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Miss Flower Korea Trip Day 2: Bonghwasan Namwon - Suncheon Bay

안녕하세요 친구들~ Hello my friends!
Sorry it takes forever to post my 2nd day in Korea >____< I really need to find spare time (in my busy weeks) to reorganize photos+put watermarks and write a blog post about this trip.
For those of you who don't know, I had posted about my 1st day in Korea HERE
and the reason why I could went to Korea this year.
Anyway this was my 2nd visit to Korea (^▽^)♥
AND I still can't get enough of Korea... Seriously 정말! ;3

Monday 6th May, 2013
After took very nice sleep on super comfy bed in The Plaza Hotel, Seoul; 
I got ready at 8 AM (If I'm not mistaken).
if you're curious since when I have DSLR, that's my friend's DSLR anyway!
He's kindly lent it to me specially for this trip :3
I likeeeeee this hotel, because they have super huge mirror muahahaha~ XD
And of course, I like this hotel because their technology and super comfy room ;) 
Anyway I wore t-shirt that iBuzzKorea has prepared for me~ 감사합니다~

fresh face, really different with yesterday's sleepyhead face XD

NOW~ We were heading to Korean Tourism Organization (KTO) office for 1st day orientation!  
~ ~ (\ ^o^)/
Ms. Amelie was on front seat
They told us that there was surprise for us.. very nice surprise! I was wondering what was it! *__*
(I thought that we would meet Standing Egg on first day)

this was our bus~~ ^^

KTO Office isn't far from The Plaza Hotel, so we arrived in blink of eyes afterwards!
"Korea Be Inspired"
I took some photos inside~ Please take a look! ^^
This is Korean Tourism Organization Office ;)

Miss Flower Music Tour's staffs leaded us to enter meeting room, to gather and catch up with other participant! ;) I was soooo excited! My heart was pounding so fast~~ (^▾^)/ 두근두근!

When I was entering the meeting room, my eyes stuck on something on the desk..
There were 12 box of Samsung Camera on the desk.. Don't say that... O_O
*trying to conjuncture by myself*

things in front of my eyes
 Got my name tag! :3

Every participants of tour has gathered in the meeting room. The orientation finally started, they began the tour with some briefings and introduction from every participants~ 

credit: iBuzzKorea's FaceBook
credit: iBuzzKorea's FaceBook
They explained what's Miss Flower Music Tour and how it was began~ ♫♪♫( ´▽`)
Absolutely I have listened to Miss Flower (by Standing Egg) song before I went to Korea, so I hummed while watching the introduction video that they've prepared before.

♫♪  좀 더 천천히 걸어봐요
jom do chon chonhi gorobwayo
더 많은걸 볼수있죠
do maneun-gol bolsu itjyo
oh please come oh please come
oh please come oh please come
Lai lai lai lai ♫♪♫

Every participants was called one by one to introduce ourselves. When they called my name, I tried my best to introduce myself in Korean. Glad it was succeed enough XD well at least I didn't ashamed myself ㅋㅋㅋ
credit: iBuzzKorea's FaceBook
"안녕하세요~ 저는 셸비 입니다.. Xiaovee is my blogger name anyway :p
저는 인도네시아 에서.. 만났어 반갑습니다 ^^"
Translate: Hello, My name is Shelvi.. Xiaovee is my blogger name anyway :p I'm from Indonesia. Nice to meet you ^^" (nervous)

He is Andy from Vietnam
Introduction time ends, before continue to next session... they told us that Samsung Cameras in front of us were present for us... *____* Without any command, all participatans shouted "WOW" altogether... we were so surprised! This is the latest series of Samsung Semi-pro Camera NX!
Oh my.. I didn't expect at all that they could be this generous. Praise the Lord.. 
Thank you KTO \(´▽`)/ \(´▽`)/ 
Actually I have prayed to have mirrorless camera for months :'') to replace my old digital camera.. 
Thanks God 

KTO's staff specially prepared new cameras for us, 12 winners of KTO contest from different contests in China, Philippine, Vietnam and Malaysia. Wow, we feel so special~ ^__^
credit: iBuzzKorea's FaceBook
If you are confused, let me explain to you.. There are:
- 2 winners from iBuzzKorea's lyric contests (Me & Suzan from China)
- 4 winners from KTO couple contests (Andy & Adele from Vietnam and Kinna & Fye from Malysia)
- 2 winners from KTO contest in Philliphine (Joyce & MJ)
- 4 winners from KTO contest in China (Edith, Vienne, Junyi, Selina)

So total of participants was 12 persons ╮(^▽^)╭
It's exciting to know many new friends from different countries!

took photos before going to next destination

10.00 AM - 02.00 AM ~ Going to Namwon

We're heading to Namwon to see Bonghwasan Royal Azaleas Festival. We stopped once at rest area nearby Hamyang and I took photos with my new friends! ^^
Left to right: Joyce, MJ, Junyi, Vienne, Suzan, me
Actually I also wanted to talk a lot with participants from China, but they don't speak English so it was quite difficult to have nice conversations with them (my Chinese skill is awful '__')... How unfortunate. Anyway girls from China got a tour leader that could speaks Chinese well, so they're teamed up as Chinese Language Team; meanwhile me, Joyce, MJ, Adele, Andy, Kinna and Fye teamed up as English Team ;)

02.00 PM - 03.00 PM ~ Lunch in Yegawon 얘가원 
(nearby Hamyang-eup 함양읍)

For this lunch they allowed us to try many varies of Korean dishes~ ^^
credit: iBuzzKorea's FaceBook
credit: iBuzzKorea's FaceBook

1. Salad
2. Japchae 잡채 
3. Nokdumuk 녹두묵
4. Fish Tofu Soup
PS: Please correct me if i'm wrong XD

1. Bulgogi 불고기
2. Dwenjang Jjigae 된장 찌개
3. Raw Fish (Hui 회)

I forgot to take pictures of the rest dishes separately :p hehe
the participants and KTO's staffs were busy took photos and videos :p ㅋㅋㅋ

So many side dishes.. Hard to decide which one I should eat first XD

Got recorded by KTO's staff :p This photo was candid anyway!
credit: iBuzzKorea's FaceBook

03.30 PM - 05.00 PM ~ Bonghwasan Royal Azaleas Festival 
Location: Bonghwasan Mountain 봉화산

Mini Dictionary: San 산 is Mountain in English
Jindallae 진달래 is Azalea in English
Ggot 꽃 is Flower in English

Our bus! ^^
Can you see those flowers? *___* Woahh~
We're gonna trek this mountain! Let's go! ;)

The Bonghwasan Royal Azaleas Festival is an ecological nature festival held every April in Namwon-si, Jellabuk-do. Visitors can see royal azaleas in full bloom along the mountain ridges during May. The colors of royal azaleas on Bonghwasan Mountain are more vivid than in other regions, and sometimes give visitors the impression they are seeing a burning fire.

Seriously, that was my very first time seeing so manyyyyyyy flowers in a day (˚☐˚ )( ˚☐˚)
Azaleas everywhereeeeeee!! That place was so beautiful!! (。♥‿♥。)
FYI, in my country Indonesia.. it's rare to see ecological flower field like Bonghwasan Mountain.
No wonder that I'm so excited XD Because in my city there's no place like this!

Adele and Andy from Vietnam~ ;)

Height of Bonghwasan Mountain is 789 meters.. It was quite hard to trek (for a girl that barely to do physical exercise like me *____*) LOL. I've should work out more.. I'm too weak ㅠ.ㅠ 
After struggling with trekking and hot weather, finally we arrived on the top of mountain!

group photos! ;)

more and more photos~ (∩_∩)

very pretttyyyy flowers >w<

I look fat than in real life '_' LOL
 Bonghwasan Azalea Festival's tour was ended here, we're going to Suncheon Bay next! (~‾▿‾)~
My tour guide, Ms. Seony gave us this in Bus. It's called Yeot (엿)!
It's one of Korean traditional snacks. It tastes sweet and has sticky texture *.* Slightly reminds me with Indonesian "Dodol"... LOL ;P

06.40 PM - 07.30 ~ Watch sunset at Suncheoman Reed Fields
Location: Suncheonman 순천만 Eco Park

Mini Dictionary: Man 만 is Bay in English

Mini Dictionary:
순천만 (sun-cheon-man) ~ Suncheon Bay
입구 (ip-gu) ~ Entrance
갈대밭 (Gal-dae-bat) ~ Reed
전망대 (Jeon-Mang-Dae) ~ Observatory
화장실 (Hwa-Jang-Sil) ~ Toilet

Finally, we arrived at Suncheon Bay Eco Park! (*^▽^*)

We had a mini tour to Suncheon Bay reed fields. On left side, we could see Suncheon Bay's 갯벌 갈대 철새의 낙원... If i'm not mistaken, that building is Observatory.

갯벌 갈대 철새의 낙원 (Suncheonman's Observatory) 
Please correct me if I'm wrong *_*
Anyway that place was closed that day, so we couldn't visit it :(

Road to Suncheon Bay Reed Fields

Very nice scenery~ ^^

Above (pink flowers): 페튜니아 Petunia
Bottom (orange-ish flower): 메리골드 Marigold

 Above (colorful flowers): 가자니아 Gardenia
Bottom (yellow flowers): 메리골드 Marigold

This is it! Reed Fields on Suncheon Bay(≧∇≦)/
What a nice place to do a pre-wedding photo shoot I think :p

Suncheonman Eco Park is proud of its soundly preserved coastal wetlands.
Every year internationally rare birds come to the park for wintering and the wide reed fields along with the Suncheonman's beautiful S-shaped watery channel help create the stunning scenery that so many photographers and tourist come to see each year.

more photos of the Suncheon Bay (and of course me XD):

Reed~ or alang-alang in Indonesian :p

Say "Hi~" ^^

With Joyce & her cousin MJ (they're from Philippine)

Candid photo, only Ms. Seony who noticed the photographer :P ㅋㅋㅋ
left to right: Joyce (Philippine), Mj (Philippine), Me (Indonesia), Ms. Seony, Adele (Vietnam), Selina (China), Kinna (Malaysia)

What a beautiful scenery *___*

Anyway, Just for your information... Korea and Indonesia have different timezone. If you can see night at 6 PM in Indonesia, you only can see night at around 8 PM in Korea.

beautiful sunset ^.^

After watched sunset, we're back to the bus.
I saw some spots for camwhoring ;P hahaha.

Found White Azaleas~ (^▽^)♥
Do I look tired? *_* I was starving, LOL

크리산 세멈 (keu-ri-san sae-meom) ~ Chrysantinum

08.00 - 09.00 PM ~ Dinner at Suncheon
Location: Ah! Jirisan 아! 지리산 Charcoal Grilled Black Pord

FINALLYYYYY~ I was so starving! >_<"
(there is dragon inside my tummy, hungry everytime LOL)

charcoal grilled pan
 KTO's staffs have reserved a room for all participants and staffs, the meals were well-prepared *drooling*

Finally I could eat Samgyeopsal again :3
My most favorite food in Korea! (_

Samgyeopsal is one of the Korean people's favorite pork dishes. Samgyeopsal is grilled with kimchi, mushrooms, garlic and onions. Koreans usually eat it in ssam. Ssam 쌈 is a traditional way of eating food, whereby various ingredients are wrapped in a lettuce or other vegetable leaf and eaten in one bite.

yummm!! 진짜 맛있어요~~~

Our togetherness while enjoying Samgyeopsal~ ^-^

After had a nice dinner, we check-in into Ecograd Hotel, Suncheon

My room~~!! Finally I could meet comfy bed after a tiring day (>____<)
This hotel is quite comfortable and homey ^^

last selca before going to bed :P :P

Finally this blog post ends here *____* this blog post is really long, I need 4.5 hours to finish it. LOL
My second day in Korea was so funnnnn and enjoyable! (‾▽‾)♥
sorry for tons of photos that might taken up your bandwidth *____*

See you on my next post! 안녕~


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  3. Hi Xiao Vee, nice to meet you. Been reading your blog for some times. Glad to know one passionate blogger like you. I have lived in Korea for few years but I think bloggers like you know the beauty products better than me. The food in above pics, the first one I think are-1.Salad, 2.Japchae, 3.Nokdumuk, 4.Fish tofu soup. The 2nd pic- 2.Dwaenjang jikgye 3.Raw fish (Hui회). Hope it helps. :)

    1. Hello Yan Yee! :D Nice to know you ^^
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  4. omaigaaah you are so lucky!!! :D

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    1. iya tour, tp bukan public tour :) krn menang lomba ini hehe
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  6. aku kira kamu beli kamera di korea lho shelv, envy hihihihihi


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