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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Dandelion Waxing: Ice Wax & Spa Manicure-Pedicure

Hello everyone~ I would like to share my latest experience with waxing today ^_^
Recently, I was invited by Dandelion Waxing Surabaya to try out their services at  19 July 2014 ♥ 
Actually I have been invited to join their grand opening last May, but due to some reasons I couldn't join it :( Few weeks later, Shellen contacted me again and we arranged another appointment :D Yay!

Dandelion Waxing is located on Ruko GWalk, quite easy to find between other shops and restaurants on GWalk area :) Jangan nyasar yaa, cukup cari aja Ruko GWalk dan ikutin jalannya.. Kalo dari UNESA ke arah GWalk, Dandelion Waxing ada di kiri jalan~

♥ Dandelion Waxing ♥
waxing • nails • eyelash
BBM: 73EB2656
Line ID: dandelionwaxingid
Ruko Gwalk F/1 Citraland - Surabaya barat
OPEN DAILY: 10am-8pm

I came on weekend, so it's quite crowded with customers. I think you better arrange an appointment first, so you can save your seat and therapist :)

I was welcomed warmly by Dandelion Waxing's owner, Shellen :)
As usual, before doing any service, I took some photos as documentation purpose~

As soon as I arrived, I instantly fell in love with their pink-theme ambiance ♥
Elegant, classy with feminine touch :)

Nail polishes rack and nail polishes display. Dandelion also sells OPI to their customers ^_^
The newest series of OPI is Coca Cola collection~

Treatment room, used as waxing treatment and eyelash extension service. Have I mentioned that Dandelion Waxing also has specialty in eyelash extension? ^.^ Beside of waxing, Dandelion also provides manicure-pedicure service and eyelash extension service!

Selain waxing, Dandelion juga menyediakan treatment manicure-pedicure dan extension bulu mata :)
Ada berbagai macam paket yang bisa dipilih ^^


- Mencabut bulu sampai ke akar
- Mengangkat sel kulit mati
- Kulit jadi lebih cerah dan lembut
- Pada akhirnya akan membuat bulu berhenti tumbuh
- Wax terbuat dari beeswax / gula alami, bebas dari bahan kimia berbahaya

- Bulu akan tumbuh lebih lebat dan kasar
(shaving / cukuran lah yang akan bikin bulu jadi tumbuh lebih lebat dan kasar)
- Bisa menyebabkan kanker kulit
- Wax terbuat dari bahan kimia yang berbahaya

To be honest, I'm a person with quite low tolerance of pain.. it means I can't really stand for pain and my skin is quite sensitive '___' I think my skin epidermic is quite thin as well.. I remember since I was little, mostly I would cry whenever I get cut / bruises..
So when Shellen offered me to do waxing, I quite hesitated and said that maybe I would only receive the manicure-pedicure offers because I have low tolerance of pain..
But, Shellen assured me that the process of waxing would be fast (only need less than 10 minutes to finish full arms waxing) and literally painless.. Well, finally I gave a try ^.^

Sejujurnya aku ini adalah orang yang ga terlalu kuat menahan sakit.. kulitku ini lumayan sensitif dan kurasa lapisan kulit epidermisku juga tipis '__' Kalo kuinget-inget pas aku kecil; kalo aku dapet luka pastiii hampir ga mungkin ga nangis T_T *cengeng
Pas ditawarin nyobain waxing, agak ragu-ragu mau nyoba.. tapi Shellen meyakinkan ku kalo proses waxingnya akan cepat (hanya butuh kurang dari 10 menit untuk full-arms waxing) dan bener-bener ga sakit.. Yaaa jadi pada akhirnya aku tergoda untuk nyobain juga ^.^


1. Pre-waxing Step
Waxing (professionally) should be done in 3 steps: Pre-waxing, waxing and post-waxing. Pre-waxing and post-waxing are as IMPORTANT as waxing itself. Unfortunately still many waxing salons still do not aware about those complete steps.. Pre-waxing is a step to cleanse and moisturize the skin with lavender antibacterial lotion & jasmine oil.

Waxing yang profesional seharusnya dilakukan dalam 3 tahap: Pra-waxing, waxing dan pasca-waxing. Pra-waxing dan pasca-waxing itu sama PENTINGnya dengan waxing itu sendiri. Tapi sayangnya masih banyak salon waxing yang ngga sadar akan hal tersebut.. Pra-waxing itu adalah tahap untuk membersihkan kulit dengan cairan anti-bakteri dan melembabkan kulit dengan jasmine oil.

2. Waxing Step
Ice wax is a waxing method using wax which made from natural beeswax imported from Europe, which is stored inside an unique wax dispenser tool. It felt warm and little bit sticky when the wax was applied on my skin surface. I found that ice wax tool is so convenient and its wax wasn't as sticky as the sugaring one ^.^

Ice wax ini adalah metode waxing yang menggunakan beeswax alami yang diimpor dari Eropa, yang disimpan di dalam alat pengel untuk ice wax yang unik (binung juga gimana cara deskripsiinnya, langsung liat alatnya  yang di foto aja ya XD). Terasa hangat dan agak lengket saat waxnya dioleskan ke permukaan kulitku. Kurasa alat ice wax nya ini sangat praktis dan waxnya sendiri ngga selengket wax yang tipe sugaring ^.^

My full-arms waxing was done nicely by the owner, Shellen :) She's so patient and skillful!

3. Post-waxing Step
After got waxed, it's time to clean up all the residue with baby oil, refresh the skin with peppermint gel, and soothe the skin with rose extract lotion ^__^ This step is also so important! It can minimizes irritation and redness after the waxing step.

Setelah di-wax, saatnya membersihkan sisa-sisa wax dengan baby oil, menyegarkan kulit dengan gel peppermint dan menenangkan kulit dengan lotion ekstrak mawar ^__^ Tahap ini juga sangat penting! Karena bisa meminimalisir tingkat iritasi dan efek kemerahan setelah proses waxing.

How's it? Does it hurt?
Just like what Shellen told me, it's NOT painful! Even though.. on my case, because some parts of my arms were quite hairy (thick and long), it was LITTLE BIT painful.. but still bearable and I can definitely tolerate it.. ^___^v The treatment was done fast and effective, it took around 8-10 minutes if I'm not mistaken.
(FYI: I have low tolerance of pain)

Kalo menurutku waxing nya NGGA terasa sakit sih, tapi berhubung di beberapa bagian di lenganku lebih lebat dan panjang, maka terasa SEDIKIT lebih sakit.. Tapi masih bisa ditoleransi kok ^__^v Proses treatmentnya cepet banget, cuma sekitar 8-10 udah selesai.

Result of my full-arms waxing:

The 3 waxing steps will help to:
- Minimize pain
- Protect skin from irritation or infection
- Keep the skin healthy and moisturized

3 Kinds of Waxing method in Dandelion Waxing:
1. ICE WAX: used for arms, legs, back (long and thin hair) 
characteristic of wax: very fast, with strips, minimal pain
2. HARD WAX: is used for underarm, eyebrow, chin, bikini line, brazilian (for short and coarse hair)
characteristic of wax: can pull out hair as short as 2mm, non-strip, minimal pain
3. SUGARING: is used for all area, except facial area
characteristic: very affordable, sometimes can not pull out short hair, with strips, sometimes more a little bit more painful in sensitive areas

Before-After Ice Waxing
So cleannnnn XD Happy meeee!! Hahaha
My arms are 99% hairless now! *bounce to happiness*

Before going to next waxing treatment, Shellen advised me to do foot scrubbing first ^.^
Because all therapist were still busy other customers, I need to wait for a while~
While waiting, I snapped more photos :D
all customers are happy and love chit-chat moments with Dandelion crew :)

Current promotion (Peppermint Spa Party) and Dandelion's hygiene policy
My bored BF tried out Peppermint Pedicure XD If you visit Dandelion someday (to try their services) and bring your BF/husband here, you may advice him to try Peppermint Pedicure as well~ because my BF loves it! :)

busy with his new toy, LOL

My current makeup that day was very minimal :3 
Only CC Cream, powder, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, lip balm and lip tint!


I really enjoy every step of this pedicure service ^.^ I love the warm sensation of foot bathing and then they scrubbed my legs with foot scrub from OPI! (Anyway, I just knew that OPI also has foot scrub product beside of nail polish XDD)

saking enaknya dipedicure sampe mulai ngantuk XDD


After cleansed my feet, groomed my feet nails and scrubbed my legs, they continue legs waxing treatment again :) Still stick on ice wax method!

How's it? Does it hurt?
It was little bit more painful than arms waxing.. I think it's normal, because my legs' hairs were thicker than my arms', LOL T___T 
But still, the process was not as terrifying as I thought... Still bearable and tolerable ^__^
(FYI: I have low tolerance of pain)

Terasa sedikit lebih sakit dibandingkan waxing di lengan.. kurasa wajar sih, soalnya bulu di kakiku lebih tebal daripada bulu di tanganku T__T tapi syukurlah prosesnya ngga semengerikan yang kubayangkan sebelumnya.. masih sangat dapat ditoleransi kok ^__^ Mungkin aku hanya belum terbiasa aja

Click to enlarge the image
Just like my previous arms waxing, the leg waxing treatment was done quite fast (around 10-15minutes in my case). As you can see, the comparison of my before-after waxing treatment; my waxed leg area becomes so smooth and more brighten ^__^

Sama seperti waxing di lengan, waxing di kaki ini berlangsung cukup cepat (kalo di aku, menghabiskan waktu sekitar 10-15 menit). Setelah di-wax, area yang sudah di wax jadi lebih lembut dan cerah ^___^

Result of my half-legs waxing:

Bye bye hairy legs!! ♥♥
PS: I captured this photo the day after the treatment (in my boarding house), not inside the salon XD

After got waxed, I continue my spa pedicure and manicure~ :D
You know what? I felt like a queen here XD LOL. I was so spoiled by their nice services!
smile widely~ :p
Do you want to be treated nicely like they've done to me?
We have prepared something nice for you.. keep reading :p


Basically Spa Manicure and Pedicure almost have same steps. They do nail cutting, shaping, cleaning; nail buffing; cuticle removing; nail polish; and lotion. They added callus removal for the pedicure one.
Actually it was my first time trying SPA manicure and pedicure. I was surprised enough when they wrapped my arms and legs with wrapping plastic XD LOL.

Pada dasarnya tahap-tahapan pada Manicure dan Pedicure ini hampir sama, tapi bedanya kalo spa ini setelah dikasih lotion, dibungkus pake plastik bungkus gitu biar lotionnya menyerap dengan baik XD
Aku penasaran apa cuma di sini aja yang kayak gini, ato di semua nail salon juga? *kurang update*
Aku sampe agak bengong gitu pertamanya hahaha.. Norak banget yaaa aku.. jarang banget ke salon untuk manicure-pedicure soalnya :P dalam setahun belum tentu sekali, LOL.

They wrapped my arms and legs in order to keep them highly moisturized after lotion application :)
The lotion would be absorbed very well into my skin ♥

Muka kecapekan + ngantuk + lapar XD

My nails were polished well with OPI nail polishes~ ^__^
My legs and arms became instantly sooooo smooothhh and moist afterwards ♥♥

I feel so refreshed after got waxed and had manicure-pedicure treatments!
Can you see that my nails were ready for SUMMER HOLIDAY? =D

Before leaving this place, not forget to take some photos with their cute signature pillows =D
Keep calm and paint your nails! Keep calm and get waxed! OK, I will keep calm and I'll be back ♥


About their Waxing service (specifically, Ice Waxing):
+ Almost painless (it depends on the length of your hairs)
+ Only need few minutes to waxing the hairy legs and arms (they work very fast!)
+ Doesn't cause irritation and allergies
+ Remove dead skin-cells
+ Leave the skin brighter & smoother
+ Eventually makes hair stop growing
+ Hair doesn't grow longer and coarser (shaving will do this!)
+ Free from harmful chemical :)

- The melted wax is little bit sticky (but, they'll cleanse the residue afterwards, so no worries!)
- Need routine waxing treatments, commitment and discipline to make hair stop growing permanently

About Spa Manicure - Pedicure service:
+ My hands, feet, legs and arms become so smooth after the treatments ♥
+ Thumbs up for their therapists, they're so patient and do the works nicely and neatly ^^
+ Nice nail polishes collection
+ Good bye rough heels and hands XD

- They need to add duration in massage step :p because I love it LOL

Snapped photo with Shellen ^.^ Thanks a lot for inviting me and been a reader of my blog! 
Dandelion Waxing really has nice and warm services!
I believe that Dandelion will be more succeed in the future :D

Dandelion Waxing
waxing • nails • eyelash
BBM: 73EB2656
Line id: dandelionwaxingid
Ruko Gwalk F/1 Citraland - Surabaya barat
OPEN DAILY: 10am-8pm

Instagram : @dandelionwaxingid
Facebook : Dandelion waxing
Pricelist : Dandelion's Website


  1. wah asiknya, aku juga belum pernah coba meni pedi WKWK *ndeso
    thanks infonya, bikin penasaran :p

    1. Hahaa aku jg jarangg bgt XD bisa diitung pake jari. Ayo ikutan giveaway nya wid ^^ good luck yaa

  2. Such a cute place! Everything is so girly~ Tertarik sama ice wax nya, mesti nyari nih di Jakarta. ^_^

    1. Iya ci ice wax nya unik bgt XD namanya ice tp ga ada beku2nya sama skali wkwk

  3. Woaaah abis waxing langsung kinclong banget hahahah mulus lus lus lus
    Duh coba dia buka di Jakarta, aku ikutan giveawaynya deh hihihi

    1. Iya lgs kinclong dan mulus :3 wkwk
      Iya smoga someday dia bs buka di jkt jg yaa ^^

  4. Wah mengasyikan sekali ya full treatmentnya. Sayangnya aku ga tinggal di Surabaya. uhuhuhu. T.T Btw nice review, Vee.. ^^

    1. Iya ci XD waxing nya itu lho, cepet bgt.. tau2 dah selesai hahaha..
      Thanks ci :*

  5. kayaknya enak ya sheeel tempatnya, aku kok kepengen jadinyaa,,, kapanane aku waxing bikini line *doyan bikinian* heboh pol wuakakakak *gak tau malu*
    pengen leg sih aku, biar kece kalau pake dress hahaha

    1. iya makae ikut ae giveawaku gitttt :p siapa tau beruntung haha

  6. wah serius itu Surabaya punya bangunan sekeren itu? :D wah saya kok nggak tahu ya :D

  7. Gara2 lht blog ini,jdi tertarik ke dandelion...harga utk treatment msh ok, tapi kyknya q g dpt alas kasur seperti yang difoto, sblm treatment tnya mbknya, mbk alasnya tiap org d gntikan? Dy blg iy, baguslah tk pkir, kebetulan pke celana wktu dtg, mau full legs, jdi mesti copot, dan rok untuk ganti digeletakin gitu aja,digantung, aduh pkirku bekas org ya ...hiks..akhrnya ...... ok rok d maklumi krn keburu2 atau gimana? Setelah waxing jg g d seka pke handuk gitu,tpi pke tisur,utk kaki gpplah, tpi tangan yg wktu di wax kluar darah..hmmmmm...blm hilang syoknya alas tempat tdur d kasi bedak krn lengket2 kena ice wax yg q pke sebelumnya, OMG itu d dpn mataku, aduh ....mbknya baik,harga ok,tpi kebersihan? Mau balik lg,jdi mikir.....itu pengalamanku waxing kmrn minggu


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