more :)

Anyway, because these cocoons are fragrance free you might find that these cocoons smell so "natural" ._.
Like leaf's scent maybe? (If you ever sniffed leaf XD)

Actually I can't tell significant effect after used it ._. It's effective to clear away dirt on my face but it does nothing to my stubborn blackheads. My blackheads still stay firm. LOL. I have used it for 3 times so far and I find it doesn't gives any effect on my lovely blackheads. But yes, my skin feels smooth afterwards!

Pros (+)
+ Cheap
+ Effective to clear away dirt
+ 100% natural
+ Not rough
+ Affordable

Cons (-)
- Very plain packaging
- Doesn't works on my stubborn blackheads
- Only single use

If you live outside Indonesia and interested to try this product, you may buy it through Wishtrend.
But, if you are living in Indonesia, why don't buy it through nearest shop in our own country? ^.^
You can get your Silkworm Cocoon from this seller:

Facial Silkworm Cocoon
dijual / bisa dibeli di:

IG : @farah_story
Facebook : Nazla Farah Novita
BBM Pin : 52515C4F
Sms/WA : 085641788458

PS: Are you interested if I post about my 2014 TOP Beauty Products?
Actually I'm still working on it, and kinda lazy XD If you're interested, please leave a comment, and I might be get motivated to continue it! Hehe.
Thanks for reading xx


  1. Pengen nyoba sih, tapi sekarang fokus utamanya masih blackhead, tapi unik juga ya, mungkin dengan pake silkworm ini bisa lembut pas exfoliating muka, biasa kalo pake scrub kan gitu ya... IMHO sih tapi. Anyway thanks for sharing ^^

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  2. aku jg udah cobain shel XD keren emang buat brutusan, 3 kali langsung sembuh XD
    cuman ya gitu, tetep bersih aja udah sejam usrek2 XD


    1. Iyaa sin.. aku jg uda usrek2 lama ttp ga gt kotor :p

  3. banyak yang pakai ini, yang bilang lebih bersih juga banyak, tapi masih belum keracuni benar-benar.
    ahahahaa, skincare pembersih udah buanyak :P

    Btw, Main ke blog daku yooOoo :D


  4. Shelvi, aku belum pernah cobain cocoon buat facial. Mau cobain tapi masih males-malesan, hahhaa..
    kayanya abis ini mau ikut nyobain juga :D

  5. yah sayang ga mempan buat blackhead

  6. Jadi pengen coba... harganya terjangkau banget... hehe

  7. Revisi comment:

    Kalau menurut ulasan ini:

    Hasilnya baru kelihatan sesudah pemakaian selama 3 minggu, dipakai 2 hari 1 kali. Ini karena pergantian ke kulit baru (regenerasi kulit) butuh waktu sekitar 4 minggu.


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