Thursday, December 27, 2012

Nature Republic Advanced Cell Boosting Ex Essence Mask Sheet [review]

Ok, this post gonna be the shortest review of mine, since I don't have much comment about this mask sheet :p
I bought this mask sheet in Busan, South Korea last june. Actually I bought this because there's a promo at the time, buy 5 get 5 free. lol

It's called Advanced Cell Boosting EX essence Mask Sheet from Nature Republic
*what a very long name ._.

How to use it?

It's like other common mask sheet, nothing special 

I used this mask for around.. 30 minutes? I just feel refreshed afterwards, I didn't really feel the difference before and after used the mask sheet. *or just me? >.<*

If you look at the mask sheet closer, you'll see the cell pattern printed on this mask sheet :D
so unique

What I love <3
+ Cheap
+ Doesn't has strong fragrance
+ Feel refreshed afterwards
+ Not itchy

What I hate </3
- The performance is so-so (maybe I should use many times to see the real result? ;P)

Rating: 1.5/5

Repurchase? No. It's just a regular mask sheet for me, I guess I'll try my other mask sheet ^^

Thanks for reading everyone,
Good night! <3


  1. Oh... Was it me or I did read lot of so so reviee for Nature Republic product? But what brand ofask your will recommmend?

  2. Seems nice but I'm totally turned off that it has parabens >,<

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  3. langsung beli di korsel, ci ?
    senengnya sudah ke sana . hiks hiks


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