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GULACO. Yummy Lip Scrub [complete review]

Hello everyone! ^^ I believe all of you hate dry and cracky lips, don't you?
Achieving perfect smooth lips is one of important goal in skin care regime :D
Here I want to introduce the best homemade lip scrub that I've ever tried! ^__^

Yes, it's GULACO. Yummy Lip Scrub!
GULACO Yummy Lip Scrub review, Review Lip Scrub Indonesia
PS: Anw, I photoshopped my died tooth little bit, because it was too visible on this photo T_T

So, I guess this is a perfect moment to try another lips scrub, isn't it? To be honest, I had a very drying lips condition and I didn't really pay much attention to my lips until it begins to dry, patchy and cracky XD I only apply lots of lip balm everyday and forget to exfoliate my lips properly. The only lip scrub that I've ever tried was Skin Food Green Coffe Lip Scrub, and the product itself definitely has expired because I purchased it in 2012  ( ノ˚☐˚)ノ!!
Luckily, few weeks ago Natasha, the owner of @gulaco (on Instagram) contacted me to try her new product ^^
Thank you Sha  Now, let's jump to the review! ;)

GULACO., is a new homemade skincare brand from Indonesia :D
They only sell their products online and have created some skin care products for lips ^_^
I will talk about their Yummy Lip Scrub~
GULACO Yummy Lip Scrub review, Review Lip Scrub Indonesia
Its size is fit on my palm of hand, not too small nor too bulky :) As homemade product, I must say that the packaging is quite impressive! Made in transparent customized jars, cute and doesn't look cheap ^.^
After finished these lip scrub, surely you can reuse these cute jar to store any skincare or makeup cream/liquid for travel purpose :)

Content: 20gr

GULACO Yummy Lip Scrub review, Review Lip Scrub Indonesia
Currently, GulaCo. Yummy Lip Scrub is available in 5 variants:
(left-right) Ocha, Honey, Coffee, Strawberry, Cocoa

GULACO Yummy Lip Scrub review, Review Lip Scrub Indonesia
Manual book is included in the package! ^^ *this is the old version*

GulaCo. is one of homemade skincare brands, made with natural, and fresh ingredients. Safe for all ages and all skin types. No side effect because it doesn't contains artificial colorants, preservatives and harmful chemicals.
Yummy Lip Scrub is useful to repair lips' condition and it's also edible ;)
(yes, edible itu artinya bisa dimakan / aman untuk dikonsumsi!)

Because these lip scrub doesn't contains preservatives, it will only lasts for 2-3 months (as long as they do not smell bad). The strawberry one maybe has shorter life, because it's made with real fresh strawberry.
Use these lip scrub 1-2 times a week for best result ^_^

Price: IDR 30.000 / each


GULACO Yummy Lip Scrub review, Review Lip Scrub Indonesia
GULACO. Yummy Lip Scrub ~ COCOA
Benefits: removes dead skin, help repair skin, keep your lips soft & supple, antioxidants, moisturizing, neutralize harmful free radicals, lightens dark lips, kissable, mood booster

Scents: It scents so cocoa! Nice treat for you who are a chocolate lover like me ;)

GULACO Yummy Lip Scrub review, Review Lip Scrub Indonesia
GULACO. Yummy Lip Scrub ~ HONEY
Benefits: removes dead skin, soothing, keep your lips soft & smooth, antioxidants, best moisturizer, anti bacterial, lightens dark lips, kissable, rejuvenate skin

Scent: It scents so fresh and nice. I loveee this one!

GULACO Yummy Lip Scrub review, Review Lip Scrub Indonesia
GULACO. Yummy Lip Scrub ~ OCHA
Benefits: removes dead skin, hydrates skin, calming, trusty antioxidants, keep your lips soft & supple, moisturizing, protect skin from sun damage, lightens dark lips, kissable

Scents: The sugar's scent is more dominant in this variant. Personally for me, it scents too sweet XD
But, if you are a green tea lover, surely you will love this one!

GULACO Yummy Lip Scrub review, Review Lip Scrub Indonesia
GULACO. Yummy Lip Scrub ~ COFFEE
Benefits: removes dead skin, full of antioxidants, keep your lips soft & supple, anti-aging, moisturizing, neutralize harmful free radicals, lighten dark lips, kissable, anti bacterial

Scent: If you are a coffee lover, you HAVE TO try this one. Because it scents nicely, just like brewed coffee XD Though I'm not a coffee lover, I'm enjoying its scent!

GULACO Yummy Lip Scrub review, Review Lip Scrub Indonesia
Benefits: removes dead skin, rich source of vitamin C, folid acid, anti-aging, prevent roughness on your skin, keep your lips soft & hydrate, moisturizing, lightens dark lips, kissable

Scents: My most favorite one! It scents sweet, like fresh strawberry :9
Ngomong-ngomong, beberapa kali aku ngemilin si yummy lip scrub strawberry ini XD LOL
Karena yummy lip scrub ini aman untuk dikonsumsi, bukan berarti boleh dicemil sepuasnya ya ;__; Nanti bisa kena diabetes.. haha

My lips become so smooth and supple ^^

FYI, the owner of GULACO. make these Yummy Lip Scrub by orders. It means, you will always get fresh products ^__^


When it's time to choose the variant, I know most of you will encounter same problem with me..
don't know which one you will pick XD Because they're ALL look so YUMMY!
To be honest I don't see different result (significantly)  for each variant. They're bring goodness of nature and works very well to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells ^_^ Useful to smoothen lips, moisturizing and lighten dark lips!
So, I advise you to choose the scent that you like most! :p

Rank of my favorites:
1. Strawberry
2. Honey
3. Coffee
4. Cocoa
5. Ocha

Pros (+)
+ Made from natural and fresh ingredients
+ No preservatives, artificial colorants and chemical
+ Very yummy scents 
+ Edible
+ Nice and reusable packaging

Cons (-)
- Not so hygienic, because you need to dip your finger to obtain the lip scrub
(Solution: Use a cotton swab, tea spoon or sterilize your finger properly before dip your finger ^^)


I recommend you to scrub your lips inside the bathroom, because the lip scrub will be scattered as soon as you apply it onto your lips. I bet you won't allow ants to invade your room, will you? ;p


Psst, beside Yummy Lip Scrub, GULACO. just released their own lip balms! XD
How cool is it? You can start to stalk their Instagram now @gulaco (≧◡≦)

GULACO Yummy Lip Scrub review, Review Lip Scrub Indonesia
I do really recommend you to try this Yummy Lip Scrub!
Especially when you have sensitive skin and a homemade product lover ^__^
They scents so nice and such a nice mood booster!
Good bye rough and dry lips :p

Where to buy?

Produsen GulaCo. Homemade - Risk Free!
• Instagram: @gulaco
• LINE: gulaco
• WhatsApp: 0878 8328 4318
• E-mail:

Thanks for reading everyone! ^___^
Until next time~ xx


  1. wooohh, ternyata jarnya besar ya, aku kira kecil hehehee
    Mau donk cobain yg coffee hehehee *maniakkopi* brb cuss ke IG hehehee
    Anyway, great review as always shel :*

    The Journey

    1. Iya gede ci, isinya 20gr :3 bisa dibuat 1-2 bln..
      Thank you ci :*

  2. hai vee, ini job review ya? gmn caranya tuh :D hehe mupeng

    1. Hai ^^ no, this is a sponsored review. I'm not getting paid to write this review, my opinion is honest and based on my personal experience

  3. ak pernah nyoba yg lime... bgus banget buat bibirr..
    sayang wanginya ngk nahan..
    pingin icip ><

  4. I always wanted to try this product but never got the chance. Your post makes me want to buy it quickly~

  5. Kepengen yg ochaaa ,ce shelvi cantik bangeettt ^^
    Nice review ce

  6. Waaa aku kira jarnya kecil. Saat aku liat foto kamu yang lagi pegang produknya, ternyata besar. Ga rugi kalo beli ini kalo liat jarnya gede, mana murah lagi!
    Aku pengen coba strawberry. Aku suka buah itu.hihihi

  7. I really want this! My lips are really dry and pecah-pecah :)
    Include this on your giveaway pleasee :D

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